Wednesday, October 13, 2010

EXTRA: Jan's Official Comin' Out

Let's face it -- I've talked a lot of smack about her.

Is Jan Tanner really the woman she claims to be?

Is Jan Tanner really the villain I suspect she is?

I can't say yet with absolute certainty. 

But Jan Tanner has answered one question that has haunted me for more than a year now -- tonight, and unequivocably -- and I am much relieved:


No two ways about this one, folks -- turn on the TV so you can see it with your own two eyes:  Jan, wearing an unthinkable black leather jacket, under which there is a white t-shirt, emblazoned with a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month; atop the pink ribbon is a word -- if only I knew what that word is...because all you can see through the opening of her jacket is A S S.

I'm not making this up.

Jan is a walking fashion disaster -- if I could get paid $100 for every time she dresses like a moron on television, I'd almost be as rich as she is.


I'll include pictures as soon as I have one.


  1. UPDATE: The word on the t-shirt is "WASSON." $5 to hubby for guessing that one right.

  2. Jan...seeing as how the Board just proclaimed October to be "Conflict Resolution Month," I just want to extend an olive branch to you:

    We can work off that $16,000 a little at a time if you just pay me a nominal amount to pick out your clothes for you before Board meetings and the like. I guarantee you'll look like the $Million$ you're worth.

    Win/Win -- think about it. xoxo

  3. taking the low road Spydra?