Friday, December 31, 2010

Mea Culpa Lisa

I admire and thank Lisa Czelatdko for her comment, and apologize for any inaccurate assumptions I may have made and/or conclusions I may have jumped to in the comments section of my last post.  If I have unfairly linked Ms. Czelatdko with Jan Tanner and Judy Noyes, then again, please accept my most sincere apologies.  Perhaps it was my exchange with Sandra Dykes that rankled me; I hope both will excuse any misstatements I've made, and I will  make some edits to the post in its entirety within the next 24 hours.  

My name is Melinda Lawson, and my alter ego is a spider; I've never really made any secret of my real name. I am a lifelong resident of Colorado Springs, and a 1985 Palmer High School graduate. I've been married to my high school sweetheart for twenty years, and we have four children together.  I'm not running for office, but I am a member of my children's School Accountability Committee.  You really don't need to know all about me; I have, however, written very frankly about myself on my blog, and if you're curious to learn more about me, I invite you to go back and read it. 

I have always apologized for and corrected any inaccuracies brought to my attention and/or identified by myself; that said, I stand by my every story, as well as my conservative Christian views.  I write free of charge, free of fear, for myself, for my faith, for my hometown, and for my nation...and unlike the Gazette and Independent, comments on my blog are unmoderated and uncensored. 

I have carefully researched the Julie Penrose Fountain and America the Beautiful Park surrounding it; for me, the entire Southwest Downtown area swirls with unanswered questions.  I stand by my articles on them, and remain highly suspicious of any "friend" closely associated with any of it.  

My first four questions to Lisa Czelatdko stand.  Perhaps she's not the best person to ask, but I'd already asked, without receiving any answer whatsoever...and seeing as she's a seated board member of the Friends of Julie Penrose Fountain, she's at least a reasonable one to ask.

Furthermore, I gotta wonder how and why someone who's been in town for six years, is a student, wife and mother of four, has time to run for City Council AND 
Serve on the following boards and commissions:
  • El Paso County Citizen Review Panel
  • Colorado Springs City Historic Preservation Board
  • El Paso County Placement Alternatives Commission
  • Colorado Springs City Asset Naming Board
  • Friends of Julie Penrose Fountain Board Member
  • Starlight Foundation Board Member
  • Pikes Peak Area of Council Governments-Community Advisory Commission

She’s also an active volunteer, including:
  • Non-credited Legislative Internship State Capitol, Denver, CO 2010 House Representative Marsha Looper
  • Colorado Springs Classic Balloon Festival-Launch Director 2010
  • Spokesperson for The Strong Mayor Project Colorado Springs 2010
  • Chamber Rising Professionals Mentoring Committee
  • City of Colorado Springs Special Events Task Force
  • Project 6035
  • Children’s Memorial Hospital Gala Committee 2006-current
  • Newborn Hope fashion show luncheon Committee 2006-2008
  • CASA Light of Hope Table Captain Committee 2009-current
  • 2009 Pikes Peak Miracle Meters Colorado Springs, CO
  • Mount Evans Hospice Camp Comfort – child’s weekend grief partner 2006-2009
  • District 12 “Art In A Suitcase” — district coordinator 2008-2010
  • AIS instructor 2006-2010
  • Pinon Valley Elementary School PTO member 2006-2010
  • Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian Ad Litem 2002-2005

Having backed down a bit, I will close by saying that Ms. Czelatdko has certainly drawn my close attention; I will be watching the mayoral and council races very, very carefully, and report the things that I find. 
My email address is  
Good luck!