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Medical Kidnapping -- It Can Happen To You


 It can happen to you.  Yes, it happened to me.  After doctors claimed I'd refused to give our son MiraLAX, both our children were taken into state custody...and they have been gone now for nearly two years. 




Is Medical Kidnapping Big Pharma’s New Dirty Secret?

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Big Pharma has another dirty secret that mainstream media is intentionally keeping from you. Nope, it’s not another pharmaceutical class-action lawsuit for killing and maiming thousands. Nor is it the suppression or intentional sabotage of a natural substance for the treatment of cancer. This is something that is every parent’s horrifying nightmare… especially a parent who is well educated in natural and alternative health.

Imagine, just for a moment, that you get the devastating news that your 10-year-old son has been diagnosed with cancer. As a good parent, you want to learn as much as possible about treatment options and you immediately scour the web for information. In your research, you see that chemotherapy is the standard of care. You also see that chemotherapy is toxic and that it is actually carcinogenic.

You then read some of chemotherapy’s short-term effects: loss of appetite, mouth sores, nausea, vomiting, hair loss, and so on. In addition, you read the potential long term effects of chemotherapy: damage to the heart, reproductive organs, kidneys, bladder, nervous system, lungs, and more. You also see there is about a 20%, five-year survival rate for your child’s cancer using chemotherapy.

Through your investigation, you find that there are many different natural and non-toxic treatment options. Some of them sound promising. You decide to research cancer centers that use these treatments and call a few to ask questions. You choose one and make an appointment for a week from then.

In the meantime, you call the oncologist’s office, tell them you’ve chosen a different route and that you won’t be coming for your son’s appointment. You hang up feeling good about your decision.

The Role of Child Protective Services in Medical Kidnapping

Three days later Child Protective Services (CPS) shows up at your door. They say they need to take custody of your child. As they are leaving with your son, you are in total disbelief, crying and yelling at them as your 10-year-old is screaming your name for help, asking what is happening. Your child has been taken away from you. The state’s CPS has literally kidnapped him to force your son to do conventional chemotherapy against your will.

Absolutely insane… right?

The reality is that this scene is not from a movie and it is not a bad dream. Sadly, this is happening today in the United States of America, and it’s legal. What’s more, it’s intentionally being hidden from you by the U.S. mainstream media – Fox, CNN, CBS, ABC, you name it. Medical kidnapping, as it is called, is another way that Big Pharma exerts their enormous power and is another one of their dirty secrets that the mainstream media doesn’t report.

Medical kidnapping is Big Pharma's dirty secret

A Real Medical Kidnapping in Action

Tonya Brown was faced with difficult decisions for her son Christopher after he was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), an extremely rare form of cancer in children. The overseeing physician at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Dr. Jessica Boklan, recommended 12 weeks of oral chemotherapy followed by a bone marrow transplant.

As with many mainstream doctors recommending these treatments, there is often pressure to begin immediately. Tonya agreed to the chemotherapy, but had reservations about the bone marrow transplant due to the fact that the transplant was coming from an unmatched donor and the success rate was less than 20%. In addition to the low success rate, these procedures are excruciatingly painful.

According to Health Impact News:

Christopher responded better than many to the chemo treatments, but still they made him very sick. He begged his mother to stop making him take the chemo.

As the time approached for the bone marrow transplant, Tonya made the decision to have Christopher delay going through the treatment, and what others had described as agonizing pain associated with the procedure, until they tried other, less invasive options first. She wanted the perilous bone marrow transplant to be the last resort.

After 10 weeks of chemotherapy, Tonya stopped the treatment. At home, she began juicing and treating him with a strict diet that has been recommended for cancer. She used nutritional therapies and they prayed and believed God for healing.”

Eighteen months later, Child Protective Services paid an unexpected visit to Brown’s house (reportedly ordered by Dr. Boklan) to find a healthy child with lots of energy. Upon taking Christopher back to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, CPS was waiting. Christopher was ordered to begin another round of chemotherapy that day. Tonya’s request for a second opinion was denied on the spot and, under duress, she reluctantly agreed to another round of chemotherapy for her son.

After 20 days, Tonya was ordered to leave the hospital as her 8-year-old child was taken from her custody. It was at this point that the CPS stepped in, Christopher became a ward of the state, and the bone marrow transplant proceeded against Tonya’s will.

It was later discovered that Dr. Jessica Boklan considers herself (from her own testimony in court), to be the world’s leading authority on chronic myeloid leukemia − Christopher’s type of cancer. She has co-authored and is conducting numerous research studies involving children, cancer, and experimental drugs. The question seems obvious; might Christopher have been one of Dr. Boklan’s  guinea pigs to further her research?

Is Big Pharma Really Allowed to Use Children as Guinea Pigs?

It is a fact that many pharmaceutical companies that make cancer drugs have been given the green light to research experimental therapies aimed at children with rare cancers. However, due to parental concerns, candidates are often hard to come by.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest, most lucrative, and most powerful in the world; perhaps only dwarfed by the oil industry. This allows for virtually unlimited funding – payola incentives to doctors and agencies to get them trial participants. In the case of medical kidnapping by CPS, when children are removed from their parents, they become wards of the state. Once this designation is made, these children can legally be entered into experimental drug programs and essentially used as guinea pigs.

Too Much Power and Forced Gag Orders

The case of Tonya Brown’s son Christopher is one of many that revolves around children with rare forms of cancer being removed from their parents, only to begin experimental treatment against the parents’ wishes. It is important to also understand that children’s courts do not operate like normal courts. In fact, former Georgia State Senator, Nancy Shaffer described the Child Protective Services reach as “unlimited power.” Charges can be based on simple, unfounded statements, and documents are sealed from public scrutiny.

Along with losing custody of their children, it is customary for parents to be served with gag orders against making any of the information about the case public. It is because of those brave parents and journalists that go public against court orders that we are even able to hear about these cases at all. It is therefore impossible to truly know how widespread this situation has become. Judging by the heightened coverage of alternative media, and increasingly the mainstream media, what we are seeing may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Fortunately, Congress is listening and has enacted H.R. 4989, which states:

To prohibit Federal funding of any treatment or research in which a ward of the State is subjected to greater than minimal risk to the individual’s health with no or minimal prospect of direct benefit.”

Even with this enacted bill that limits Federal funding, the anti-freedom trend of medical kidnapping is increasing and it’s essential that this insanity be exposed in order for it to be stopped! When a parent’s autonomy over treatments they decide to give their sick child is forcefully removed by government, it is time for the entire country to ask itself… “what kind of future are we allowing to emerge?”

What do you think of children being forced to do medical treatments against their parent’s will?

Article Summary

  • Big Pharma has a dirty secret that is every parent’s worse nightmare.
  • Parents who chose natural and non-toxic treatment options for their children (instead of the standard toxic and painful treatments with low success rates) are having their children taken away from them by Child Protective Services.
  • It’s known as Medical Kidnapping. This is happening today in the United States and it’s legal.
  • Along with losing custody of their children, it is customary for parents to be served with gag orders against making any of the information about the case public.
  • Participants for drug trials for rare types of childhood cancers can be hard to come by. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest, most lucrative, and most powerful in the world. This allows them to offer incentives to doctors and agencies to get them trial participants.
  • Congress has enacted H.R. 4989, which states: “To prohibit Federal funding of any treatment or research in which a ward of the State is subjected to greater than minimal risk to the individual’s health with no or minimal prospect of direct benefit.”
  • It’s essential that this practice to be exposed in order for it to be stopped!

About Jefferey Jaxen

Jefferey Jaxen is an investigative journalist, writer and researcher with nearly two decades of experience in a variety of alternative health areas. His writing reveals a sharp eye that uncovers real problems and presents real solutions. An established voice in the medical and food freedom communities, Jefferey also has extensive knowledge in cancer prevention and alternative therapies. He has been a guest on RT America, The Alex Jones Show, Natural News Radio and others. Personal empowerment and education are the pillars of his philosophy and can be found in all his work.

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  1. It also happens with kids suffering from ME, myalgic encephalomyelitis.. they at TAKEN in their homes and treated with psykofarmaci.. They get hurt by the treatment, and they do not get well.. It happenes all over the western world..
  2. So what and where do you tell a parent to turn if their child does have cancer? This child is currently receiving traditional treatment, but does not know anything else.
  3. This kid-napping should be illegal, and the doctors that order these kid-nappings should be held accountable. Obviously, 18 months after the diagnosis Christopher appeared to be doing well. That is evidence that he had made health improvements. Before the bone marrow transplant he should have been tested for the cancer and then treated accordingly. If what he was doing was working, that should have been the path of treatment to follow. A bone-marrow transplant from mis-matched bone marrow is a really bad idea. Plus, he is a child, still developing…what are these treatments doing to a child’s development???
    Marie Trone, PhD
    Professor of Biology
    Valencia College
    Kissimmee, FL
  4. So what can we do? There must be Attorneys out there, who can dig deep and determine these actions are illegal. Dig deep, dig deeper. This must be stopped. We need help from qualified attorney’s. Anyone out there? Because I am ripping out of my mind over anyone other than a child’s parents having any control over their own child’s well being. Especially when it comes to my own child’s suffering and putting toxins in their little bodies.
  5. As long as billions of dollars are at stake Pharma will use its power over the government to do whatever it wants to continue these types of practices. We need a change in government that is not seduced by the money Big Pharma offers them to look the other way.
  6. Deal strictly with naturopathic type doctors and stay away from those who would have your child kidnapped.
  7. I developed acute myeloid leukaemia in 1978 at the age of nineteen. Alot of the chemo drugs I had were in their experimental stages and fortunately I tolerated them quite well. I have been cancer free for 37 yrs.and have relapsed just once. I feel it is abhorent for a child to be made a ward of the state and for the parents not be allowed to choose their prefered treatment pathway.Drs need to curb their ego,s and come down to earth.
  8. If the American people ever wake up to the massive and murderous fraud that is being perpetrated against all of us, there will be heck to pay!
    It is interesting to note that the children of the very rich are never removed from the custody of their parents. It only happens to those who lack the resources to oppose this criminal behavior and to protect themselves and their families. Disgusting!
  9. This is sad and crazy at the same time
    I’m curious though, is there a way to make impossible for the state to take custody of your child? Such as a loophole or option to keep your kids out of their other than completely removing one’self from their system?
  10. If I were a parent in this situation I would take a long holiday in Europe or in Mexico or any other country with more respect for parents wishes. If Trump were to become president I think BIG PHARMA would have its wings well clipped.
  11. Parent Right. Org has been warning us about this for years and people don’t think it is real. It is very real.makes you not want to go to the doctors office.
  12. If I ever suspected my child might have cancer I would never go to a mainstream doctor in the first place. Once there is a diagnosis “they” have you and you as a parent are powerless.
  13. Here is a question, as part of my reply: Is the reason they can get away with this due to the “fact” that when we register our children (via birth certificates) withe government, that we actually make them ‘wards of the state’? I have heard this and it makes sense, but I so far havent been able to confirm it. In other words, we as humans are revenue generating entities belonging to the state, and that the state has absolute authority over our bodies?
  14. St. Judes states that they have made great strides in reducing the impact of cancer on children and they are curing the kids.. Are their numbers cooked? I’m shocked that the survival rate in children’s cancers are only 20% for 5 years. Oncologists definition of a cure rate.
  15. Over more than a century, effective, alternative treatments for cancer have been suppressed or destroyed by big pharma. I have as a physician(now retired)had a patient diagnosed with lung cancer. This woman had never smoked but had worked in environments where she had been exposed to 2nd hand smoke. Her mother who was Metis, had a list of herbal supplements given to her by a family member who was aboriginal. When diagnosed with lung cancer, my patient was willing to have surgery but when reassured by the surgeon that they had managed to get the lesion out & there was no sign of metastases, she decided to start taking the alternative approach by utilizing the herbal supplements.later, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor & it was felt that she had metastasized but was willing to have this brain tumor removed. It was found to be benign & was successfully removed with no evidence of damage to her brain. Then she had what was felt to be metastases from the original lung cancer & was told that she had about 3 months to survive. She turned down the chemo that was offered to her & resumed taking the herbal supplement. She survived for an additional 2 1/2 years. Maybe this doesn’t sound all that significant but subsequently I was doing a lot of reading on the subject of what some of the ingredients of the list she had given me of what this supplement contained & it impressed me in regard to the confirmation that many sources provided as to the effective results of several of the herbal contents & I kept it on file & provided several patients with it when they were either diagnosed with cancer or metastases. Added to this experience was the interesting experience I had in working with a Chinese physician whose patients would very promptly leave for Hong Kong when diagnosed with cancer rather than submit to our local use of surgery/radiation/chemo. Later, when access to the Chine Mainland became an option, some would still go to Hong Kong for treatment while others would go to the Mainland. Since I was no longer working in the same clinic I do not know about the follow up on these patients but I do know that this physician did not discourage her patients from utilizing treatment in China.
  16. Big Pharma also killing doctors that cure cancer. Many shot or bludgened to death in 2015. Scientists, MD’s that use alternative cures, holistic doctors dead or missing!
  17. If this was my child and I was American, I would be taking my child out of the country, and not returning till some kind of law was out to stop BIG PHARMA from doing this. I am Canadian I have never heard of it happening here. I am a Cancer survivor now, I would take any ones child into my home to stop them from becoming a guinea pig. Darn laws do not help the helpless, meaning our children…
  18. This is so horrible that it is “unbelievable” and that is the problem. When I tell people about this, they do NOT believe me. They do not think this happens in America. That’s part of the horrors of mainstream media not reporting it. They think people and sites like yours “make up these stories.” How do I “prove” these things to them? This is a question we all have for if we don’t educate people, NOTHING will change. Help!
  19. I think this is the straw that broke the camel’s back!! This sounds like it was a frightening experience for the parents. Why is this legal? I don’t understand a country that always touts freedom and equal rights but yet commit these despicable acts against its citizens. We may as well be living in Russia or a war torn country because it will not stop here or with this article! Everyone needs to know that this is going on. I did hear about it before when I watched the Docu series on cancer but Ian completely blown away and outraged. How do we get this out besides social media?
  20. As long as Ty Bollinger and associates push the insane communist lie of the “Holo-hoax” and the “evil Hitler” mantra, I consider his work to be a false front for the New World Order. The communist horror of slaughtering millions upon millions of Christian Russian people, and millions of Eastern European people, begun in 1917 and was financed by the worlds leading bankers in the U.S., Britain. This was given the green light by Roosevelt, and then turned the horror upon National Socialist Germany, forcing Germany into a war they repeatedly pleaded with the world for peace to no avail. Today, 83 years later and after over 100 million souls have been slaughtered by this Satanic machine, the hate mantra continues 24/7 that National Socialist Germany was the greatest threat to mankind, when we are now living in the Communist state of tyranny Adolf Hitler predicted. There were NO gas chambers as Mr. Ty Bollinger would like people to believe; there was NO program to kill Jews; there was no plan to rule the world, but the Zionist state has written in their own papers and books how THEY will rule the world, and how the will make all of humanity their slaves. This easily verified by reading the massive literature available on the internet.
    Mr. Ty Bollinger has taken the very true facts about Cancer and the Med/Pharma machine, and used it as a vehicle to further the lies and slander against the only nation in the last 100 years to stand up and expose the New World Order, and organized Jewry.
  21. This is terrible. Just leave the U.S. , where in the land of the free were forced to do so many things. Eventually there will be no one left.
    Do everything you can to keep the kids healthy and if you suspect they have something serious like cancer go on a medical vacation outside the U.S.
  22. I think Ty Bollinger ought to disclose is diet. I don’t think there is any way he can NOT be eating meat. He’s too buff and overweight. Tell us Ty, do you eat meat, in spite of all you have learned here and teach? I am not being ugly, inquiring minds want to know.
  23. For many years I’ve been saying that the U.S. is the largest open air prison in the world.
    I’m lucky to live in Europe. Even at this moment.
  24. As a minister the small fine print in the Marriage Certificate assigns the produce of the Marriage to the state… Therefore, to retain control of the produce [children] is to make affidavit to revoke the Marriage Certificate and file the affidavit in the PUBLIC RECORDS – ASAP.
  25. I’m not sure how we stand up to these types of actions – by voting? By writing letters? To whom do we write letters? Our representatives in Washington have been purchased by the corporations and institutions we need to stand against, so letters and voting won’t do any good right now. I do feel positive that the future will be different – by getting the information out to the young adults who are the future’s decision makers, I do believe that change will be affected. In the mean time, seems like there sure is a lot of collateral damage., and that makes me sad.
  26. This is awful and criminal. I hope this craziness keeps out of the EU. How can we stop this power of insanity?
  27. I have seen and read other articles that this has happened to other parents of children that were diagnoised with cancer. It is really sad that the CPS will harm a child in the interest of the big pharma companies and paid off politicians. The law/act that was put into place to protect the big pharma companies needs to be rescinded. We need to get this law repealed and start fighting for and bringing this information to the public so that other parents can find doctors that will truely help their children. I hate to say it, but living in America is scary.
  28. Go to Mexico and don’t tell anyone? Some of the alternative treatments are not illegal in the US but Doctors are afraid to use them.
  29. The established percentage of living beyond 5 years after completion of “chemotheratpy” is closer to 2% tnan 20%.
    Using the extracts that form mustard gas to “kill” cancer cells is the AMA/pharma, major deceit of the 20th century. There is no “therapy” in chemotherapy, only poisoning.
  30. I think you shouldn’t even go to an oncologist if you suspect something. I would go to a ND or a holistic nutritionist and then go to one of the docs or centers on TTAC’s list.
  31. This is OUR country, and it has been hijacked by evil individuals who are bent on having their way with our children and our families. Fight them, and do it smart. Thank you TTAC for your tireless efforts.
  32. This is yet another example of the fact that we no longer live in a democracy in this country. If anywhere in this mad world of today. The Worldwide Coporatocracy owns our government and practically every politician in it. If you think this is paranoia you’re just not paying attention. As Bernie Sanders says what is required is a revolution. Not a violent revolution but a revolution of thinking and acting by every citizen of this country. When everyone stands up and says “ENOUGH” then it will change. Not until.
  33. Just got back from a vacation in Mexico where I met a woman with cancer that was being treated at Hope 4 Cancer in Cancun….she met an 18 year old there that was forcible taken from her family and forced to do chemo. in the U.S…cancer came back at 18 and she is now being treated at Hope 4 Cancer! This DOES happen!
  34. Why does the public not know about the bullying techniques of the FDA, Big Pharma and other federal agencies? CNN and Fox should be told about this barbaric method of forcing chemo on children whose parents are against this type of treatment. Money should not be voice of reason when cancer is such a vicious disease. I’m convinced that the Federal Government is afraid to confront these agencies and want the money that they generate. Silence is their response. It’s sickening and shows how diabolical people can be when greed is motive.
  35. I’m so very sad to see this article. May God protect the children and the parents, is my prayer. Only He can turn this demonic activity around. Let’s pray together for deliverance.
  36. Tyranny requires instant and total resistance.
    There is no other option.
    State and federal government incompetence is legendary.
    They are NOT QUALIFIED to make medical determinations.
    ‘Nuff said.
  37. I’ve tried and tried to get an answer from KAT, but he can’t seem to get hold of you, Ty, and get me an answer to a very simple Question. Ty, why are you NOT still pushing/promoting Carnivora???? Now after you’ve answered my Simple Question, Please go and tell KAT.
  38. Fascism!! One could almost believe that one was in the midst of the worst of Soviet Russia. Any time there is potential for harm there has to be FULLY informed consent and right of refusal. One can hardly deny the potential for harm with chemo. Total disgrace. And what arrogance to deny the efficacy of anything other than their very limited slash poison burn approach
  39. I agree with Maria go on a medical vacation and get treated by Doctors who respect your life and family.
    The US is a BIG Graveyard now! Everyone, young to old seems to be getting ill with something,some die, others living like a walking dead.
    US Graveyard America sucks!
  40. Medical kidnapping is one of the most atrocious, inhumane and dangerous practices now going on in this country. It foretells of enormous problems to come in many other areas as well. We need to get this practice stopped now or we will forever pay the price.
  41. This gives leaves me ice-cold and makes me cringe. How does one prevent this? it would seem that one would have to take a child that ones suspects of having cancer to an alternative clinic for diagnostic testing to begin with. the minute they enter the standard medical system, there is no escape…
  42. I guess child abduction is a slight improvement on murder. That is after all the charge against Big Pharma over the suspicious ‘disappearance’ of at least 8 GcMAF researchers over a period of just 1 week. You couldn’t make this stuff up, and yes, it’s incumbent on all of us to ‘get the word out’, coz you sure as hell ain’t gonna hear about it on mainstream media. They have all been co-opted by the advertising revenue they get from these mafia surrogates, and gov’t agencies are now little more than their enforcement wings. Land of the free? Don’t make me laugh – this ain’t funny anymore. You now have more freedom in ‘socialist’ mother Russia. How’s that for irony? No wonder Ed Snowden ended up there. Too busy winning the cold war to protect the freedoms of your own citizens were you? Next stop, police state, if not already reached.
  43. They ain’t called the Medical Mafia for nothin’!
    I’m using some of the therapies in your documentary. Even though I haven’t been diagnosed with cancer, I have other serious conditions that are improving now. I’m planning to buy the series when I can afford to, both to support your mission and to spread the word.
    Keep up the good work!
  44. prime example… Immunization “law” in California….
    God is my Great Physician. I pray continually to never have to put my life via my health and/or well being in the hands of bureaucrats.
  45. H. R. 4989 doesn’t appear as though it’s even been touched since its intro in June, 2014. If anyone knows otherwise, did you post it?
  46. This is worse than terrorism.I fully agree with Maria. There is a very good movie called Thrive, you can find it on youtube, it explains what is really going on in the world. Fortunately I live in France!
  47. I was just reading on Facebook this morning about how fundamental christians are endangering their children’s lives by withholding medical treatment for their children in favor of prayer. I was aghast at the responses to this post! People were saying that these people needed to be jailed or tried for murder! I responded with this: “My heart goes out to children who suffer because of closed-mindedness or ignorance. Nevertheless, when we call upon the Government the to step in and force treatment on such children we are getting dangerously close to losing our rights, as parents, to choose what we believe is best for our children.”
  48. sadly money speaks volumes in the usa i’m glad I don’t live there, big pharma control the government and doctors apart from a few very enlightened ones, is this really the land of the free i’m afraid not, wake up American people take your blinkers off,
  49. I am not even surprized when I read this. Big Pharma and the medical has taken the place of repressive religion in North America. They demand your money as well as your soul. Merinda from Canada
  50. This is outrageous and they must be stopped. No they don’t have the authority to dictate a personal choice for an adult and for their child. They claim their protecting the safety of a child, when we all know they are protecting greed and manipulation of a rigged system. Bernie wants to tear down this system. Keep this in mind please.
    We the people must demand our rights, regardless of their claim on toxic chemotherapy. People still believe they cure with this toxic, Monsanto mustard gas made for war. How do we stop them. Rise up, everyone, refuse the status quo, demand individual rights on health. How about a Dr who writes a script if Prozac for a 10 year old? That Dr committed a crime against a child health, not a Parent who researches and knows the success of alternative treatment.
    I’m deeply disturbed with the FDA, EPA and other agencies designed to protect us and now have been bought by big pharma and Monsanto and corporate greed. Let’s stop this Americans. Wake up, please🙌
  51. We all must join together and take Big Pharma to court, challenging the laws that give Big Pharma a monopoly over other medical practices. We now have detailed history of campaigns to disqualify Big Pharma’s competitors, and enough data to show how destructive Big Pharma’s medications are, and comparatively, how beneficial other treatments are that are now illegal or grounds to kidnap children to present in court. We can also advocate for laws that protect our children from Medical Kidnapping. We need to make the laws our protection. Without this, Big Pharma can manipulate courts and the CPS and doctors.
  52. If Child Protective Services found a healthy and energetic child why in gods name would he be taken from his mother for chemo???? Don’t get it…
  53. Second amendment – right to bare arms against foreign or domestic intruders.
    We the people have a right to choose our health protocols. Big pharma is not the only culprit here, it’s our politians that grabbed big bucks from the pharmaceutical companies and now turn a blind eye.
    Please publish this comment- big pharma, do what you must and we the people, that you have lied to, abused, and continue to cause harm to, will rise as one.
  54. The only solution is to prevent cancer in the first place by adopting a carefully planned raw vegan diet. Children brought up on healthy vegan diets with as much raw food as possible incorporated into it never get sick unless they are poisoned. Childhood leukemia is caused by dairy. There is a wealth of information regarding the raw vegan, living food life style on the net. Gabriel Cousens should be the first port of call, Hippocrates, Brian Clement and The Gerson Institute are all wonderful mines of information and practical support. You have to outwit Big Pharma and the law, which isn’t difficult; they are ignorant cretins!
  55. Entirely agree with the article, the practice is horrible. On the other hand, according to my experience, almost all so-called homeopathic doctors are nothing but snake oil pushers with MD credentials, not any better than the Big Pharma.
  56. I am absolutely dumbfounded that this is possible in ANY country, let alone the United States. Being that I would likely also be a parent to choose alternative methods, this story is hugely scary. When is there going to be an health insurance conglomerate like Kaiser that covers holistic and alternative treatments? There are plenty of doctors that can help treat cancer and other ailments (though harder to find), yet they generally have to operate independently outside of any mainstream health coverage. My company spends thousands of dollars each year to provide coverage for myself and my family. What if I could spend that money with practitioners that could truly help improve my health? Wouldn’t that be amazing?!
  57. What is happening is not new. Thirty seven years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They wanted to operate right then. We said no we are taking her home and to our church for her to be prayed for.
    We didn’t have the peace to take her to the hospital right then. We were reported to Children Protective Services. They came to us telling us we had 3 days to admit her or they would take custody of her and we would not see her. We felt our hands were tied so we consented. I have to say all went well. They sent us to a hospital that was very good, we were given a great Dr who preformed the surgery and because we did not have insurance all was forgiven.
    She will be 50 this November.
    From then on I new America is not a free country. The government is a anti Christ organization and they get what they want.
  58. No where else to go. This is it. You will need to stand your ground, take your natural rights. You are the authority for yourself. Do not look else where. You will not be helped. Do not look to others to be your authority – over your body, your children, your food. This state can turn around when we can all do this. Be careful. We are being brainwashed to be subservient and to be used for others purposes. Be alive, be honest. You have your own divine center. Hide or be in the open. You are the only one who can direct yourself. Be empowered. Know you are an intelligent, strong being.
  59. My son has CML. Without his targeted drug therapy he would be dead!!! Period. Don’t know where this artical came from. Must be old
  60. Wow this is shocking! I do live outside of the USA, but if I were in this situation, I would also consider leaving the states for awhile for at least the diagnosis. I worked in a biological/natural medical clinic overseas here for 10 years and many from the states came seeking alternative care. I thought it was everyone’s right to get second and even third opinions before any treatment is decided upon, especially when the parents are acting responsibly, caring for their children. This doctor should go to prison. I am a little worried about the reporters on this story and the staff at TAC suddenly disappearing…..these things definitely need to be exposed. I sometimes think of coming back to the states, but when I hear stuff like this it’s so unbelievable! For now, I’m staying abroad.
  61. This is disgraceful espesially when the child doesn’t want to go forward with the vile delibitaring treatment .ive heard of parents taking thier children abroad for alternative treatments and scared to go because of the threat of having the child removed from thier custody on thier return.
  62. After surviving acute myeloid leukemia (AML) last year, I started doing research on cancer treatment and the pharma & medical industries. What I discovered is a disgrace to the human race. I am not at all surprised by this article. I can add a lot to it but will not do so in this format.
    People need to be made aware of what is going on. This is no easy task I know. I live in Colorado and am currently working on a related project. When faced with a cancer diagnosis, patients and/or family members will do as this article suggests and turn to the internet. Unfortunately as you well know, there is a plethora of information out there both good and bad. Why should everyone have to reinvent the wheel and rely on their own findings? I am putting together a team of like thinking, concerned individuals. Our purpose will be to sift through as much information as possible on the internet, weed out the bad stuff and vet the good. We will then compile information on alternative treatments, providers, products…etc and be a one stop resource for people faced with this critical diagnosis. This effort is very much in its infancy stage.
    I am also working with the largest local fitness club (25,000+ members) and its owner to develop a program for individuals to live a healthier and longer life. It will be built again around being a credible resource for nutrition, exercise, stress management and spirituality with a focus on individuals currently in treatment or post treatment for a serious illness/disease. This is a separate effort from the one I mentioned above.
    Thank you for the excellent work you and your team have done Ty. I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you offline about these programs.
    Thank you.
  63. My view is that as long as the law of the land enables mainstream medicine to take away children with cancer conditions exists, and is not refined, making children wards of the state will keep being the “norm”. What needs to change is the targeting of information displayed to lawmakers (maybe at the highest level) with extraordinarily well documented cases, showing scientifically proven effective healing/improvement (as in this case) and showing scientifically proven and documented failure to succeed by mainstream chemo/radiation therapy. Ty in your program you cite many statistics concerning non-recovery via mainstream accepted practices, let’s start using these facts more aggressively and effectively with lawmakers. Run a fundraising campaign for this.
  64. Hi Heidi
    Another amazing healer you could research is Dr. Robert Morse. He has “CURED” (not just treated symptoms) thousands of cases from cancer to ALS, MS, spinal cord injuries…you name it, using natural remedies like herbs and energetic healthy foods and Detoxing the body of the foreign chemicals and aliments that cause DIS_EASE in the body. He has hundreds of video’s on youtube and on his site and has a clinic in Florida. He is an amazing man sharing his wisdom, knowledge and love of healing not just for money but for the purpose of infusing love, compassion and healing to all. Dr. Morse’s focus in mainly the healing of the Lymphatic System which is weak in nearly 100% of the population and is the major cause of most dis-ease in the human body.
  65. Very frightend to live in a world like this.where you cant choose whom you want to pay..the ones that heal.or the ones that only treat the symptoms
  66. Is this communism gone rampant. Until we all speak out in the face of these horrors – and forgive me saying, there are people who believe that if parents withold conventional, poisonous and carcinogenic treatment from their children, then they are harming them – we will continue to get more of them. It is shocking. Insane. Evil. A massive wake up call is needed.
  67. Que pesar me da ver los alcances de un pequeno pero poderoso sector de la poblacion mundial, que sin escrupulo alguno, trata de manipular absolutamente TODO en la vida del resto de la poblacion…. La tierra fue la creacion perfecta de Dios para que las criaturas vivieramos en armonia y paz, y El nos proveyo de todo lo necesario para alimentarnos y sanarnos, en una naturaleza rica y abundante.. Definitivamente los que tenemos conciencia y creemos en algo mas supremo, debemos unirnos, fortalecernos y derrotar esa maldad que corroe nuestro querido planeta.. Soy de un pais pequeno y aun libre, Costa Rica, y siendo infante veia a USA como un gran pais de derechos y libertades para todos, nuestro “hemano mayor”… hoy solo siento pena por los habitantes de ese pais, que no merecen vivir bajo tanto interes mezquino..
  68. It’s Insane!! No one should be able to tell us how to treat our children when they have an illness or disease. It’s horrifying and unjust! My daughter has cancer(leukemia) and we are treating her naturally! Thank goodness she is 21 now!! Sickens my heart that this is happening!!!
  69. How heart breaking to read about these horrendous acts ignoring parental rights and individual freedom! I agree that we must do everything we can to keep our families healthy and beware of the established medical community in our country….I would certainly understand a family going abroad for diagnosis and treatment. However, my first response would be prayer and seeking healing from God…and protection….
  70. I am totally horified by this evil country. Citizens are held captivity under a facade of normalcy while being denied the truth.
    Cruelty towards the original inhabitants of the land still beng exercised, callous gruesome medical experiments on (mostly) Afro American prisoners infecting them with STD’s, dismal failure by ‘government’ to protect consumers from horrific pollution in the air, waterways and food. Useless monitoring of pharmacueticals agrochemicals, and common household products, proliferation of GMO’s in the food chain, Lies and obfuscation in the media.
    It is an Orwellian nightmare come true but the perpetrators – including ‘government’ are so blinded by avarice and kudos they are completely unable to see any wrong in their crimes against their own people. Peel away the facade and we see something far worse than what communism dished up.
    A toxic nation completely bereft of a moral ethical sowing the seeds of it’s own demise. I grieve for the victims of this foul system, my concern is global reach and influence of it.
  71. Sadly it appears that if you suspect cancer you have to seek alternative help immediately rather than get into the medical system. The only way to exert free choice is to vote with your feet first. You still have the option (if you really want it) to go the official route later. This probably means not even speaking to your doctor. What a shocking situation the authorities are exposing innocent children to. It cannot help to remove them from the love and support of their families just when they need them most.
  72. People, we must realize that “doctors medicine” is not right and not rely on them.
    They are mainly taught to administer antibiotics, cortisone, muscle relaxants and surgery.
    Ask any doctor about nutrition and they cant quite elaborate as the “system” sets aside merely a couple of weeks at most on the teachings of nutrition within the 7 year general practitioners term.
    The fact is that, given the challenges we face, education does not need to be reformed, it needs to be transformed.
    More than 2000 years ago Hippocrates said,
    ” If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment & exercise, we would have found the safest way to health”
    The Power that made the body, can heal the body.
    Like the medical industry, the food industry is a BIG business, not a parent.
    It does not care what we ingest as long as we`re willing to pay for it.
    Let GOD given natural food be our medicine & let that medicine be our food.
  73. As a student of history, I must say this sounds too much like the occurrences in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Far too much power has been vested with the state.
  74. Very good idea. Make sure the diagnosis takes place outside the United States. I would go in deep debt with medical care in another country to keep from losing my child.
    This is truly appalling and is more evidence that we no longer live in “the land of the free.” Unfortunately, most people will not believe how powerful federal and state governments have become until they, or someone they know, experiences such a horror.
  75. The problem is much deeper than Kids being kidnapped. Absolutely this is totally wrong, however we no longer live in a free state; America is fast becoming a police state. Just look around you in the political scene, law enforcement, medical is just one of the many. Until we make drastic changes in our political system, namely Congress who supposedly has the citizen best interest in mind, nothing is going to change. Yes we have to attack the Big Pharm and FDA and medical profession but we also must attack the permissive government that allows such debauchery. The Citizens must rise up and take control. A class action suit will make the supreme court seriously address this. That is if one can find an attorney that has the courage to attack the system. In the meantime, all citizens may have to do as I have done. I do not contact a doctor through the medical profession. I go straight to a Homeopath or like doctor to seek out the best natural treatment possible. This works for children as well as adults. I know from personal experience; I am a walking example. The doctors that, in good conscience, are speaking out against the system and treating their people in natural, alternative care are being attacked, sued, loosing their license and being forced to move off-shore in order to follow their medical conscience. How sad is this?
  76. I certainly don’t understand how this kidnapping of children to “experiment” on them with new or untried drugs, can “be legal” — it appears that our government has/takes more rights than we do as parents! To my thinking — this is criminal!!
  77. I agree with Maria. Take your child out of the country before they are taken from you. In the docu-series there is a doctor in Mexico (don’t recall his name) who had to leave this country because they wouldn’t let him practice here…and many people were getting healed through him!
  78. Hi Guys,
    We are having exactly the same problem over here in the UK, hidden child courts that actually take the children, then blackmail the parents into keeping quite if they want to see their kids again.
    They are then placed in a “care” system rampant with paedophiles which goes all the way to the top, remember Prince Andrew and the 14 year old, still no court date and never will be.
    My niece had a child recently, is aware and informed about the dangers of vaccination including the so called Vitamin shot, and decided against. The hospital would not let her leave until the child had had the shot, Unfortunately she was so tired after a long delivery that she gave in during the early hours of the morning, if this is not Nazi Germany then what is,
    I also have 3 unvaccinated grandchildren who are the pictures of health, but the fighting my daughter has had to go through and still is is relentless, but as she says, “if not me who”.
    Good luck, keep up the fight and film, hidden if necessary, as much as possible.
  79. I agree — or even Nazi Germany! I remember reading that they tried untested chemicals/drugs on people!
  80. Keep informed through a network of like minded people and professionals such as you have in this article. Have a plan. Do not share your thoughts with the medical mafia/doctors. This is war! Be viligent. Leave the country. Pray!
  81. My reply was for Ken Robert’s comment, and I thought it would post as such, but it doesn’t look like it will.
  82. Don’t come to the UK. I have a slow lymphoma, but I am “fortunate” in having no more parents, so I can’t be kidnapped from them. So, the person in charge of my condition is ME. Here in the UK, there is the iniquitous Cancer Act of 1939 which renders it a criminal offence to make any claim about any cancer treatment in most contexts.
  83. I have moved to South America in the past 2 years and I think more people should get out of the US for now. It is just too heart wrenching to want to stay there and put up with the chemtrails, non labeled GMO’s and this sort or abuse. Wake up and get out now.
  84. It does seem barbarous, but I would like to hear a response from the other side as to the validity of the points made here. At key issue is who is acting in the best interest of the children. Typically, you can assume that a good parent will weigh all factors and take the path that is most likely to lead to success in the treatment of their child, but bad parents do unfortunately exists. In cases like the one herein described, maybe a neutral party should be resorted to and I mean neutral as taking away a parent’s fundamental right to care for his/her child is almost inviolable and transparency should also be a critical element of this process.
  85. I pray every day that my cancer does not come back, but even more I pray that my two girls do not have to battle cancer before the age of 18. Not that that would be a guarantee but at least they will be able to have more input. If we are ever in a situation battling cancer again, a great vacation will come first!
  86. I cannot even imagine the outrage and grief of parents who have had their precious children dragged off and legally stolen. The minority, who is enlightened and conscious, becomes the victim of uninformed, brainwashed mass religious belief in “modern” medicine. It seems we are, indeed, living in a criminal corporatocracy predicted by Orwell. “Vigilance is the price of freedom” Thomas Jefferson
  87. This is horrible I can’t even imagine this happening to my kids. First being diagnosed with cancer then losing all control in their care…it makes me feel sick just thinking about it, how aweful for these parents AND kids.
    So what if my kids do get sick, can I take them to an Doctor practising alternative medicine, can they diagnose? Or can they only treat after the fact? If we can keep our kids away from conventional doctors, could we prevent child services from stepping in?
    I know most of these stories are from families that didn’t know there was another option for treatment until their kids were already diagnosed. But for those of us that read these stories and know this could happen, what can we do to prevent this from happening to us and our kids? Because it’s not just cancer treatment this is happening with. Look at the reaction to vaccination already? What can we do to protect ourselves and our kids (aside from leaving the country or hiding)?
    Our world is taking a real ugly turn…scary.
  88. Stay out of the doctor’s office if you want to be healthy. Don’t even start “well baby” checkups. Hardly any children need a pediatrician. They are there for the purpose of making sure your child is vaccinated which will often create a life long customer for the pharmaceutical companies. Many ingredients in vaccines cause cancer. Just say NO. Get a midwife or doula. Stay out of the hospital unless it’s an emergency.
  89. It can happen in the UK too. The case of a young boy was all over the news last March, when his parents removed him from the hospital in Southampton, where he was being treated for a brain tumor, and took him to Spain for Proton Therapy. However, it ended better, when the parents were released from prison and allowed to continue to care for their son.
  90. Remember Aysha King the little 5 year old taken from Southampton Hospital because his parents wanted him to have an alternative treatment available in Europe. Our police issued an arrest warrant for the parents and they were arrested in Madrid. ‘The family expressed their anger that the police had portrayed them as “kidnappers”, turned them into refugees and denied them access to their son.’
    I believe the British doctors were very scathing about the parents and set the whole thing in motion accusing the Kings of putting Aysha’s life in danger.
    We are not so far behind here!
  91. It will end up with Parents NOT taking their children to the Doctors, but treating the child at home, without any one knowing. How can the Doctors and the Government officials act this way. If the child is being neglected, OK, but if the Parents are doing their utmost to feed their child a healthy God given diet, and leaving the man made rubbish food alone, where are the brains of the so called experts to not take notice of this. Health has been recovered fully on a plant based diet. It’s been proved time after time. Do let everyone in the world know about this, and what these fools are trying to do. March in the street if you have to, but DON’T ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN.
  92. I agree with Maria, I think we need to all stand up and fight by talking with our own state representatives, share this information to as many people possible, and if need be leave for a medical vacation. This is why we have survived as a species for so long, its our instinct to know when to fight or flight.
  93. this sounds like the Nazi era where they used all children for experiments and got away with it, tell me what is the difference here, are we really free, doesn’t sound like it. america home of the free and the brave, we might be brave, but really free? just like the banks too big too fail you cant fight them its awful we are still fighting to keep our home when we applied for the harp and got foreclosed on when we were suppose o be getting into a program put into the works by obama to help us but hardly anyone got it from the big banks like ours wells fargo what a joke but that”s a whole different subject but had to make the comparison how big pharma is big too.
  94. I fear for our beautiful country. Medical, pharmaceutical and other mega corporations are trying to kill our freedoms and, in the process, US.
  95. Read this and throw up. My brain is a seething mess, struggling to be coherent. You MUST read it. The truth is your only protection. Do the parents get their children’s bodies returned when they are dead? My husband and I are both entrenched believers in the Natural Way. We have left the country to retire in Mexico. Here, most, but not all doctors combine traditional medicine with natural remedies. many are only Naturopaths and many famous people come here to be treated for cancer. We left for the weather. Now there is another reason to add to the list for leaving the U.S. Besides the insanity of the politics, here is still another nightmare. Let the dream go. It is no longer “the land of the free.”
  96. it is just outrageous. the only choice responsible parents with a child stricken with cancer have is to leave the united states immediately and look for a new home somewhere. what is left today of this land which was once a symbol of freedom and opportunities.poor USA!!
  97. Medical kidnapping surely has to be a breach of human rights in the circumstances mentioned…
    Sadly, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Agri and Big Finance control the world…. If you’re in any doubt, watch the 3 Zeitgeist movies (The Movie, Addendum and The Movement).
  98. Don’t think by living in the UK you are free far from it. Remember the NZ lady whos child was forced by the UK doctors to do the same thing
  99. This is an absolute disgrace. I concur with Ken Roberts comments. However I’d like to add, it’s also reminiscent of 1940’s Germany. These people should not be allowed to get away with this. My heartfelt sympathies & compassion got out to all of the families involved. This must be stopped!
    Martyn Pauley Kent, England
  100. A petition can be started by any person and will support those affected by this horrifying law of “legal” medical kidnapping. I believe this is the way to go to get this out around the globe. I wish strength and courage to all parents and children who have been affected by this cruel “law”.
  101. It has happened in the UK too. Last year parent s took their child abroad for treatment not available here and were imprisoned . They were reunited after much trauma .
  102. This is about legality not monetary profit. It seems as humans we don’t really own our lives. The State acts as if they own us. I repeat: It’s not money but rather a political-legal system that enslaves us.
  103. Unfortunately as soon as we become subject to modern medicine, become a ‘patient’, a dis-empowering level of co-dependence sets in. Its highly apparent and least healthy where degrees of urgency and fear are hyped up, which clearly has implications for the immune system. Many many modern physicians do not acknowledge the nocebo effect(let alone the immune system) the emotional side effects of such practice and perceive the body as a sort of machine. Those that do would, I suggest, be disinclined to indulge such practice.
  104. We are no more or less moral than the Soviet KGB or Nazi Germany Gestapo. We are just more clever about how we hide our crimes against humanity. Any family practice lawyer will tell you that what you are going through is the closest thing to Nazi Gestapo you will ever experience.
  105. What could be more sinister than forcing a parent to poison her child?! The blistering corruption of our health care system by pharmaceutical companies must be exposed for the hideous perversion it has become. Big pharma makes me sick!
  106. America, the land of the free. From the outside, it seems as if only the most powerful companies are free. All else are fair game for virtually any abuse in my humble opinion. I’m so glad I’m Canadian. It’s by no means perfect, but what I hear from my American friends is truly scary.
  107. Don’t thank God too quickly. It is in the UK that young people with ME/CFS are taken away from their parents to hospitals where they are forced to do “graded exercise” which worsens the condition and has even led to death. I saw a documentary on this very topic.
  108. This is so sad and alarming. Yes as Heidi recommends above Google, Ty Bollinger “the thruth about cancer” you will get lots of information. My cousin and best friend is having great progress with her lung cancer treatment. 3 years ago she declined the traditional chemo/ radiation treatment and did alternative after being told by her oncologist that she would probably be dead in 6 months if she did not do chemo/radiation.
    Well it’s been 3 years and she is alive and well and her cancer has shrunk. There are many alternative treatments available that work.
    Florence Poirier
  109. Be very careful in selecting conventional treatments from the beginning and do not make this known to the medical complex. Than do your research and get out the country to Mexico or other locations for alternative treatment. At the same time start a treatment with ASEA and address the body for acidity, oxigine, immune function and detox.
  110. Are they our of their minds? Am glad to live in the Nerherlands where I can even go to another country to get the treatment I want, either for myself or my children. Pffffffff shocking 😱
  111. Where power and greed are concerned humanity is nothing more than a commodity; especially children–they can easily be experimented on because parents will do anything to free their child from suffering. My hope is that alternative information will continue to become a force that can no longer be hidden–knowledge is power and so is a mother when her rage can be unleashed. We must take down this corrupt system!
  112. I’ve been getting emails advising that doctors who were treating and have cured cancer patients via natural means, are mysteriously
    “disappearing” and one doctor was found “murdered with a bullet hole in his chest”. It blamed “Big Pharma” because people can be cured by natural means for a nominal cost rather than using chemo, which costs thousands of dollars. It seems that no investigations are being made into the allegations. Now children being “kidnapped” to assure they are given traditional cancer treatments!
    What is going on????
  113. The theme of tyranny has been operating throughout history for a very long time, and not just in America. The illusion of separation causes us to “fight” to see who wins. But real change comes from within each individual, effecting the whole, and holds potential for global solutions and true collaboration. Generally speaking, humanity is not operating quite yet at a higher level of maturity and humility, however I see great progress; progress that of course is not shown in the news.
  114. It is, in fact, an affront and an outrage. In ancient societies some parents handed their children over to the high priest and were then made to pass through fire burning them alive as a sacrifice. I would say that chemo and radiation treatment is the modern day equivalent to that. And I also think that parents who allow themselves to be coerced into such treatment are somewhat less than parents. After all, the parent was given the responsibility to oversee that child’s well-being by a higher power, Almighty God himself. It is no secret that we now live in the most godless society that ever existed. So, those who place themselves between the parent and the child are in effect, godless, and will answer for their transgressions even if they don’t see it that way.
  115. I’m just happy this didn’t happen with any of my children while they were growing up because SOMEONE would have found out why the 2nd amendment is in the Constitution.
  116. I have a friend who had CPS and police show up at her door and tell her if her child (who had shown a cancerous tumor on her first scan, but second scans shown it was gone) did not have chemo, she would be taken away. Happened TWICE! She complied out of fear. Now that child is considered legally blind from the treatment….sad but true.
  117. This is horrible,taking children from the parents and to show how shady it is,the gag order,why,the Doctors all envolved its’s easy MONEY,ITS truly a crime in itself,again if there’s nothing to hide why the gag order,no one should have the right to take against the parents will your child a play games whether they live or die,what can be done to stop this.I’m not dealing with cancer in my family but this really enrages me.
  118. This is not new. For decades Jehovah’s Witnesses have had their children hijacked from them for medical treatments because of refusing blood transfusions. This takes place not only in the United States but in other countries as well. It is about time that alternative treatments get the recognition they deserve, but in realiy. MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND. And truthfully poor people can’t afford alternative treatments either because they usually are very expensive.
  119. Yeah, don’t get too smug or complacent Ken – unfortunately, we’re not that far behind. Remember Ashya King? It took a public and media outcry to get his parents released from a Spanish prison after they went on the run rather than subject their own flesh & blood to the horrors of an irradiated brain. The lunatics have not only taken over the asylum – they are also in charge of our ‘health’ care, and the force of law is at their disposal. Take what little freedoms we have left for granted at your peril.
  120. Looks like we might have to create an underground railway to provide escape routes for parents & children on the run. Then be providing information about Docs who would provide alternative treatments or alternative therapy practitioners who are willing to help.
    Blessings to all 🙌💚
  121. This is happening in Australia. There was a case in Taree New South Wales. The child was forced to take treatment and died. The parents have written a book. Not sure of the name though… will try to find out.
  122. It’s hard to fathom anything worse than this. America is no longer the land of the free. When our choices regarding our bodies and our children’s bodies is taken over by the government, it is hard to imagine this kind of atrocity. The media has failed Americans by not bringing this out to the public. Sadly, most people are not aware this is happening. People seem to be too tired and stressed and simply tuned out to fight this takeover by our government. The trash we have in congress has their pockets weighed down by the cash they receive from big business, and when you contact them about an issue, they simply don’t care. The America I loved, has disappeared.
  123. In this “corporatocracy” even murder is carried on without consequence. Note all the alternative Dr.’s and researchers who have “died” even a period of a few months. Corporate profits are the only goal set by those who own the congress.
  124. HORRIFYING! How can this kind of thing happen??!! Has Corporate America no shame? I’ve shared this all over.
  125. My husband is getting chemo also and I have been doing a lot of research changed his diet and added some nutrtion drinks and a few other things. With God’s help I feel we will be fine without the toxic chemo.I hate the word. Doctors need to lighten up and do what’s right for the patient! They also need to read up on nutrition..
    They tell you to eat whatever you want? Okay? Aren”t you suppose to be giving good advice
    So frustrated with our Doctors today?
    Wake up America FDA also!
  126. this has been goiing on for years. there is even a movie addressing this and similar issues. the only way to stop this is to ban lobbying and prosecute all those involved in cases like those presented here,. the entire medical industry is behaving like the banks, and thier arrogance is caused by a government that is unaccountable to the people they serve.
  127. one more reason not to see conventional doctors – even if they want to be different, they are obliged to follow their orders and report every one that does not follow the “rules” – or loose their license to practice. Money and fear are great motivators!
    I never dreamed this would be happening when I moved here 30 years ago! Problem is, it is not much different any place else, unless i retreat to the jungles, and even there they march in and destroy. But yeah very Orwell-like and worse…..they get you where it hurts the most, your child!
  128. What a horrific and scary story. I hope in the Netherlands no such things happen.This is really quite “brave new world” like
  129. It happens in the UK too. There were 2 cases recently, both of children with brain tumours. One of them involved a manhunt across Europe. It is diabolical. The child is now better after obtaining treatment in the Czech Republic.
  130. Both the people and the constitution of USA has been hijacked by a Nazi power-elite for more than a century. These criminals are not just controlling Big Pharma, but any influential institution and organization – including the government. Wake up from the false “American Dream” and empower yourself. Then go elect a president of the same quality!
  131. I think Ken has forgotten what happend when a father in the UK took his son to Spain so he could sell his holiday apartment to pay for a treatment in the Czech republic. He and his wife were arrested and jailed in Spain. Luckily there were no gaging orders so the press got their teeth into the NHS and the Drs and eventually the NHS agreed to pay for the treatment abroad. The kid survived and avoided the potential side effects of the NHS treatment, but I wonder who put the idea to try and force the treatment on the child in the Drs head. Hopefully that case will be the last we see in the UK but if gaffing orders are being put in place how will we ever know.
  132. It is deplorable that “child protective services” will forcibly remove a child from its parents, which is a terrible mental wound, and force him to take “treatments” that are invasive and painful that have no proven cure rate, and call it protective service. The gag order is to protect who/what? Not the minor child if that is their argument. If I was the parent I would be screaming from the rooftops and calling every news agency I could find.Travesty is what it is called. What is that phrase, land of the free and home of the brave? What did that refer to???
  133. Our son was diagnosed with a brain stem tumor at 7m old. They rushed us into agreeing to treatment and a few months in I made the comment that I felt he wasn’t doing well with the treatments and wanted to try holistic options. Within minutes I had security, nurses, social workers, and doctors in our hospital room. I was told that if I said that again and truly felt that way, they would remove my son from my custody as well as my other children. He has since needed to start treatment again, against our will, with that same lingering threat over our heads. It’s sick. Once your child is diagnosed with cancer, your parental rights are taken from you.
  134. Hope the American people finally will elect the right President to handle this issue for ever. People should have the right to choose the best and convenient treatment possible what they want to use, in my opinion.
  135. This is so distressing to hear. The US is turning into a police state. Terrifying for parents and children alike.
  136. Hello everybody, Ty and the wonderful team..yes I think like Ty the only way to do to go to one of the medical doc in the experts interviewed by ttac…THEY ARE they hopefully won’t be bothered by the big pharma..but I also believe that we will still have to move along and give them more and more proofs about these alternatif ways to heal cancer…and shut up the fda once and for all…there will be unfortunately always children that will get ill.with cancer..and the best way to help right now is to really push the clutch on high speed about changing ways of nourrishment which means that IF CHILDREN RIGHT NOW HAS HEALTH PROBLEMS WITH CANCER..BY CHANGING NOW THEIR FOOD..IT COULD JUST REVERSE IF IT IS COMING…..but like I said ..just try to be persuasive with people specially parents to tell them for their childs sake..change right now..the way they eat and be serious about the meantime fda..get’s a smack in the mouth!!!!!
  137. I think it is very sad that the big pharma companies have no morals at all. That the government lets them get away with such barbaric Treatment of the people. I work in a dentist office and every time someone says they ( or someone they know has cancer) I lead them to ” The truth about cancer”. It is sad how many people don’t believe what is going on, I want to send them all to Mexico to get real help. There should be a way to reach the parents of ill children and get them the help they need without getting in trouble, for trying to save a child’s life…
  138. Are these people insane….have they no children themselves….they definitely have lost all sense of reality. Sending love to the parents and children that are enduring this torture.
  139. That is sooo wrong on multiple levels. I agree with Maria & take a medical vacation. We need to join forces & change this….
  140. Its getting to be you are scared to go to a doctor. I believe in alternative and natural products…68 years and never been ill, except for the usual cold or flu….Stay away from medical doctors…they have too much power.
    I feel terrible for this mother, however people have to be educated that chemotherapy is not the only treatment.
    Love your colums..thank you
  141. The child in question was 8 years old at the beginning of the story. It says that 18 months later he was taken by CPS but then goes on to say he’s 8 years old. Wouldn’t he be like 9 1/2 by then? Can you please clarify the discrepancy?
  142. This does make you sick at heart. On a different note, you might think about putting the summary at the beginning of the article so those who want the quick version don’t have to scroll through the whole article. Thanks for all you do.
  143. “no greater than minimal risk to the individual’s health with no or minimal prospect of direct benefit”
    –That’s a paper tiger. None of the FDA-approved treatments for something like cancer are “minimal risk” or less, and CPS views not taking mainstream medicine to treat life-threatening illnesses the same as child abuse. They’ll argue that half into non-existence. As to the other half, all they have to do is say, “prospect of full recovery.” Totally meaningless.
  144. If the UK Government get their way and try to privatize all the hospitals, they will do exactly what the Sates are doing, and God help us all.!!
  145. disgusting,what right do they have to overrule the parents decision, there is a lot of evidence to say a healthy and alkaline diet can help you recover from many diseases
  146. Heidi, and all those who I term “Family”
    For nearly 31 years I have devoted nearly daily study, to natural health and healing. I have a business now in the Midwest US, a California Native, who relocated like many of us due to cost of living and sundry reasons. I have had great success with healing myself and others, as I pursued healing daily for these many decades, pouring tens of thousands of dollars and my free time beginning with Raw Food training with Pamela Masters in 1989, Ayurveda, Herbs with some of the world’s most famous, I began aromatherapy 20 years ago, and am a long time juicer of over thirty years.
    Why do I mention this?
    Not to “sell” myself nor my services.
    But, because I came from a family who did not “trust” the Western Medical Allopathic Doctors. As a college student I worked as a Senior Paralegal in the Bay Area, CA for nearly 18 years, it enhanced my research abilities, and, my communication skills.
    As a young girl, my grandmother taught me in a way most are not taught: she taught me to hear and use my “sight” intuitively to a high degree that most would not believe.
    When the Temple, the body, mind and spirit are “Clean” it is able to utilize sensory abilities that many people today do not even realize that they have; yet they do!
    Since I was a young girl, I have given names of ancestors, numerous documented medically intuitive examples, I can easily and most often “scan” the body – again, this will sound far-fetched to people who are largely calcified, and plagued with fluoride, chlorine, vaccinations, and have largely consumed a meat & potatoes or the “SAD” Diet.
    Nobody cares to film me or my work — yet, and many reject it, even more “fall off the wagon” when I do coaching in a small city in the Midwest as the drugs today are in the supermarket aisles, in the drinks and “food” that even my own family consume as they do not make the connection that it is more viral and plaguing then anything else they could do. I have not touched alcohol except for a few drinks when I was putting myself through college, I also ended up raising my son 100% on my own with no help from anybody, as my views were seen as so extreme as I deepend into discovering from my 20s forward the connection between food, juicing, our planetary needs environmentally and more!
    I animal communicate easily and effortlessly, and I have helped so many people in my little business; and finally after my son graduated from high school, I gathered the resources to publish my first book: My Side of the Table: Memoirs of an Intuitive Healer by pen name: Seera Wolf.
    I have spoken up, I love public speaking, I guide women in my wellness consultations for which I never went to get a credential for but utilized my many decades of varied and many trainings, hundreds of books, and trial and application on myself and figuring things out for people out of love and care.
    I guide in the following ways:
    Food as medicine in a very unique way
    Lifestyle choices
    Exercise – I am also a certified Yoga teacher (Kemetic)
    Water intake
    And delivering very potent Energy work
    Massage Therapy (Certified 1997 Center for Conscious Touch)
    A few mostly mineral or amino acid based supplements as needed
    But what I bring is knowledge, to see inside The Field. Everything is energy and I can ‘sight’ most issues inside – truly.
    My dream is to become a speaker and also to bring planetary awareness that we must cease with environmental destruction as we are doing too much, taking too much, and moving too far from our true nature.
    I am deeply Spiritual and connected to God; even if I do not religion.
    Much of the frequencies today are driving man insane, that, and vaccines, drugs, and what I termed long ago as “the drug it, kill it and cut it model.” Doesn’t work.
    I am upgrading my website to be able to teach the methods which I eagerly and patiently learned over these many decades which highly comports with The Truth About Cancer. I relate with all my clients in many places of the world whether virtually or in person to buy this DVD or watch it some how that it is valuable for their sanity and their health and it is in large part what I have learned, intuited and how I teach/guide.
    Give thanks,
  147. Seems there could be a little hole in this story. Another article, about this case, states that the boy started to relapse after the CPS visit that found him healthy and thriving. That’s why is mother took him back to the hospital and then things got ugly. The doctor did not order chemo on a healthy, thriving boy. The rest of the story checks out with the other one. So, all in all, I agree that parents and their children should have control of what treatments are given. Being controlled by big pharma and their bed fellow, the government, is not acceptable! I AM a huge fan of TTAC!! There’s a great documentary on about the use of medical marijuana and it focused on multiple children. I wonder why their rights haven’t been stripped?
  148. I live in Australia…..I don’t know what our stance is on forcing cancer treatment on minors, I only know that Jehovah Witnesses have been overruled by the courts re blood transfusions for their children. I’ve been watching cancer treatments for years and was so happy when I got onto Truth about Cancer because it validates everything I’ve been saying for over 40 years, it’s our food and intestinal health that’s the key. They recently bought in laws that if your children aren’t vaccinated they can’t go to Childcare and family benefits will be cut. Will investigate what they do about our children with cancer.
  149. This needs to be in the publics eye. Someone needs to continuously bombard the media until it becomes public. Contact the right people in the Media. The Bill Orielly’s and the Shawn Hannity’s. Wall Street Journal. How about Donald Trump? Let the trumpet sound and let these voiceless children be heard!!!!
  150. All this unethical removal of children from parents in the “land of the free”. What sort of people allow this to happen?
    Bill Wilson
  151. If a parent wants to use a holstic and natural way to treat, prevent and even clear cancer on their child they should be able too. They need to pass a law to protect people who want to treat their children naturally. It seems they are trying to ‘protect’ a child a from dying of cancer. But when it’s a fact that cancer can be healed this way they should make an objection. And give that family a choice on how they want to be treated. I can see how some parents are just careless and wouldn’t treat their child at all. But if your treating your child and it’s working it’s absurd to take that child away.
  152. The secret contract that all parents sign onto is at the birth of their children, and it’s called the Birth Certificate. Birth Certificates name a fictional entity (quasi corporation) in all capital letters, and this is presumed to be the name of the child.
    As far as the thieving corporate, for-profit “government” (in name only) and the corporate, for-profit court system in the US are concerned, that all-cap letter name is joined to the fleshly newborn, and unless parents revoke their presumed consent to this legerdemain with an affidavit called a “Notice by Affidavit of Withdrawal of Consent” which is recorded as a public record at a county recorder, the parents are in contract with the corporate state via their offspring’s Birth Certificate and the parents’ Marriage Certificate which joined the corporate State as a third party to the couple’s marital accord.
    Knowledgeable parents and expectant mothers refuse to have their newborns delivered at a hospital, because it’s setup to where the mother is compelled to sign a Birth Certificate, or the child may be abducted from her by CPS and made a ward of the State. Home deliveries of newborns with a capable mid-wife should become the norm and certainly more popular as the thieving State continues to wage war upon the American people by use of threats, duress and coercion.
    Therefore kick the corporate State out of your lives and live freely, as adhesion contracts are presented to the ignorant public to ensure a stream of ill-gotten gain to the corporate State from unwitting victims called US citizens.
  153. This happened – and regularly happens in the UK. The National News highlighted the famed case of Ashya King last year. His parents wanted to get hime Proton Beam treatment instead of Chemotherapy. They were hunted all over Europe, having left the hospital that would not let them go for the Proton therapy, by various Police and imprisoned in Spain in separate cells and the government were persuaded by public outrage to let the boy have the treatment. Hospital seemed to let out all kinds of false information about the family and the care they were giving the boy on his way to the Proton Beam centre outside the UK. Despite defamation seemingly by persons from the hospital via the media, the government have seen the little boy’s great improvement on the Proton Beam therapy instead of the chemotherapy and have promised to make hospitals in UK offer it as another option. There was a great risk of him being left, at least without the ability to walk and at most in a vegetative state after the chemotherapy.
  154. I agree with the descriptions above that say this is terrible, despicable, and violates humans as well as human rights. It is scary!
  155. This is so frightening…… all parental rights are violated………I feel so sorry for all the parents involved.
  156. Is this Nazi Germany? Sure sounds like it. I believe the pharmaceutical industry to be the most corrupt and immoral industry in the world. For them to put their greed above the well being of human beings is unbelievable and unethical. And for CPS to have children removed from the people that love and care for them and forcibly given chemo against the wishes of the parents is unforgivable. Big pharma, get wise. The people are catching onto your tactics and more and more people are seeking alternative means to treating diseases without the harmful effects of chemo and other drugs. Again, this is a situation where people are being treated for the symptoms they display without anyone looking at what may have caused the symptoms. I am deeply distressed about their tactics and disregard for their patients. Pam
  157. Its Nazi Grmany all over again, the medical geshtapo. Shameful and unacceptable. Is there any organization out there opposing this? I’m also very upset about Daniel who had an MMS site and got put in jail for it.
  158. Hi,
    It would help your argument if you were not so hard-sell about alternative Cancer treatments. Much of what you say is true, but not supported by a accredited studies. I have Prostate cancer. I am having chemo, and I had all the negative opinions. The alternatives melt into hearsay and anecdote under close enquiry. My symptoms have receded dramatically and, although side-effects are uncomfortable they are not life threatening like Cancer itself.
    A major problem for a Cancer sufferer is the plethora of half-understood alternative therapies offered on the Internet. There are authorised, reliable Cancer treatment sites offering clear information. It requires attention and clarity to find a path thro the thickets of misinformation. I find your opinions to be too shrill, unbalanced, and hard-sell as if you are selling a product. In your over-earnest attempts to persuade you push people like me in the other direction. I hate Big Pharma but at present their drugs are really helping me to mitigate the symptoms of my Cancer. The politics and corporate beliefs of Big Pharma are profit-focused, but they have successes too. It is wise to state the other side of your case if you want to inform rather than push what are, in actuality, no more than opinions and your own firmly held beliefs.
    Devageet Newman
  159. It is horrifying to think that a child can be forcefully taken from her/his home when the parents are loving, caring, responsible people! Free country? I think not.
  160. I am along with you even on the religion bit, I also do a lot of research and have found that the members of the medical establishment treat rather than cure. If they cured they would put themselves out of business. Further,
    real cures are suppressed. For instance, how many times have you heard that all cancer is is anaerobic metabolism and all it takes to cure it is to reestablish aerobic metabolism and all it takes to prevent is to keep the bodies pH high. Further, cancer feeds off of sugar and elimination of sugar from the diet can prevent and cure.
  161. Hi Karen really do appreciate your post..I was wonderirng if there could be a way…still to be help those officially chemo etc doctors to understand and make them “wnt” to know more about what they don’t have a clue….?..there is boûd to be something to be done in the subtil mayter..around such and such the usa.. To influence those nearsided docs..who unfortunatly count for the Fda..and keeps on killing people…
    And yes I know that things have to come naturally that it is the way things are suppose to be .,but are part of this ..whole…and we are also suppose to play a part in this theater….you already are since the 31 years you are doing your best…thou like I said wonder if there isn’t anything that can’t be done on another plan and faster..?…
  162. What about doctoring yourself? Parents that are intuitive enough to read books and listen to these stories will find abundant anecdotal experiences from people who beat the system and are alive and well despite being given a death sentence from their doctors. Educating on the healing properties of the body and asking God for guidance is enough for me to know what to do whenever sick. Why let big medicine control you like a puppet when you have the power to heal yourself? Why can’t parents move to a state that has medical freedom such as Texas or Utah and avoid being forced through experimental and ineffective medical treatments?
  163. This is demonic.. We are parents of five grown up children and we would not know what to do if this would happen to us. We would leave the USA Even heaven comes down.. Election time.. What are the candidates opinion about this.. We are living in the Netherlands and we refuse vaccins.. Nobody boders us… We have to start an (inter) national movement for freedom of choice in every area of life…
  164. Congratulations Karen, You are a model of success in this tumultuous world, I am curious. Do you have your own web site yet? I pray that you do some day soon. The public especially in the U.S. needs to know what your alternatives are.
  165. I think this information should get out to as many people in the US as possible…….I don’t think most People in our country have any idea that this outrageous infringement on the free will and rights of the American Family, can, and is taking place. Also the Government and the Pharmacy and Medical professions KNOW that what they are doing is wrong, and really against the tenants of the US Constitution, and the in viable bonds of the Family Unit; and can only be characterized as criminal to any concerned citizen. Why of course do they slap a Gag Order on the parents?, because they are ashamed of their actions, as they should be, and they know how it will be viewed by those who happen to become aware of it …………Get the word out…to as many people as possible, and the conclusion will be overwhelmingly against these types of actions. I thought we had freedom of choice in this country?…and why, if what you are pedaling is such a good and positive thing, would you have to resort to such draconian measures to wipe out any other possibility of choice for treatment?…and removing a child from their family! (we can only imagine the trauma there), putting them among strangers…. and subjecting them to extreme medical procedures……THAT should be good for their psychology and well being for sure!
    We need to expose what is going on…….before the special interests put the “gag” on all of us.
  166. This is absolutely mind boggling – to say the least! Perhaps if one of the parents (or jointly with other parents) so affected started a petition on one of the websites, like, they can start a rallying cry that will be heard.
  167. Why don’t all organization and doctors etc., who are against conventional treatment get together and file a petition in court , and stop this huge violating of people’s right?
  168. It happened here in England too. The parents took their son out of the hospital, refusing to let him have the chemotherapy, and disappeared to Spain to escape the legal action initiated by the hospital. In Spain they were hoping to make arrangements for alternative treatment in Eastern Europe. They were found and the father put in prison in Spain. Then it hit the press in the UK and I think the Prime Minister himself intervened to encourage the release of the father and to allow the parents to go ahead with the alternative treatment. This they did and their son got the special treatment in Eastern Europe.
  169. I am completely horrified. Is this happening in the country known as “free country” where people’s rights are “respected and observed”? Thanks God, I live in Europe! My country is considered as “third world” country, but even though we really have freedom here and we can make our own decisions. I feel so sorry for parents and all others who experience such terror from pharmaceuticals. We have to spread a word about this!!!!
  170. I thank you for this article. It is enlighten. I do believe that this is the worse act of murder I that I’ve every heard of because that exactly what this is. I know how they feel because I have cancer of the throat and doctors keep telling me that I’m going to die. I tell them no I am not. I will live and I will declare the work of Yahweh my Eylohim. They use scare tactics. They want to do this test and that test. If I had the funds I would do the alternative treatment. But unfortunately I have government insurance and they will not pay for that kind of treatment. So I pray that soon and I do mean very soon someone will come up with a way to stop these crazy people all because they want money and subjects to test on. Our children and being killed and maimed every day. Stop killing our children.
  171. Hi Karen, I loved your story and response and would like to get in touch. I am studying to be a Building Biologist which looks at all the toxins and contaminants in our environment with the aim of creating healthy homes. I am also writing a book about changing your thinking. You can reach me on Facebook under Cheryl Mead or Wicked Homes Australia. What Ty is doing is great because the only way the world will change is if we (the people) take responsibility for change and educate by consensual communication. The information you have is so valuable and will I believe have the potential to change lives just like Ty and his education series. Thank you for sharing. Cheryl
  172. There would be a solution is to make a petition on facebook…letting people know more and more..even make a lot of petitions…..
    It could go viral and after a while the neS will hve to talk about it the people who should do a petition wojld be the people concerned as well as ttac..I am almost sure things will go fast..I know my cousin who had brzast cancer went tot his clinic and the receptionist tlked to jer bout it is spreading in the states..but for this way of kiddnapping kids with cancer ..surely no it isn’t well known…
    That is why also O think that the official doctors should know bout all this new alternative wys of jealing..and don’t say they don’t know…they sould ask themselves the right question wht would they do if it would be their child?…sincerely ..they re the ones that put the pression. On the parents..but for the parents right now with this problem they should know that there are other ways..and for the moment not to del in the research..of any desease Ht so ever Ith the regular doctors but try to find a alternative doc..who would treat them even for a cold…just get used to going tôsee another thpe of begin with…….
  173. Thank God that at least in some of those stories, the kids are able to live through it. The State/Medical system told me that my son had leukemia, when I refused their poison chemo, the doctors and social services cornered me in the hospital and I was told that if I didn’t submit to their treatment, the state would take my son away from me and they would give him the chemo anyway…
    After 5 months of the heaviest chemo ever given to people, they claimed my son was healed and the cancer was in remission – 5 months later, after suffering numerous listed “side effects” of the chemo drugs, my son died from all the chemotherapy toxicity as his body literally disintegrated. His body was literally rotting before he took his last breath.
  174. These scum need to be terminated in the same way that they are terminating the Natural Health practitioners and healers like Nicholas Gonzalez. It’s better that a few moronica and evil scum like this are eradicated than letting them murder thousands upon thousands of people everyday for their corrupt profits.
    Ty, what people like you and Charlene need to do is put this directly, in person, in the face of your so called president (I knew Bush was a jerk from the start and later learned how evil that family is but what a disappointment Obama has been) and others who may be willing to take action on these matters. You need to make it a group effort, though, I think (i.e. convene a meetng with all the doctors you have interviewed and the POTUS so that he can obvously start to see how blind and mislead he is).
  175. Wilf, my husband had pancreatic cancer which we were treating with herbs. They’re not covered by insurance and they cost thousands of dollars a month. So, we decided to see Dr. Robert Morse because I had done so much research and believed and still believe in the man. Unfortunately, he was not and is not practicing. Instead we saw Marcie Troyer in his office. The week before we saw her, we had just gotten an MRI confirming that my husband’s tumor was necrotizing centrally (think of a cantaloupe rotting from the inside). This was wonderful news. Instead of Marcie continuing a protocol to help my husband’s immune system, she opted to detox him again. We did what she advised because we didn’t know what she was doing at that time. The tumor turned around, started growing with a vengeance and Marcie couldn’t advise as she was on vacation. We waited until she could be located and she offered no assistance other than to keep doing what she had prescribed. Other herbs were then mailed out but it was too little/too late. My husband died a couple months later. Dr. Morse’s staff will not return my calls.
  176. Happens way more than you think–and not just to children. Everyone is pressed into the conventional mold. Few know of alternatives. Doing all I can to avoid falling into that mold. I know several cases where adults have died due to “treatments” (not necessarily for cancer.) After my friend’s death, her husband took his case to an attorney seeking to sue for wrongful death. After reviewing all evidence, the attorney tells him “you are right, her treatments killed her. However, we don’t have a case because nothing they did is outside of standard practice.” What does that say about health care standards?
  177. I went through this 16 years ago. They did not my 9 year old son but threatened us and they are ruthless. From the beginning they refused to reduce the doses due to J’Coby’s serious side effects from every drug. They made mistakes and almost killed him a few times. And chemo lasts 3 years with 13 spinal taps done. Even though the doc said all the children are in medical remission after 2 weeks. They do 5 in the first 2 months. I stopped the treatment and used nutrition and quality supplements to bring the life back but they found out and threatened the pediatrician that was supporting us and then called and threatened me. The doctor said “we have had long conversations with cold protective services and he will do whatever we tell him to. So you better come to the meeting earlier and bring him or we will take him and put him in foster care and do it anyway. If God had answered your prayers he would have said I gave you a brain and I expect you to use it. Do what has been proven.” We had scheduled a meeting with them and our lawyer just to have the right to choose the oncologist of our choice. Sadly, we had to start chemo again with the new docbut J’Coby passed away a month later from a massive cerebral hemmorrhage. A common side effect of the drugs are brittle blood vessels and the spinal tap drug, I believe, turned the blood vessels brittle. Then they tried to take his body to use for research without our consent. It was hell. But I do have faith that he is happy where he is now and I know they can’t hurt him anymore. I learned a lot. May God bless those who are suffering.
  178. Capucine,
    Your heart is longing for the majority to receive wellness and preventative ‘care.’ The trappings of the system that we know today in majority as the “Medical Industry,” are in compliance with Pharmaceutical and Insurance, which is part and parcel to the banking industry, linked with other systems.. I believe in my heart that many good people become doctors in the allopathic world to help people, yet find themselves stuck in a codifying structure much like my previous job in the legal industry. I learned sophistry, I learned persuasive communication and how to win, that is what that is about.
    But what I learned from my grandmother was inner sensing; inner knowing, and development to communicate with all beings. In a world where we all want this change to embrace our true nature and humanity, to remove anything but right relations, there are going to be those who resist; I encounter them from time to time, people who would write a negative review, disparage, mar the reputation, diminish financial aptitude, and it goes further. Due to power structures in place, the doctors are themselves limited. The few that we find here and there, know all the science, the laboratory, the scanners, but this is NOT health nor healing; it is neither, it is sophisticated machinery and yet more language akin to seducing the public when all ENERGY CHANGES FORM CONSTANTLY.
    Therefor, as we live and breathe and we focus our intent on our world, our planet returning to it’s true nature, clean rivers, clean oceans, clean air, clear landspace for all to enjoy respectfully, we increase.
    I have spent much time, over 10,000 hours in my practice self employed here now in the Midwest hands on and in consultations with clients and it is almost impossible to relate the Mind Body expertise I have developed.
    I am anxious for the time soon comes to speak about how I have infused Mind Body fka psycho somatics, Energy, Intuitive abilities to ‘scan’ one another and heal one another that previously belonged and were common knowledge to all.
    One heart; one aim, one destiny!
    Karen “Shaman”
  179. Yes for Ro ert morse..and to tell you the truth…I am kind of afraid for him as well since he did cure people…anything to do with “curing” people they might be on some kind of a list..but to come back to this natural way of healing 8 said..the best way is to completely forget the old ways pf vooking..and to change directly our ways of eating food..wht kind etc. We all know by now that organic is the best..for sure..bit what is even better is to try to eat raw…and organic..even for kids…it will at lest give them a strong immune system to help them all along of their life…as well as us also
    Myake care..
  180. Not the UK – that’s for sure! Theoretically, you still have the power of free speech in the 1st amendment of the USA constitution so at least it is possible to campaign and point to alternative therapies. Of course, the FDA have different ideas which are mimicked by the MHRA in EU and Britain.
    The restrictive laws pertaining to natural therapies in the western world are made after getting advice from a shadowy NGO known as Codex Alimentarius strongly infiltrated by Big Pharma..
    Unfortunately, in Britain it is illegal for any honest alternative therapy suppliers to even mention the C word or to show evidence or point to scientific links for the long long history of effective alternative therapies.
    Most of the public know nothing about such matters and they usually only find out when it is too late.
  181. REMEMBER THIS ARTICLE on Election Day, folks! This type of power came about from Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes A Village to Raise a Child” program when she was First Lady! Imagine the type of damage she can cause IF she gets to be President.
  182. Heidi, I wish Utah had medical freedom but we do not. I live in Utah and the law is written in such a way that children are considered wards of the state. The children’s hospital was hoping we would go to court because they bragged they would win. The law sides with what is standard.
  183. I left an early post that quickly gets trampled over by following post. It is a must read, it is not an opinion it is based in fact. Scroll down and find the Calico post.
    Ok, I am going to expand. Even though this may sound like paranoia it is not. Again based in fact that the Government doesn’t want us to know..
    The horror and the truth of the matter is that the Government does own our children. How did this happen? It used to be that we were not required to apply for a SS number until the age of 16. Now, some years earlier, the Government changed this to the date of birth. As soon as a child is born the hospital is required to report this and the Government automatically assigns a SS number to the child. Does this seem strange to you? It is but it is totally legal as far as the shadow constitution that was formed for the U.S. much early than we can remember. As soon as a child is born the name is changed. Say the child’s name is Joe Blow. The government immediately changes this name to JOE BLOW all capital letters which take the child out of flesh and blood status and turns them into a corporation. Corporations can be taxed mercilessly, individuals cannot. This is a point of law as per the original constitution of the U.S. It all was born out of the debt that the U.S. owed to England after the war of independence. We citizens of the U.S. are the collateral for this debt that will never be paid off until the citizens revolt and make this correction and we go back to the original constitution instead of instead of the shadow constitution. If this sounds way off the wall to you it is just a matter of you committing some time to research. It is all there for your reading.
    The bottom line is that the U.S. Gov does believe that they own our children and they have the right to take possession of their property and investment and protect their collateral. There are cases where the Government have also confiscated adults in this same game. Not only medical but every day life.
    If this all sounds unreal it is all based in fact and ready for you to read by doing your own research. I dare you to do so, it will be an eye-opener. Now is the time to stop talking about it and to take action against all this debauchery.
  184. Chances are that even if you left the USA and got treated, say in Germany, that when you return the child might still be taken away from you even if the previous treatment was successful.
    I am concerned that mandatory vaccines for ALL of us might be instituted at any time since we see more states requiring that all children get vaccinated with no right to refuse.
    Right now, I am glad I live in Mexico. I do tend to get uneasy when I visit the US.
  185. I thought that, in the course of Nuremberg trials between 1945-1947, the WWII winners (including USA) hammered out a ban for medical treatment and experimentation done without patient’s consent. Some Third Reich doctors were hanged for doing that. Maybe these Nuremberg principles need some refreshing..?
  186. It reminds me of the fact how constitutional rights and civil liberties have been trampled upon through generation of fear from false flag terror attacks such as 9/11 and the Paris attacks. While the U.S. is getting increasingly poorer, it´s also getting more and more militarized at the same time in order to maintain the corporatocracy at all costs. The U.S. has already become a police state.
    Nothing can be simpler or more practical than taking everyone´s basic human needs into account.
  187. As a medical doctor in natural medicine, the kidnapping by the state, hospitals, doctors and drug companies, is no surprise at all. Talking to your representative is okay, but to believe that the system that creates these problems is going to now solve them may be naïve. When your child gets sick, see an MD only as last resort.
  188. Thank you Calico, I’ve heard about us being turned into a corporation about a year ago and it takes place through the birth certificate at the demographic register, a government corporation.
  189. Interesting to me that anyone still believes any of the lies that ALL politicians spout. It’s the rich against us and always has been. That’s why our children die in unnecessary wars and conflicts and theirs do not. That’s why our children are medicated with powerful psychoactive drugs for made-up diseases and theirs are not. That’s also why our children eat GMO-laden foods and theirs do not. And that’s why our children have seen a 500% increase in Autism over the last 30 years, and theirs haven’t.
    Obama made a lot of promises too but his very 1st action was to raid the treasury and bail out his rich bankster friends with our money, just as both Bush’es did with their rich oil friends.
    I also find it very, very hard to believe that EVERYONE can not see Donald Trump for the spoiled rich kid that he is. He is always unprofessional, frequently belligerent, and mostly as unpleasant as he can manage to get away with. Donald Trump has the emotional maturity of a 12-year-old boy and, as such, he has almost no self-control, which he demonstrates almost every time he is in the public eye.
    Ask yourself… would you trust Trump alone with your 15-year-old daughter? If not, why are you willing to trust him NOT to enact executive orders to make his myriad lusts legal? I point this out because he always champions sexy young girls, even when it is in bad taste.
    Donald Trump has proven time and again that he does not have the good judgment and personal self-control to be President of the United States of America.
    So sorry to stray from the subject but I have been telling parents for the last 25 years that our current medical model was adopted on misinformation and the deliberate desire to impose eventual medical fascism on the population. I sincerely believe it is too late to fix this particular problem now because those in power are following a very specific agenda… and they will not be turned back from their Great Work.
    All that’s left for us to do, as far as they are concerned, is to suffer more and die faster.
  190. America is out as far as I am concerned you couldn’t pay me to live there it is a state of genocide mass killing of their own people children as well due to bad medical practice where sadly children have no say in the matter or parents for that matter is an assault by FDA equal to rape. Yet where would we Brits have been without USA. Due to above article does this now mean USA are seeking a new definition of Genocide? Below are some that have changed with time.
    Back in 1946 it was believed “Genocide is a denial of the right of existence of entire human groups, as homicide is the denial of the right to live of individual human beings; such denial of the right of existence shocks the conscience of mankind, …and is contrary to moral law and to the spirit and aims of the United Nations. The General Assembly, therefore, affirms that genocide is a crime under international law…whether the crime is committed on religious, racial, political or any other grounds…later 1948 Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; [and] forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”
    1975 “Genocide is the successful attempt by a dominant group, vested with formal authority and/or with preponderant access to the overall resources of power, to reduce by coercion or lethal violence the number of a minority group whose ultimate extermination is held desirable and useful and whose respective vulnerability is a major factor contributing to the decision for genocide.”
    1976 [Genocide is] a structural and systematic destruction of innocent people by a state bureaucratic apparatus. …Genocide represents a systematic effort over time to liquidate a national population, usually a minority…[and] functions as a fundamental political policy to assure conformity and participation of the citizenry. (Genocide: State Power and Mass Murder)
    1982 Jack Nusan Porter, Ukrainian American sociologist says, “Genocide is the deliberate destruction, in whole or in part, by a government or its agents, of a racial, sexual, religious, tribal or political minority. It can involve not only mass murder, but also starvation, forced deportation, and political, economic and biological subjugation. Genocide involves three major components: ideology, technology, and bureaucracy/organization”
    1984 Yehuda Bauer, Israeli historian and Holocaust scholar seemed to have understood the what, when and why of it, he says,” [Genocide is] the planned destruction, since the mid-nineteenth century, of a racial, national, or ethnic group as such, by the following means: (a) selective mass murder of elites or parts of the population; (b) elimination of national (racial, ethnic) culture and religious life with the intent of “denationalization”; (c) enslavement, with the same intent; (d) destruction of national (racial, ethnic) economic life, with the same intent; (e) biological decimation through the kidnapping of children, or the prevention of normal family life, with the same intent…. [Holocaust is] the planned physical annihilation, for ideological or pseudo-religious reasons, of all the members of a national, ethnic, or racial group”.
    But if we now jump to 2002, Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, says, “Article 6 of the Rome Statute provides that “genocide” means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”
    2007 Martin Shaw, sociologist, says, “Genocide is a form of violent social conflict or war, between armed power organizations that aim to destroy civilian social groups and those groups and other actors who resist this destruction. Genocidal action is action in which armed power organizations treat civilian social groups as enemies and aim to destroy their real or putative social power, by means of killing, violence and coercion against individuals whom they regard as members of the groups.”
    This discussion started with USA so let’s let them have final word. In 2015 John Cox, U.S. historian says, “Genocide is the attempt to destroy any recognized, stable, and permanent group as it is defined by the perpetrator: [It] is a concerted effort to eliminate its individual members and to destroy the group’s ability to maintain its social and cultural cohesion and, thus, its existence as a group. The perpetrators’ genocidal goals — i.e., intent, which is central to the 1948 UN definition but is often analyzed too legalistically and narrowly — can be uncovered by examining policies, actions, and outcomes.”
    So is what is happening genocide or do we call it medical kidnapping. But let’s face it USA president and the like are no different from that of our government here in UK in a word “powerless” and are taken over by private enterprise. So what can we do? Well to put it in a nut shell I just binned all my proper prescribed medications and feel 100% better for it. After all if likes of FDA and ADA are all powerful then we only have ourselves to blame for supporting them and buying their produce when there are so many natural alternatives available more these days than ever before and every single one of them is well documented so we do have choice but sadly some families don’t.
  192. This is so horribly sad. Actually there are no words but unbelievable that this is America! I feel like I am listening to something that happens in China where if you have too many girl babies they get rid of them. I thought America was a free country? Are we robots? ANGER is another word to describe what is happening to this woman and the children here in America. If my child gets some illness I will definitely leave this place to treat them how I decide! since it is my child and I am paying for the child and the treatment!
  193. It’s not that unusual for sociopaths to rise to power in the big corporations. They have absolutely no conscience, so they don’t mind doing terrible things to other people. I have a real live sociopath living right on my street.
  194. Maybe we need to start a petition against this practice. In doing so, we would thereby also be advising the public of this situation and gaining their support.Care2 is a very good site to start with.Barbara Bills
  195. Steve Phillips, you have obviously never heard of Codex Alimentarius. They have been conspiring to deny you those ‘many natural alternatives’ for several years now, and have all but succeeded. They will not rest until you are deprived of all choice, and are forced, kicking and screaming if necessary, to use their poisons and ‘services’.
  196. I am filled with disgust at all the stories on this site, and am willing to help in the FIGHT for FREEDOM from big Pharma!! I have been lucky to have found a cure for my diabetes and cancer, and am working on the asthma and fibromyalgia and arthritis, and others in their turn. My doctor has been helpful, and is learning somethings from me, as well.
    Our government needs all the help it can get…from US, to demand a different type of freedom than what we mostly let them give us!! They can lie to us, hide things from us, until we refuse to play that game anymore. We need to be informed, and ask for proof of the cases we read on and hear, so we can get prepared to stand up and say NO MORE!! We need to be willing to let our government what we want form them, and that means stand up and be counted!! I, for one need to check the facts presented here stated, as well as any future references, on illegal or criminal (such as the fed agencies allowing poisons in our food and GMO’s in general which have not been researched by anybody! We must stand up and organize for our own health and refuse to be bullied! I am willing to go to the grocery stores and demand labels on our food, no poisons, and push for legal changes in the federal offices which allows Monsanto to lie to us. I would be happy to get a group going to put pressure on the bad laws on the books, and illegal acts used to bully us. I, like others, lost my home in the illegal foreclosures of homes, which has been proven in court but if you have no lawyer to defend our rights, you are out of luck. We CAN fight back and change the laws if we get the people together!! E-mail me and help!!
  197. Gretta, I am Canadian and I do know of 2 mother’s who had their wishes ignored, here in British Columbia. One was years ago when their son developed cancer, and because they gave him chemo against his parents wishes, he currently has developed a heart condition that has been confirmed was caused from the chemo and only has a few years max to live. The other one was recent; a mom who’s baby was diagnoised with down’s syndrome and they “discovered” that the baby also had cancer and would not let the mother get a 2nd opinion (she was at the children’s hospital), nor would they let her take her baby home with her while she went to make arrangements for her other kids to be taken care of. They told her that she could go, but the baby stayed. They did chemo without her mom’s ok….experimental? I am guessing it was due to the baby having down’s syndrome …?
  198. I would love to see Trump make corruption one of the keys to his campain. To me corruption is the rich getting rich at the cost oif the average person. No other candidate is prepared to take on big business (drug companies, GMO and others) that apper to be happy to control and keep poor for profit. We all hear of corruption in Mexico etc., but is DC any different?
  199. Thank-you both Ty and Jeffrey for getting this very sad and devastating information out in the open. Our fear is that it is probably happening in many countries. Somehow laws need to be changed and controls put on pharmaceutical research to protect children. Research involving children must be legislated to only be with the informed consent of the parents. We ALL need to do our part at making this information more public and more available. Keep up the good work.
    Jan and Nelson
  200. A legal problem can only be fought thru legal means in a legal battle. Every citizen has a stake in such cases, in every single jurisdiction. The most dangerous authority is the kind that violates a citizen’s inalienable right in the name of doing some public good. Sue to stop the state from overstepping the limit of their authority set by the constitution. Children belong to God who established the family (parental authority) to care for them, not the state (civil authority). Unless the parents are killing or injuring their kids, as rare as that may be but it happens, the state has no jurisdiction. If the state believes that’s the case, it has to prove it. You can’t fight the state without good lawyers going thru the court system. If you tie the CPS up in legal battles, it thinks twice before taking another kid and another court case, just because a slighted MD calls. Contact ACLU or ADF, alliance defense fund, depending on your religious stance. They are usually mortal enemies in court on religious liberty, but here, either should be eager to step in and lend legal counsel.
  201. I told a young doctor in my local medical practice about the disappearing doctors, and she said “Oh they’re only chiropractors”. This from a highly trained medic with an arts degree and a science degree prior to medical school! About time we had a degree in HEART, but I guess the only place we can get that is in life. Maybe Ethics classes in school could work on this since RE (Religious Education) has failed abysmally.
  202. How about if the child is only a year old with a brain tumor? I know someone currently going through chemo with their 1 year old son. He’s had surgery and 3 rounds of chemo already. What other options do they have on a limited income? Here in Canada we don’t have to pay anything for treatments. I want to tell them something but I don’t know what alternative to lead them to.
  203. I think some of the readers enjoying a political comments. It is about the health- life of some children and parents desperate to heal their child and not genocide of the country. It is about the power of billionaires – owners of pharmaceutical gigantic companies. Do not ask if Ty is eating a meat. Look for all information he and his crew give to us. The hours spent to send the message to people. Why are some individuals among us with negative feedback, if you do not believe in Ty and physicians looking for natural treatment do not watch the series.
  204. Unfortunately US citizens are not sovereign. Once a marriage certificate is issued by the government, the contract of marriage is assigned to that govermnental agency. Once a birth certificate is issued by the State, that certificate gives the State jurisdiction over that person. Parents do not have the last word when it comes to the “Nation’s Children”. This is a fact, this is why these things can happen, and will continue to happen until our constitutional rights are honored by those in power…
  205. I’m no doctor, just a grandma’s observations. I think the CURE for cancer is eating right and exercise, and relieving stress (which exercise will do, but not at a too fast of a pace). Tons of veggies, especially. they give
    your body strength to fight! And keep at it FOREVER. Just a Grandma, looking at all the years I’ve been around.
  206. No, I disagree that they’ve all but succeeded. You have to understand there are many more hoops they would have to jump through before that could happen. The best thing to do is stay OUT of THEIR system, esp. with your children if at all possible. Our legal right to our own treatment if GOD GIVEN. They haven’t EVEN began to see the fight they are going to get!
  207. You can use this Notice to All Government fake agencies as you will read from this site Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines as well as Cancer forced therapy. Read and study everything here and start sending and filling your Notices. God bless you all.
  208. Where is the reference and documentation of this story? Does anybody care or do you just want to react without due diligence?
    • The references to our article are at the bottom of the article under a tab called Sources and References. Hope this helps!
  209. The report about the ‘legal kidnapping’ of children by CPS is shocking and absolutely unacceptable. To what kind of dictatorship has the US degenerated, having become the servant of ‘Big Pharma’. When I was diagnosed with cancer, fortunately not in the US, I immediately told the doctor that for me Chemo/radiation/surgery are out of question. Having informed myself about alternative therapies I told him that I have chosen the ‘Budwig Protocol’ which for me was the most convincing alternative. It is based on the findings of German Dr. Warburg that cancer cells are un-aerobic whereas normal cells are aerobic. This diet provides the cells with additional oxygen. Having used this diet for 8 months the slightly metastasized tumor has shrunk from 92ccm to 27ccm and I am absolutely certain to get rid of it for good by middle of this year. This great result without any negative side effects and at low cost.
    When looking for alternatives I came across many interesting information. As example the result of a survey in the US was that 80% of oncologists stated that in case of cancer in themselves or their family they would never apply chemotherapy as it is ‘too toxic’. But they treat patients with chemo, making a lot of money, and even involve the CPS. An originally very skeptical US oncologist still applied the ‘Budwig Protocol’ and finally stated: “Cancer can be treated easily with the right diet. Cancer cells are weak and vulnerable”.
  210. Here is another dirty secret… The courts and even attorneys do not want advocates or paralegals or even people who help others fill out legal forms helping people maneuver the labyrinth court system’s highly technical rules and writing forms…in California this means you must register with the state if you do this.
    I am a highly qualified law and motion paralegal in litigation with 15 years of experience in California and 5 of it in the federal venues. However, even if I file my own federal lawsuit, I cannot “assist” co-plaintiffs because California has regulated paralegals and prohibited them from UAL (UnAuthorized Practice of Law. In order to to prevent me from collaborating and cooperating with other plaintiffs the other side’s attorneys and even the court tried to have a case dismissed in federal court just because they didn’t like pro se (unrepresented federal litigants) making a case and they sure didn’t like that someone on the case knew what they were doing that was not an attorney.
    Personally, I think I have a constitutional right to assembly and I sure as hell can talk to and help anyone I want as long as they know up front that I am not an attorney. How does the first amendment play on those allegedly legitimate gag orders. How is that not a police state infringing on First, Second, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights and probably a lot more provided the child is not being beaten or abused is some way. How do the courts get around Religious and Spiritual Beliefs? Just saying.
  211. Okay, I tried my best to thoroughly read the article, but most of what I did read, was way too much of how events happened with my sister in Dec. of 2014. It’s not just happening to children and their parents with the CPS medically kidnapping. Adult protective agencies are doing the same thing with adults, here where we live, Wyoming. I pretty much did what any caring sibling would do, do my homework on natural alternative for my Sister’s medical concerns, which in the process, I ended up outsourcing what she needed. Guess what? It was working for her, but unfortunately, the APS made absolutely sure I didn’t have my sister there at the courthouse for the judge to see the proof, because she wasn’t given notice of when the court appointment would be.So I can honestly say, she was kidnapped from her own home we both shared, by the APS agency, with a court document signed by the judge. She was in no danger at all in loosing her life by being at home and being given wholesome nutrition that she needed. So the agency, in their terms, stated that I medically neglected my sister’s medications, when in fact, my sister’s doctor, at that time, almost 2 years, had never once prescribed any of my sister’s former medications, because she seen profound evidence that it wasn’t medications she needed all along. My sister’s root cause for over 8 years was a nutritional problem, and still is, not a lack of medication.
    So with them removing her from the home, she has been court order as a state ward with an appointed Wyoming guardian and an Attorney Guardian at litem, who has not return any replies since the start of this year. The guardian states that she has no obligation to me nor any other family members who may inquire on our sister’s behalf. So yes, she feels like she is in prison at a nursing home that she doesn’t belong at. Her current roommate is having somewhat a similar issues. Though in April, the guardian is coming up for review. The drugs they have her on, are much worse than the others she had been on for 8 years. Though with the agency going by a false report on me, our brother from our home state of Nebraska maybe her only chance to get some freedom, I don’t know. I’m the only one who regularly visits with her once a week, only out in their main area. Not allowed in her room to visit. She has not had any good visits with her guardian since she was appointed sometime last year. Before this past December, by the request of a certain doctor, whom was recently removed from care, had given my sister good advice and permission to go out more from the nursing home. However, my sister is now being very limited in getting out and about, due to her guardian. She can no longer request medical information from the nursing home medical record staff person, like she was told she could. I feel quite helpless, at times. It is so obvious she doesn’t need a guardian. She has been demonstrating for quite a few months, that she is capable of handling her own matters, her own health and her own finances.
    Back in 2013, my sister’s doctor helped terminated the guardianship in Nebraska, when I was appointed her guardian in 2008. Since 2013, up to when they removed her from the home, in Dec.of 2014, she was pretty much on her own accord. What I thought it was odd, is that the agency knew I didn’t have legal guardianship over my sister, and yet, presented to the judge as if I had guardianship, as to request him to order me to be removed from being my sister’s guardian, when I wasn’t.
    So this is a horrible thing that’s being done. Attorneys and advocates are very hard to find when you need them for family health and medical issues. At least it is here in this State.
  212. Welcome to the new world order. America the land of the free?????????????????
    The founding fathers of the constitution/country would load up the boats and sail to a new land again as was done hundreds of years ago to get out from under the tyranny of an out of control government. So sad to see all of the rights of the people eroded away to nothing.
  213. Big Pharma is solely in the business of making money. It is their first priority. Every time a treatment is given someone has to pay. That person is YOU the tax payer. The government pays out billions of YOUR dollars a year to these parasites to keep their Fat Cats living in luxury from the obscene bonuses they pay themselves. The illegal kidnapping of children and forcing treatments on them, that we all know don’t work, is abhorrent. To Big Pharma these kids are not people they are just a dollar sign, another way to fill their coffers with little resistance. Cancer treatment is the biggest money making business in the world. It is about time that politicians had the intestinal fortitude to stand up to these parasites and put the people first, the people that trusted them to serve them ethically and morally. Or maybe they are in the pockets of Big Pharma as well!!!
  214. How dare, YOU, John McKusick (9/3/16) critic Ty Bollingers research over the whole world and telling us about it in his books what alternative treatments we can use for cancer.
    How DARE you say, I quote,:-” he has taken the very true facts about cancer and the Med/Pharma Machiene, and used it as a vehicle to further the lies and slander against the only nation in the last 100 years to stand up and expose the New World Order and organised Jewry.” End of quote.
    And to say “there were NO Gas chambers, NO program to kill Jews, No plan to rule the world!!!”
    HELLO…….why don’t you go to Germany to Dachau, and see the sign which tells you all the details?????
    Keep your simple, unintelligent comments to yourself, it’s a waste of energy for intelligent people to read such comments.
  215. I have heard about this before and I have thought about what I would do if I had children under the age of 18 and they were to get cancer. As soon as I found out they had cancer I would take them to another country probably Mexico and by car.
    It would have to be done quickly before the child had to start treatment. And hopefully the medical authorities would not want to start treatment that very day without letting my child go home with me. Or I would have to sneak them out.
    Maybe parents have to have this plan set up when there children are healthy just in case they are diagnosed with cancer. It is a sad and terrible state of affairs.
    My children are adults so I do not have to be concerned about it. One day I will have grandchildren. Also it would be wise not to tell anyone that you have this plan set up if needed.
  216. This can’t be true! This Children Protection Service CANNOT be true! These are public servants in service of Big Global Pharmaceutical companies in stead of in service to the public and the people.
    Public servants growingly behaving as enemies of the people. This is Children threatened by a Health Agency.
    We the people are supposed to be free to make our own decisions.
    We have to organize in a new way outside the socalled democray circus. There is nothing to vote within this system. Big Pharma will always get its way. Nearly all politicians have been bought by this oppressive democracy.
    We have to organize in order to protect ourselves from this Government and these destructive Big Global Pharmaceutical and other interests who are evolving a growing body of dictatorial laws and institutions upon the people.
    This must be stopped.
    This is government and democracy against the PEOPLE.
    We need new organization BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.
  217. In Australia they have recently made a New Revelation that actually our own Immune system will kill Cancer Cells !!! After over 60yrs of research and literally endless amounts of donations running into the $ Trillion Dollars they come up with Answer !!!! WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!
  218. One day in December 1981 my 2 year old son suddenly could not walk anymore, and then he did not want to eat. Months later a malignant tumor was discovered in the lower part of his spinal column, pinching the nerves to his lower body and legs, and a lump of 150 grams had grown from it into his abdomen.
    After two major operations and a bout of radiation, the chemotherapy killed him 3 weeks before his 4th birthday.
    What causes cancer in a toddler?
    He had had all his vaccinations…
    Injected foreign proteins do all sorts of crazy things in a body, and the animal and human tissue mediums on which vaccine pathogens are being cultured contain all sorts of contaminations. The cancer virus SV40 — the 40th monkey virus found in the monkey kidney tissue that was used to create Merck’s 1950s Salk and Sabin polio vaccines — is the most notorious of all.
    Michele Carbone found the exact SV40 strain of these 1950s polio vaccines in the brain tumors of adult Americans: 40+ years later!
    I have lived in the hospital with my son 24/7 for months on end. I have witnessed the way doctors are being educated to think and act, and what substances and treatments to apply. These are often completely opposite to logical thinking and common sense (why administer highly toxic substances to an already seriously ill body?). And there is a specific reason for that.
    Vaccination and cancer treatments are part of the medical religion, which is a pharmaceutical dictate (Flexner Report 1910, Lake Mohonk 1926).
    Pharmaceutically based approaches never have anything to do with health, healing, curing or empathy with the patient.
    Western patent medicine is a religion of profit, a slow kill business model.
    So yes, its religious fanatics — doctors, politicians and CPS workers — will forcefully drag children away from their parents to subject them to vaccines and chemotherapy. These ‘authorities’ are driven by emotion and cognitive dissonance, NOT by any shape or form of rationality or sense of reality. They are academically hypnotized.
    The resulting zealotic kidnapping is happening all over the world, not only in the US.
  219. People need to start standing up to this tyranny. If we do not exercise our God given rights these companies and doctors will push even farther into our lives. Communities should form groups and physically prevent these criminals from taking children. If you stand by and watch it happen without intervening it could be your child next. Remember this is our country, we have to exert our rights. Kidnapping IS a criminal offense.
  220. Do not go to the mainstream big pharma MDs. Here in Germany MDs who use only natural means exists …. as in the US. It took me over 50 years to wake up to this. Given the reported situation in the US (disgusting) I’d recommend Mexico or the EU (Germany / Spain – e.g the Budwig Clinic).
    Health to all!
  221. … and I thought the United States of America was supposed to be a free country. Ha. This sounds like some Nazi nightmare.
  222. We know from many articles like this that the government is bought and paid for by big-Pharma, and they can do whatever they want. But where are the articles with the ANSWERS to these problems? The amount of money involved in this corruption is to great to over-come by any other group. WHO will pay the government BILLIONS of illegal dollars to get them to stop this? No one! Any group that can afford to, is on their side. Voting out the corrupt government officials just brings new corrupt officials in their place. EVERY Main-stream Democrat and Republican is on board. HOW do we get American voters to vote in only independnts at the local and federal level. They just won’t do it. The media only lets them vote for Low-life scum like Clinton and Trump. The best candidates were already removed from running by the media (Also owned by big-Pharma). This problem will only get worse, and lead to the downfall of our country.
  223. Child protective services made an attempt to get involved in my affairs, concerning my son, and when I made them realize they were dealing with the most vengeful NUT they ever dealt with I never heard from them again. I lived by the rule of; get involved in my family affairs and payback would be awful!
  224. I am living in Ireland and lost my wife to cancer four years ago. She had received the conventional orthodox treatment from a respected oncologist including surgery for breast cancer and subsequent chemotherapy. A friend of ours had undergone surgery for breast cancer a few years previously, but had told her medical team that “they could stick their chemotherapy up their jersey”. Instead she entered a regime of no dairy products in accordance with a book by a British scientist. We thought that she was very foolish to reject the professional advice, but Nancy is still alive while my wife Ursula is now dead! I have some experience of cancer: My maternal grandmother and all of her nine children including my mother died of cancer. So far two of my siblings have presented with it. I also have some experience of the medical profession since my father and four of my five siblings were medical doctors. They would all have been conservative and I would have expected them to go along with the orthodox medical view. However my eldest brother who was about sixty years in general practice and who was held in high regard by his patients in three countries did express some reservations about orthodox cancer treatment. As it happened he too died of cancer. In Ireland all the leading oncologists will have received their training in the United States.
  225. It is immoral and criminal, and these doctors should be brought to account for their murder of innocent children. This problem regarding the hold big Pharma has on our medical associations is now being highlighted in case after case. Here in the UK just last year a young boy Ashya King was diagnosed with a brain tumour, without going into details his parents wanted to give him the best actually only chance of surviving his cancer, by not going down the mainstream route, the aggressive treatment of Chemo and radiation. Instead they after making the decision of their lives fled the UK to take their little boy into Eastern Europe to receive Proton beam therapy, a treatment that only attacks the tumour, and leaves surrounding tissue in tact, and of course does not have any side effects. This started a major manhunt, it was like Mr and Mrs King where Bonnie and Clyde, they became wanted criminals throughout Europe. The medical association wanted their little boy so much that it was disclosed mr and mrs King would be arrested and tried as criminals, I bet they where hoping the little boy died to so as to pour more flames on alternative treatments. Well they got their eye wiped the Ashya survived and is doing very well, shock not really this therapy has shown to be very effective. Well with the massive media attention, and mr King posting videos on u tube etc the world sat up and praised these parents. Guess what due to this stand and the publicity it has generated, the Uk government has promised 3 proton beam machines by 2017 as they can see the benefits of the treatment for certain cancers. Do you really believe they feel this way about this treatment, or was it just the overwhelming publicity this case received, and the fact that the world has been witness to its efficiency? I leave that to you to decide, but I know where I stand. The medical associations and even governments are puppets in the hands of the big pharma and unless we continue to get information out there and prove through brave people like the Kings that alternatives can and do work it will never change, and millions of innocent people will die as a result.
  226. Use your ACTIONS, CURRENCY as a weapon against Dark Energy. Simply and for Free, stop working for, stop investing with, stop buying their frankenfoods/products, stop fueling, stop supporting infiltrated Dark Energy Corporations, which includes all mainstream banks, retailers, modern AMA Medicine, Montsanto, Hollywood, Disney, Gov especially EDU sectors. REAL CHANGE ignites when we simply stop fueling it and start EXPOSING horrifics. Senate/Congress/D.C.- it is not part of the U.S. Republic- same with the Vatican satanic underground (a Front Group that controls sleeping masses using manufactured Religion as a weapon). Please stop ingesting Flouride, chemicals in your nail polish, toiletries, soaps so that your Pineal Gland is no longer calcified (your 3rd eye chakra) and that you are AWAKE and realize what is transpiring upon the Earth- Agenda 21, 22, Race Wars and much more. Elite hybrids OWN the skies, the rails, the 7th floor of a mental hospital- using mind controlled patients for False Flag events and much sinister acts. Please get informed. A plant based diet and limited exposure to smart meters, microwaves, chemtrails, cellular waves supplementing with organics: tumeric, baking soda, honey, cannabis, wheat grass will prevent abnormal cellular behaviors in children. Stop all Rx drugs- they shorten life expectancy and damages DNA leaving more side effects. Drugs do not cure but suppress real symptoms of a DIS EASE.
  227. Cancer is easily curable with oxygen; however this knowledge has been suppressed since discovered back in the 1920’s by Dr Otto Warburg. Also, it is sustained by sugar, another ignored piece of information.
  228. You must not allow yourself to become a victim to this medical tyranny. Increase your vibration so you are not in a place to become one and remove yourself from the victim state. Make it clear to those doctors that if they were to take away from you everything that you love then you will slap back and destroy what is dear to them. Do not become the victim in the first place. This fight needs to be taken to those that make the decision to call in the child protective services and force these children into toxic and often deadly experimental treatments.
  229. Thanks to TTAC for making life saving information available.
    When a critical mass is reached, even “big pharma” and the like will not be able to continue this way of acting.
    Let’s pray for all affected parents and children.
  230. I think this is so wrong to make any mother farther have their children taken of them ,, thank god we don’t have that law in Australia , ,but what I find is that most Australian still be leave doctor are doing the right thing when it comes to cancer , and we all know this is not so , I am still alive after going through cancer with no help from doctor ,only natural supperments and it has now been 8 years , I would not like to live in country that acts like their are the parents .
  231. Since WHEN is taking a child away from their MAIN SOURCE OF LOVE AND SUPPORT during possibly terminal illness and certainly serious illness, not DECLARED ABUSE????? Remember the monkey with the metal frame mother? Is this what our SICK gov’t and supposed sick care does? MEAN.
  232. YES, ‘how dare you’ is apt for John McKusick. I think you are the REAL liar!! People like you patrol these sites all the time. Funny how you paid a subscription just to vent idiocy and defamation of character.
  233. This is so unbelievable I am speechless. It truly is a time to have a revolution when they start exploiting and abusing our children. I think we all will have to become Scientologists and hide under their protection of the law until another religion pops up for this purpose. I pray that doctor falls into her own pit the witch
  234. Somethings are to big for ordinary people to stop. The reason: the power that we’re fighting against are spiritual. What righteous minded individual would absolutely make it legal to poison and kill our children? Knowingly? This is the forces of darkness and we can only defeat such forces through The Lord Jesus Christ. He alone has the answer. Otherwise, this is a fight that can’t be won by just talking about it. Sincere prayer is necessary to defeat the powers of evil. The love of money has and will always be an unstoppable force against righteousness. Nature has God’s answer to sickness and chronic illness/diseases, but Satan has his followers/patrons who will intercept and destroy what is God’s design and God’s provisions for His creation, man. We all need to unify in prayer without ceasing and The Lord will destroy the power of Big Pharma. Man alone can not and will not cause this nightmare to end.
  235. UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) allows them to kidnap children, when a baby is born they are registered. Birth Certificates are issued by Department of Treasury, they are secured instruments and serve as collateral for national debt to the Federal Reserve. Anytime you register anything it becomes state property. WE ARE COLLATERAL, STOCK, BARCODES, YOU CAN LOOK UP YOUR “APPRAISED WORTH”. This scam goes sooooo much deeper. The banking scam, the law scam….smoke screens. WE ARE DEALING WITH NAZIS IN SUITS.
  236. Hey All,
    My mom had cancer as of a year ago, and has undergone chemo and turned out great. Mabye an alternative treatment would have been better i don’t know. Let me stress though it is one thing to say that conventional cancer treatments are killing people and should be stopped, but when a loved one is close to you has cancer – it is difficult to opt for the natural treatment – people who have not have a close one with cancer would not understand. I am a strong alternative health advocate and I got annoyed at my father for choosing this treatment, but given the dire situation – it causes much less stress on the family if chemo is used.
    I dont know about America, but in Australia she had a bone marrow treatment, and her own stem cells were used. This method has a much higher success rate for obvious reasons. I’m not a supporter of mainstream medical practices, but ignorance is just as bad.
  237. “AWAKE” was spot on with her/his comments. The NWO and its agendas are getting a foot hold on this planet and we citizens of the world are being targeted for extermination. The global elitists want a serious reduction of the world’s population and making and keeping us sick is part of the plan. Bill Gates is one of the evil ones who pushes vaccines in 3rd world countries. Some of the holistic doctors who have been murdered were collaborating on their research involving vaccines (MMR and Flu from what I remember). They found Nagalese, which is produced by cancer cells, in these vaccines. Nagalese compromises the immune system setting up the conditions for one to get cancer. These doctors had proven that our government in coordination with the CDC, FDA and Big Pharma were adding Nagalese to some of the vaccines to potentially cause cancer in the population. So, to keep these doctors from getting this information to the public, as well as, continuing their research to find cancer cures, our “shadow government” sent goons to murder these wonderful doctors. What evil is living among us! For those of you who have muslim friends, please don’t get mad when I write this. But, the leaders of most of the European governments are allowing hordes of muslims, mostly young men, to literally invade their countries. Why? Well, it’s part of the NWO plan to cause chaos and to completely change the demographics of these societies. Their plan is to create societies where the population can be more easily controlled and they think the muslim integration will help do that. Maybe, the European citizens will have an uprising to prevent this. Who knows? Obama is trying to do the same here. Before his reign ends, he plans to bring in many more thousands of unvetted muslims who often arrive on flights during the middle of the night and then are bused to various towns and cities around the country. We are heading toward dealing with many of the same issues and problems the Europeans are faced with. The problems have already started. Muslims who follow the Koran cannot assimilate with most of the rest of us. The edicts to behead infidels, lie to infidels, marry children, treat their wives as slaves, have sex with animals, rape infidels, and make war with infidels is not a society I want to be a part of. Do your research. All of this and much more are related. It is the plan of the global elite to rule over us all. And, the UN is part of it too. Most of our leaders cannot be trusted. They are complicit which means they’re traitors. There may be a few we can trust but there are so few, even if they want to fight this corrupt system, they either realize they can’t make a difference or they’ve been threatened. It’s so very, very sad. If Trump can stay alive and become president, will he actually be able to reverse some of the damage of the last 50 years?
  238. In other words we will have to become almost as knowledgeable as the docs a lot of matters…it is so discouraging….because all of us has never went to medical school so on top of having to do a wild quick search for ourselves or love ones we have to take care of everyday problems…and crossing our fingers that the research we do are truely advices and not junk knowledge….
    What stressing is that we are under pressure in all directions..with medical official, with family with ourselves.,and the holostic advices…which one to choose?…
    People who are in the responsability of all these needs ….needs also as much help than the sick they are taking care off..
    And I say bravo…what courage they have..this is why big help is needed in these holostic clinics…where these parents or friends can rest a little and have confidence in these wonderful holostic docs””….
  239. How did you get to do things your way didn’t mention your exact way of stopping their intrusion with your son..thanks..
  240. Capucine says: “In other words we will have to become almost as knowledgeable as the docs themselves….”
    Don’t kid yourself mate. When it comes to effective cancer treatments, your doc. is probably among the most ignorant of human beings walking on this planet. He knows only one thing – how to poison you. How many peer-reviewed studies do you want to see that conclusively prove that cancer patients who refuse ‘conventional’ treatments actually live longer than those who undergo the full gamut of what the lamestream has to offer?
    No, the fact is any John Doe who has read just a few chapters of ‘Outsmart Your Cancer’ by Tanya Harter Pierce (or any other similar book for that matter) already knows infinitely more about the effective and non-toxic treatment of cancer than any oncologist, period.
  241. A lot of great comments shared here. Huge thanks to TTAC for publishing this info. Getting down to the root of the issue, or the “stem cell” of this cancer, it is apparent that we MUST not participate in a “system” like this, because if we do we support its existence. Opt Out.
    Cal passed the crazy immunization bill so my superfood eating daughters (ages 5 and 3) who’ve NEVER had a needle forced into them (and NEVER will) will be getting home schooled. Truth be told, we were going to do that anyway bc the education “system” is a farce.
    My wife and I decided before we started having kids that we would not raise “average” children and therefore we would not feed them “average” foods, create for them an “average” immune system, and instead create a SUPER life full nourishment, love and fun.
    It’s easy to do. Just substitute the money otherwise spent on crap food for home or locally grown, organic, vital, living foods. Every day they devour home made superfood enriched fresh fruit smoothies, salads and other fun treats. I purchase superfoods for the family like super blue green algae from New Earth, lots of herbs and superfoods from Dr. Schulze’s American Botanical Pharmacy and Vitacost, the green drink mix from Trader Joes, and essential oils from Young Living. As a family we’ve made investments in a whole house water from LifeSource and are still working on discovering the best practices to filter and clean our air with HEPA filters and the new science of Airbiotics.
    I think the test we’re all being put to now is to outfox the “system of disease” and create our own “system of health”. I know the things that we do make it tough for us to get sick and by doing that we stay out of the screwed up medical disease system. The best defense is a good offense in this regard.
    Some thoughts and resources:
    A great video to watch to help you wake up and smell the corruption: “How Big Oil Conquered the World” (and Big Pharma too).
    Good source for medial tyranny truth, CBD Hemp, nano-silver solutions and the Advance Vaccine Directive Wallet Card:
    Natural Solutions Foundation.
    Great Quotes:
    “The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”
    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    R. Buckminster Fuller
    “If liberty and equality, as is thought by some are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost.”
    Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC)
    “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”
    Nelson Mandela (1918 – )
    “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)
    “When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)
    * * * * * *
    The problem before all the others, is money politics. The solution might be in the Bernie Sanders political revolution.
    * * * * * *
    The media, “the fourth arm of government” was once our trusted contractor providing oversight against misuse of power and a dynamic check against political corruption. Political parties were once a necessary contractor sorting and sifting through the confusing political landscape providing easy alignment with issues and ideologies of the day.
    The press has been corrupted and taken over by big business who’s agenda is to maximize profits, irregardless to the cost to society by emaciating government and eliminating regulation. The press no longer serves the people – the toolbag is empty.
    Political parties have been corrupted by the evolution of money politics and desperate alignment with unchecked fringe ideologies (the corrupted press not calling out the whack-o’s). The parties offer few if any remaining tools for the average American to manage their political concerns.
  242. People are seen as ‘drug sinks’ by the Pharmaceutical Industry. By any means the consumption of their products must increase til all categories of person are taking vaccines and other poisons in addition to chemo. Thank you for this further exposure. Now for militancy. Its not ;like Greenham Common…. we won through our visibility. How to tackle this unseen unscrupulous force? BOYCOTT ALL PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS…..?? Perhaps this is the way? Lets think hard about what we are buying and about who has made it.
  243. Hi Anthony ..
    If possible Could you give me the name of the place where you suggested case someone would need it? Germany?…
    Be ause in mexic it is kind off far away if you live in..EU..thanks
  244. Philippe your order to do this e need to be millions signing a unique petition…a huge one..and hve it seen by the president of the usa..meaning the futur president…be sure he or her will be in connection with those who wants things going in the direction the population wants to…
  245. I am surprised that after all the bad press on Chemo that anyone signs onto taking this drug and that it is still used by Big Pharma in the light of knowing that it doesn’t work, let alone the fact that the govt. steals children and forces them to take it. I feel a movement is needed against Big Pharma’s use of these Chemo drugs which I would not give to an animal let alone a human being. I was introduced to holistic nutrition back in the early 70’s and had even had sessions with underground nutritionist at that time. If the govt found out that they were teaching you how to stay healthy they would have been arrested. Thank God that I was able to be introduced to that way of life at that time. I eventually learned an enormous amount about vitamins and minerals and healthy alternative nutrition. Gladly they did not have GMO’S at that time. This is another hurdle people’s health has to get over by removing Companies assault (such as Monsanto) on human beings by altering their food via chemicals and genetically modifying food and seed and destroying our soil. Politicians are the culprit in all of the above and sell their souls and health and the health of humanity for the almighty dollar they are paid off by supporting these companies. That underground hacking company has to find out all of these politicians off shore bank accounts and post them so people can see what and who we are dealing with so that this assault on the public’s health can be rectified. Start by NOT voting for any Politician who has any relationship with companies like Monsanto et al.
  246. Désirée L. Röver, medical research journalist…So sorry about your child…really and horrible time to go throu and your child will always be in your heart…I hve been searching for I don’t know how long on this subject..cancer..well since my mother departed with it and of course chemo did help tremendiously for her early leaving..
    I found ttac.,and was thrilled about what I have heard all along…and also have seen several clips on you tube with Thierry Casasnovas and Iren Grosjean…so I have also asked lyself the same question you hve bout toddler. Being lready sick with cancer or else…so I asked and the answer was this..
    The child is born with What the mother and father gives him when conceived…they even say that they analysed what was in the birth cord and they found a big amount of pesticides heavy metals and so reality which shouldn’t have been their to began with…
    Well that is not only the parents fault is the environment and so on……..and that is the way most deseases happen for smal children..their immunity isn’t strong enough to fight back …but there is several ways to help those children….as we can read in ttac….and other plces as therry Casasnovas, with Robert Morse ..etc. Those people who can, help to put back on their feet those children…..
    But I don’t want you to think you could have done better. You did what you knew what to do ….you gave all your trust to those doctors who didn’t know better most of them at least…just like,we did with our mother…and yes ..I am still mad about being so ignorant about nature ..about not realising that we can do a lot better with our body and the very powerful nature we are made of.
    And specially about ..a lot of docs…knowing..that what they were doing wasn’t the solution they knew where it led to……
    But it isn’t now the place and purpose to keep mad about what has been …there is a better thing to do now is to try to do better for us and others….
    And on the other hand…there is also the Divin reason for things to happen like it did…or will….all we can do is our best….
  247. Not sure that I believe this article. While I do know that it is true that CPS can step in in the case of medical neglect or abuse, I have never seen it happen in four years of working with Protective Services. What about the idea that parents have control over their children’s medical care until the age of 18. If parents are a particular religion, the state does not step in and order medicine if it goes against the religious beliefs of the family. If this is no longer true, then where do parental rights begin and end. I do not believe this article with the possible exception of very limited special cases that also involve treatment like drinking witch’s brew or some such silly thing.
  248. Marian (March 11, 2016 at 4:10 PM) – You’d better believe it chuck. You obviously haven’t seen TTAC – A Worldwide Quest. I don’t recall the episode in question, or the name of the guy concerned, but his personal testimony was more than credible, and it was all he could do to hold back the tears while he recounted the whole sorry episode in horrific blow-by-blow detail. The only thing that saved him from completely breaking down in front of camera was regular breaks to sip from an over-sized paper cup of what appeared to be some kinda soda pop. Neat Scotch might have served him better under the circumstances considering the level of distress in evidence as he recounted his story, but I guess the deleterious effects of a stronger drink might have rendered him unintelligible by the end of his ‘piece to camera’.
    But seriously, I don’t think Ty would have stooped so low as to fabricate such a story simply to prove a point, and if it was all faked, the guy deserves an Oscar in any event. I don’t recall all the details of his experience of the enforcement wing of big pharma, but if memory serves, the story revolves around his daughter’s forcible treatment at the hands of an oppressive state bureaucracy, which included (inter alia) the threat of her abduction if he resisted their ‘intervention’. He could not ignore their threats, which of course were backed by the force of law. Thankfully, his daughter survived the trauma of her forcible poisoning by them thanks to the timely administration of some alternative protocols. But for the detox benefits afforded her by these protocols, she could well have ended up as just another statistic of ‘the system’.
    If the poor girl had died at the hands of these butchers, do you seriously imagine for one moment that it would occasion much more than a raised eyebrow, or that a single person would be held accountable for her death? Because if you do, then you should consider the possibility that it might be you who is in denial here. But if she died in a Mexican hospital that practiced any of the many alternative treatments, just watch the state apparatus go into overdrive as soon as her body was repatriated in an attempt to prosecute her parents on the grounds of child neglect. Please, this is rank hypocrisy on a monumental scale, and it must not be allowed to stand. The death toll by now from these so-called ‘treatments’ must number in the hundreds of millions at least. How many more must die before this insanity is brought to an end?
  249. All Cancer is is anaerobic metabolism. In the anaerobic mode it feeds off of sugar and gives off lactic acid. Body tissues in the anaerobic mode no longer go through the normal dying off cycle of normal body tissue called apoptosis, but still go through mitosis, cell division, resulting in that particular mass becoming larger and larger…Cancer.
    In the Anaerobic mode the cells no longer give out carbon dioxide and hemoglobin will not release the oxygen it carries without first receiving carbon dioxide so that aerobic metabolism and apoptosis is impossible. Other body fluids can be induced to carry enough oxygen to cause apoptosis. For instance cancer has been cured by victims contracting another disease that causes their body temperature to raise.
    Using, this protocol, Cancer is easily cured and elimination of sugar will reduce it’s prevailance.