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THE DOCTORS: Dr. Jose "Mengele" Barrios







This is the doctor who recklessly and relentlessly insisted on performing a colonoscopy on our son.  I have the recording of our appointment with him...somewhere. 

But I don't want to wait to post this any longer, and have Drs. Woodruff and Johnson be like, "Hey, what about Barrios? He too bore false witness on you and your family."


Not only that: I discovered a direct business relationship between Rocky Mountain Pediatric Gastroenterology and the judge in our case, the Honorable Thomas Loewen Kennedy (ret.).

Hizzonah Kennedy ruled the kangaroo court that facilitated the wrongful removal of our children; he knew about the near-fatal incidence of malpractice at Childrens Hospital in Colorado Springs and did not give a damn. After I stated on the record that I had discovered a conflict of interest, Kennedy abruptly announced his retirement...right after having been re-elected to the bench.

Dr. Barrios "prescribes" MiraLAX like it's Kool-Aid.  Though his MiraLAX cleanout was ineffective, Barrios even so was so anxious to shove a camera up my son's butt and make that money, he didn't care that my son's intestines were still full of stool.

But I cared -- A LOT.

Barrios reported that I was medically neglecting my son when I refused to consent to the colonoscopy procedure, and testified in court that I suffered from Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy.

Run the other way if you see this one coming.

THE DOCTORS: Dr. Charles "Judas" Johnson, DO

no doubt for a bit more than 30 lousy silver coins
I trusted Dr. Johnson for our family physician for a decade.

My son had a puzzling condition
misdiagnosed by several doctors over three years.
Only to turn --
He was the second of the three doctors who lied in court & helped cover up malpractice at Children's Hospital of Colorado.

He helped them take my children from me.

And after ten years together as my family's "care team"
followed by two years of utter devastation without my children
if I could ask him just one question
It would be this:



click here for link to original story.

Back-Alley Butcher?

'Script Peddler?

Or Family Practitioner?

You be the judge.

Dr. Charles L. Johnson practices in Colorado, and has been repeatedly in trouble with the medical board. His original disciplinary actions were regarding abortion patients. Evidently he decided that he was getting into to much trouble as an abortionist. He opened a family practice.

The medical board faulted Johnson with his care of a patient they identify as "B.H." To avoid depersonalizing her, I'll refer to her as "Brandy".

Brandy was 32 years old and 22 to 23 weeks pregnant when she underwent an abortion by Johnson on February 5, 1990. Johnson did not discuss Brandy's medical history with her, nor did he obtain informed consent. He didn't record observations of Brandy's pre-operative emotional or mental state. He didn't perfrom an ultrasound, a physical examination, blood or other testing, or take Brandy's vital signs prior to the abortion. He didn't discuss the risks of general anesthesia, but recommended it based on the gestation age.

Brandy was ill the day of the abortion. Johnson didn't record the method used to dilate her cervix, nor did he record the dosage or type of anesthesia. He didn't record who administered the anesthesia, or if there was an IV in place. There was no record of Brandy's vital signs during the abortion.

Johnson's notes did indicate that he chose a suction aspiration method for Brandy's abortion, which is an inappropriate method for a 22-week pregnancy.

The post-abortion note indicates uterine atony and a blood pressure of 90/60 -- but doesn not note the time this was observed. Brandy's pulse was recorded as 100, but again there was no mention of the time or of who made this observation.

Brandy was discharged before her vital signs could be documented as normal and stable. Brandy was bleeding profusely and was unable to walk unaided to the car.

Though Johnson knew that Brandy was returning by private car to Florence from Colorado Springs (circa 40 miles by map), he failed to provide written post-operative instructions or emergency contact persons.

Brandy arrived at an emergency room at 1:40 am with profuse bleeding. She was in shock, with no measurable blood pressure. Brandy treatment including four units of blood. (Stipulation and Final Agency Order; complaint by Attorney General of Colorado)


The medical board also faulted Johnson for his care of a patient they identify as "J.T." I'll call her "Jolene".

Jolene underwent an abortion by Johnson on February 20, 1990. The health history form, presumably completed by Jolene, indicated a history of high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, toxemia and C-section in prior pregnancy. There was no record that these conditions were noted elsewhere or discussed with Jolene prior to proceeding with the abortion.

Jolene's pregnancy was determined to be 22 weeks by date. Johnson's records do not show counseling or informed consent or observation of pre-operative mental or emotional state. Johnson did not perform an ultrasound, physical examination, or blood and other tests. There was no note that Jolene's vital signs were taken prior to the abortion.

Jolene's pre-operative, intraoperative, and post-operative charts were incomplete and inadequate. Johnson failed to note the method of dilation of Jolene's cervix, dosage or type of anesthesia, personnel administering anesthesia, and whether an IV was in place. There was no note of the identity of nurses or other assisting personnel.

The records indicate that Johnson performed a suction abortion, which was an incorrect method for a 22-week pregnancy. The records document a cervical tear and repair, but fail to record the amount of blood loss. Johnson likewise failed to record the time or duration of post-abortion observation or by whom Jolene was observed> There were no readings of vital signs during the post-operative period.
Jolene was discharged without any recorded follow-up or emergency care instructions, and without noting vital signs stable and normal.

The next day Jolene was taken by ambulance to a hospital, in shock secondary to blood loss post-abortion. Doctors diagnosed tachycardia (racing pulse) and hematoma. Hospital staff noted laceration of Jolene's uterus, extended deep into her pelvis. The end of Jolene's ovarian vein was lacerated and tied. Hospital staff also noted kinking of Jolene's ureter by the suture Johnson used to repair her cervix. (Stipulation and Final Agency Order; complaint by Colorado Attorney General)


Regarding abortion patients B.H., J.T., V.F., I.M., and K.S., treated during 1990-91: the medical board "possesses a prima facie case that certain aspects of Respondent's care ... constitute two or more acts or omissions which fail to meet generally-accepted standards of medical practice." (Stipulation and Final Agency Order)

"For the year 1990, respondent reports three complications for 134 second trimester abortions performed. His major complication rate ... is approximately 10 times the standard of care for this procedure." Johnson was placed on probation by the medical board from August 21, 1992 until May 31, 1995 due to complaints of acts or omissions failing to meet generally-accepted standards of medical practice. (Complaint by Attorney General; Stipulation and Final Agency Order, Colorado Board of Medical Examiners)


The medical board faulted Johnson for his care of a woman they identify as "Patient A". I'll refer to her as "Arlene".  Arlene was a patient at Johnson's Family Medicine Practice. Arlene was given numerous prescriptions for medications including Diazepam, Flurazepam, Xanax, Morphine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodeme, Tylenol with Codeine, Paxil, Celexa, and Soma. "These drugs, with varying regularity, were prescribed for at least thirteen and one-half months, January 2003 through February 2004" by various doctors at Johnson's office. For all these prescriptions, Arlene was seen only once by Johnson and five times by other doctors in the practice. Johnson's name was on 27 of the prescriptions, almost all of which were refills or renewals of previous prescriptions.

In October of 2003, Dr. C., one of the doctors in Johnson's practice, got a call from Arlene's daughter, informing him that Arlene had been hospitalized for three weeks in August and September, and was put in a nursing home for a short time, due to a possible overdose of her medications. Dr. C. put a note that Arlene wasn't to be given any more prescriptions for Valium or pain medication until she was seen again in the office.

Johnson last saw Arlene on January 28, 2004. He noted that she was being treated for major depression, but there was no note of a psychological examination, her psychiatric history, or notes about whether she was suicidal. Johnson's last contact with Arlene was a phone call on February 17, 2004. At that time, Johnson prescribed Soma, a muscle relaxant.

Arlene died February 20, 2004, from mixed drug intoxication from prescription medications.


THE DOCTORS: Dr. 'Ducky' Woodruff Says, "Quack!"


This pretty face gives a black eye to the entire medical profession.

 "Dr." Samantha Woodruff...

...a rotten apple that fell straight from the Children's Hospital tree.

'Ducky' Woodruff was the first of the three doctors who falsely testified against us in court.

The truth is that our court case was an artificial construct, the purpose of which was to shut me up AND cover up HER OWN hospital hogwash and hokum

It was HER nonsense and fluffenstuff that
nearly killed my son  
right in front of my face --

-- and then SHE deliberately and with malice aforethought aided and abetted in what she knew was the wrongful removal of BOTH of my children --  

Insult to Injury:  During her perjured performance, Ducky actually had the nerve to look me in the eye all La-Di-Dah from the stand and wax poetic on "The Art of Medicine."

Well Guess What Doc?  I'm a waxer, too.

QUESTION:  What kind of pediatric gastroenterologist tells parents "poop" is "kinda gross"? 

ANSWER:  The shitty kind.

WoodruffFrankly, if *I* was Dr. Rona "Bling" Norelius, it would really piss me off and embarrass me to hear how often her homely star-struck co-hort drops her name as she goes jittering from one bed to another, misdiagnosing children.

Parents, PLEASE do not allow ANY doctor to hypothesize that your child is making himself or herself ill.

But this one -- her face is unforgettable: if your child is sick, and you see her coming, RUN!

TIP: Gaze intently into this chatterbox's face whilst listening to her trademark babble-quack.


Dr. Samantha Woodruff, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
scooping on poop bedside at
Children's Hospital Memorial, Colorado Springs
January 27, 2014

Samantha Woodruff , MD

Assistant Professor, Pediatrics-Gastroenterology
Specialties: Pediatrics, Pediatric Gastroenterology

Conditions & Treatments:
  • Digestive System
  • Digestive System - Colonoscopy
  • Digestive System - Gastroenterology (Stomach, Bowel, General GI Problems)
  • Digestive System - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, microscopic colitis
  • Digestive System - Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Digestive System - Surgical Endoscopy
  • Food, Nutrition and Metabolism - Nutrition
  • Symptoms and Manifestations - Abdominal Pain
  • Symptoms and Manifestations - Heartburn
  • Symptoms and Manifestations - Nausea and Vomiting
General Information
Gender: Female
Language: English
Education and Training
Medical Schools
MD, Tufts University School of Medicine (2003)

Undergraduate Schools
BS, Tufts University (MA) (1997)

University of Colorado (Children's Hospital Colorado) Program (2004)

Residency Program
University of Colorado (Children's Hospital Colorado) Program, Pediatrics (2006)

University of Colorado (Children's Hospital Colorado) Program, Pediatrics - Pediatric Gastroenterology (2009)

Specialty Information
Pediatrics, Board Certification
Pediatrics - Pediatric Gastroenterology, Board Certification

Practice Locations
Hospital Affiliation
Children's Hospital Colorado
Memorial Health System

Clinical Location
Children's Hospital Colorado Outpatient Specialty Care
4125 Briargate Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Job Titles
Academic - Assistant Professor

Department, Section / Division
Pediatrics, Pediatrics-Gastroenterology

Professional Memberships
American Gastroenterological Association - Member
North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition - Member
Information for Referring Providers
Hospital Affiliation
Children's Hospital Colorado
Memorial Health System

Clinical Location: Colorado Springs - Children's Hospital Colorado Outpatient Specialty Care

Office Phone: 719-305-9030



Rona Norelius , MD

Assistant Professor, Surgery-Pediatric Surgery
Clinic Phone: 719-305-9035

Specialties: Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Texas Medical, Colorado Medical

Location: Colorado Springs - Children's Hospital Colorado Outpatient Specialty Care

Clinical Interest for Patients: My focus is on providing the best and most compassionate surgical care to pediatric patients with problems that may include chest wall deformities, chest masses, pediatric cancer, inguinal hernias, undescended testicles, branchial clefts, and neonatal congenital deformities
General Information
Gender: Female
Language: English
Care Philosophy: My whole focus is excellent and compassionate clinical care. I believe that caring excellently for my pediatric patients mandates an attitude of lifelong learning as well as open communication with and involvement of families and caregivers.
Personal Interests: In my spare time, I enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery by biking, hiking and skiing.
Public Speaking: yes
Volunteer Activities: I am honored and excited to be involved in training general and pediatric surgeons in Sub-Saharan Africa. I am privileged to spend one month each year in Cameroon, and am actively involved with an organization that seeks to train 100 general surgeons to practice in Africa by 2020.
Education and Training
Medical Schools
MD, Baylor College of Medicine (2004)

Undergraduate Schools
BA, University of Texas–Austin (TX) (1998)

Residency Program
University of Rochester Program, Surgery (2009)

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Program, Pediatrics - Pediatric Surgery (2011)

Specialty Information
Surgery, Board Certification (2010)
Pediatrics - Pediatric Surgery, Board Certification (2012)
Texas Medical, License (2010)
Colorado Medical, License (2011)

Conditions & Treatments:
  • Cancers - Cancer Surgery
  • Cancers - Leukemia (Childhood)
  • Cancers - Sarcoma
  • Cancers - Testicular Cancer
  • Child and Teen Health - Children's Health
  • Child and Teen Health - Infant and Toddler Health
  • Child and Teen Health - Pediatric Diseases and Conditions
  • Digestive System - Biliary Surgery
  • Digestive System - Gastrointestinal Surgery
  • Digestive System - Hepatology (Liver Disorders)
  • Digestive System - Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, microscopic colitis
  • Digestive System - Pancreas Surgery
  • Digestive System - Surgical Endoscopy
  • Failed Prior Surgery
  • Injuries and Wounds
  • Injuries and Wounds - Wounds
  • Surgery - Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery
  • Surgery - Trauma and Acute Care
  • Surgery - Urologic Surgery
  • Symptoms and Manifestations - Abdominal Pain

Practice Locations
Hospital Affiliation
University of Colorado Hospital
Memorial Health System

Clinical Location
Children's Hospital Colorado Outpatient Specialty Care
4125 Briargate Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Job Titles
Academic - Assistant Professor

Affiliated Schools / Colleges
School of Medicine

Department, Section / Division
Surgery, Surgery-Pediatric Surgery

Center Affiliations
Center for Children's Surgery

Recognition & Awards
University of Rochester, Alpha Omega Alpha (2008)

University of Rochester, Chief resident teaching award (2009)

Colorado Springs Style Magazine, TOP DOC (2013)
voted one of the best pediatric surgeons by peers

Colorado Springs Style Magazine, TOP DOC (2014)
voted one of the best pediatric surgeons by peers

Children's Hospital Colorado, Outstanding service award (2014)

Professional Memberships
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FAAP) - Specialty Fellow - section on surgery
American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) - candidate member
Information for Referring Providers
Clinical Interests for Referring Providers: Full spectrum of pediatric surgical care including neonatal surgery, chest wall deformities, inguinal hernias, undescended testicles, surgical oncology, thoracic surgery, branchial cleft cysts and pediatric trauma.

Hospital Affiliation
University of Colorado Hospital
Memorial Health System

Clinical Location: Colorado Springs - Children's Hospital Colorado Outpatient Specialty Care

Clinic Phone: 719-305-9035


Ok, friends:

Anschutz bought the Broadmoor and an Oklahoma newspaper for cash, right?  He's the owner of the Gazette, right?  According to a source, the Anschutz family has ties to the Penrose family that goes back to 1950...way back...he's friends with Bill Hybl, the USOC is probably deep inside his jock-strap, and has funneled all kinds of money into the Romney campaign.

And he's the owner of the absolutely hellish Children's Hospital of Colorado, right?  The same hospital that nearly killed my son as I helplessly looked  on...and then machinated to silence me from complaining about their shoddy medical treatment by having both of our children wrongfully removed from our care.  COVER UP!

He's all involved in sports...and oil drilling and fracking and trains and politics as well...every one of my own pet peeve projects in Colorado Springs.

As far as I am concerned, Memorial Hospital is a bad place.  Children's Hospital of Colorado is a bad outfit.  And Anschutz is the head. 

What if Phillip Anschutz is NOT Dudley Do Right, and is snidely whiplashing the City of Colorado Springs to his traintrack?


Posted by


The Dark Seeds of Hypocrisy: Introducing "christian" Billionaire Philip Anschutz, The Devil's Wealthy Secret Friend!

The Dark Seeds of Hypocrisy: Introducing "christian" Billionaire Philip Anschutz, The Devil's Wealthy Secret Friend! Christian Billionaire Promoting Human Embryonic Stem Cell Researcher Amgen, Gambling Casinos, and Pedophile Music King Michael Jackson - While he dupes Christians with his productions of the Chronicles of Narnia movies!

Philip Anschutz has funded every powerbroker in the Republican Party, from George Bush to Rick Santorum, and from Marilyn Musgrave to giving thousands of dollars to Mormon Cult leader Mitt Romney. Anschutz has also been a member of the secretive college fraternity Sigma Chi along with numerous Mormon Cult leaders like the Jon Huntsman Clan of Utah.

Anschutz, also known as the Christian billionaire, has earned his reputation as a "christian" billionaire via his funding of numerous cultural conservative initiatives like Colorado's 1992 Amendment 2, a ballot initiative designed to overturn local and state laws that prohibit discrimination against individuals on the basis of sexual orientation but was invalidated by Romer v. Evans after it passed. Anschutz has timed his initiatives, much like the cronies of the National Organization for Marriage have done in recent years, by turning out the voters to help institutional Republicans who are on the ballot at the same time as the initiatives.

Philip Anschutz is also the money train behind Walden Media which creates the Chronicles of Narnia movies and is producing the upcoming latest installment of the C. S. Lewis series, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." Anschutz's bank account is flush with millions of dollars thanks to Christians who have bought tickets to the Chronicles of Narnia movies.

Is Philip Frederick Anschutz a Lion, a witch, or both?

However, Christians are about to get a shocking wake up call as it relates to their long time relationship with Philip Anschutz. In fact, pro-lifers may find themselves outraged when they find out about the dark and hypocritical side to "christian" billionaire Philip Anschutz.

Welcome to the dark kingdom of Philip Anschutz. AEG is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. AEG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company. It was AEG who was sponsoring the planned global concerts in 2009 for pedophile Michael Jackson when he overdosed and died in his California mansion. With a history of hurting little boys and promoting perverted entertainment, Michael Jackson is the last person any true Christian would be promoting to the kids of the world.

Philip Anschutz didn't mind the crotch grabbing of the King of Pop or Jackson's $25 million bribe of a young boy he sexually molested to keep the boy and his family quiet. For "christian" billionaire Philip Anschutz, Michael Jackson was just another means to get those dollars into his bank account so that he could fund more "family values" initiatives during upcoming elections.

Michael Jackson isn't the only vice that Anschutz's companies have been engaging in. The filthy rich hypocrite has also been involved in promoting the global gambling industry. Anschutz's investment in the Millennium Dome in London, (through his company Anschutz Entertainment Group now The O2) has resulted in his involvement in controversy related to the possible influence of former British Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott in the award of the "super casino" license by the British government. Anschutz knows Prescott personally, having had him as a guest for a two-night stay at Anschutz's ranch in 2005 and footing the bill for hospitality and gifts. In January 2007, the "Super Casino" license was awarded to a group in Manchester, rather than to Blackpool or London. Anschutz spent £50 million on the MEN arena and the winner of the casino licence is a close ally of Anschutz, Sol Kerzner.

While his claims of being a "christian" via his funding of Republican candidates like Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania have been used by Anschutz to convince Christians to support his nationwide conservative agenda, Anschutz's true agenda of spiritual fornication is finally coming to light. Anschutz's company AEG is the sponsor of the2010 Amgen Tour of California, a Tour de France-style cycling road race.

Amgen is one of the biggest biotech research companies in the world that is involved in the extermination of human embryos for embryonic stem cell research. Amgen was at the forefront of the passage of the Prop. 71, the 2004 California ballot initiative that authorized $3 billion in taxpayer funded bonds for the establishment of a Nazi-style human embryo extermination and experimentation system in the state.

WSJ Expose of Philip Anschutz and his Leaking Tax Shelter: When a Popular Tax Shelter Springs a Leak

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MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WEEK: Memorial vote shelved


 a shiver runs through me

a spirit pulls soft at a strand of the web

he sighs with relief, and then whispers 

"shell game"

I dunno what it means, 

But let's keep a close eye on this one, folks.

Like I said...I continue to be haunted by this piece of music, and could not find rest until I posted the words to the song. 
I included as well all of the text on the page where I found the lyrics.

-- spydra

 * * * * * * *

Hustle or Magic Trick?  
The shell game can trace its roots back to the origin of magic, through Cups and Balls. 
Harry's version needs no patter, 
dialog can only spoil the splendid acapella take on Scott Joplin's "Solace."

Long ago in the wilderness lived a man whose journey was endless.

The wanderer came upon a village in Mexico.
His vision was blurred, he couldn't see quite which way to go.
The blades of the sun in the cloudless keep threw shadows on men under brims asleep.

The wanderer drank then rested under a shady tree.
All eyes upon him, who could this golden haired stranger be?
The children came and gathered close, while watching his every move.

He began to play, 
on a little bamboo piccolo pickin' out insects and bird-songs, calls of the wild.

And the children saw
many little creature kind of things walking around entranced by the sound of the music.

He then made the creatures disappear.
The people stood back inside in fear.
A saint, or a magician - who was he, and from where?

Strolling, the wanderer passed along the alleys and viewing halls
The crowd followed him, bewildered, on by the market stalls.
He came to a place where a beggar sat, with his wooden bowl on a threadbare mat.

The wanderer gave his piccolo to the beggar and
he spoke in a tongue that no-one knew or could understand.
The beggar blew upon the flute and he smiled like a child.

Come dance in the village and the people called him strange one.
The priest with golden hair [like the sun], the strange walk [who would care] for a man.
And soon they were showing without love and without knowing,
a change, very small, to each other, something like his way.

Then the carnival came and the candles would flame in the coconut sky.
And there was dancing and song, candles moving along, and we watched them go by.
Then the beggar man's flute led the band on its route by the cold village square.

And with the coming of dawning, with no-one to see, yes the wanderer left silently.

This song affected me deeply, it speaks to me about who I am, committing random acts of kindness, medicine of joy, dispensed like candy. For many years I sought a copy, and where to get one was the last question I had for Harry, but I don't think he would have any idea. But I knew the show in which it appeared, and one Christmas my wife surprised me with a VHS copy of "Hello Sucker!" excerpted above.

Here are more details of the arrangement ...Thanks to Charles A Hill for the lead.

The Wanderer (Solace)

Swingle II (The Second Incarnation of the Swingle Singers)
LP: Rags And All That Jazz (1975)

Composer: Scott Joplin (Solace - A Mexican Serenade, 1909)
Lyrics: Tony Vincent Isaacs
Arrangement: Ward Swingle

Singers: Olive Simpson, Catherine Bott (sopranos)
Carol Hall, Linda Hirst (mezzo sopranos)
John Potter, Ward Swingle (tenors)
John Lubbock, David Beavan (basses)
Players: Patrick Gowers, Allan Walley, Tony McVey



Name:Dr. Disney Wizard
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Beauty is all around us, one needs only to notice. Treasure each word of your children, they are inspirational jewels every one. Not one complete conversation one has with an adult can match the sparkle of a child's original thought.

You may notice many duplicate videos, indeed they are stereo pairs, and when played together, provide stereo sound. But most importantly, left and right pairs are 3D when viewed together (I won't do that for you, it's an intelligence test.)

About Me: I am the sea, all mighty rivers flow to me. I am the world's champion of humility. I am usually not in, but I know the answers to life's most challenging questions, if only I could take my own advice I might be more often in.

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Books:Equipment Manuals... science journals, NOVA transcriptlizs, writing interactive novels.

xo T3 xo

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MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WEEK: Physicians Heal Thyselves


"Physician Heal Thyself" (1992) - Joe Coleman

 * * * * * * * *

After three years of struggling with our ten-year-old son's illness and being told it was behavioral, I took our son to Children's Hospital Memorial in Colorado Springs, Colorado for an answer to his abrupt and unexplained change in stooling habits.  I stayed by his side all twelve days he was there.
  • Each of the MANY "health professionals" who treated my son seemed more clueless than the last.
  • All insisted upon the physiologically-impossible explanation that my son was "holding in his poop" and tried hard to insinuate he was overly-anxious and autistic.
  • They kept my son on a clear liquid diet the entire time he was there, yet refused to allow me to eat...telling me I either had to go home or brown-bag it.
  • They seemed unconcerned that my son grew dangerously thin and vomited green bile the entire time he was in their care.
  • They theorized my son had withheld his stool until it had become hard and difficult to pass... but seemed unfazed when what they discovered was "an enormous ball of soft poop just sitting there in his colon."
  • They placed my son under general anesthesia four times.
  • The many, many tests and procedures they performed on my son did nothing to enlighten them.
  • I did not feel free to take my son and flee their dangerous, shoddy care, and was too afraid to leave his side for fear of what they might do to him while I was away.
  • A careless nurse nearly killed my son right in front of my face with a medication error, a terrifying sight which is permanently etched on my inner vision.
  • The very next day, they discharged him with a diagnosis of "viral gastritis."
  • They reported me to Child Protective Services in order to cover up the many mistakes they made on my son.
  • Dr. Samantha Woodruff, Pediatric Gastroenterologist/Associate Professor of Gastroenterology, falsely testified that I suffered from Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy and had done something to deliberately sicken my son.
  • They helped remove my children from my care in order to silence me and stop me from complaining about the horribly inept care he received at this hospital.
The fact that the special Colorectal and Complex Pelvic Floor Disorders Program at Children's Hospital Colorado MAKES ZERO MENTION OF GASTROINTESTINAL HELICOBACTER INFECTIONS, is very, very troubling.  Our son contracted h. Heilmannii from the cat-kisses of a kitten we'd taken into our home three years earlier -- it inflamed his gastric mucosa, constricting his intestines and causing a small bowel obstruction; it is easily treated with a "proton pak" -- a 21-day regimen of amoxicillin, clarithromycin and a stomach-acid reducer.

Anorectal Biofeedback Probes,
used to treat "behavioral withholding"
My son's illness was never and at no time behavioral.  It took eight weeks after finishing his medicine before he abruptly began to stool normally again...but thanks to the quacks at Children's Hospital Memorial in Colorado Springs, his positive blood test result for h. Heilmannii and the medicine he had taken were dismissed as superfluous; his return to good health was attributed to his removal from me, his mother...and they colluded with the El Paso County Department of Human Services to remove my beloved children from my care.  

My husband and I got a jury trial, and it was awful; three doctors testilied against us, and none of the attorneys involved on either side were sufficiently medically astute to effectively question or cross examine; none of our exculpatory evidence was ever presented -- not one shred, and we had LOTS that proved beyond any doubt that we had done nothing wrong; the 'preponderance of the evidence' standard is an easy win when only one side presents any...and allowing our son to testify was never even considered by a single one of these esteemed "officers of the court."

The court had a 'plant' on the jury panel, pretending to be an engineer: but we recorded all of the proceedings -- including the recesses -- and learned that during the ten-minute breaks and lunch, this juror was actually an attorney who conferred with the DA, GAL and even our own court-appointed lackeys, er, I mean attorneys. The judge allowed the entire jury panel -- including the alternate -- to deliberate the verdict; the deliberation occurred over the lunch was ordered, and the judge lunched with the jurors, so that he could be on hand to answer any questions that might arise.

My husband and I stood for the verdict that of course adjudicated our children dependent and neglected -- and just like that, our three day ordeal in court was over, just in time for everyone to get a head-start on the three-day Labor Day weekend; we were left standing in a virtual wasteland feeling like we had been brutally gang-raped, while the caseworker cows tittered and mooed and made plans to celebrate their 'win' that night at happy hour.

The court abetted in the malfeasance and malpractice of the negligence of the yahoos at Children's Hospital Memorial in Colorado Springs, Colorado, who nearly took my son's life.
Their treatment plan requires my husband and I to draft and sign a statement absolving the doctors of any and all wrong-doing, to personally take accountability for medically neglecting our son, and to divorce after 24 years of marriage.  Law & Order, Matlock it sure wasn't and our trust in the legal system and doctors has been altered for life.

Twenty months later, and they are still gone; I have been permitted ZERO contact with my children since December 26, 2014...and it hurts hurts me so bad...

Doctors take an oath to "do no harm" but when it came to my son, the doctors at Children's Hospital Memorial in Colorado Springs broke their Hippocratic oath; they hurt him physically and nearly cost him his life, and were so anxious to conceal their manifold mistakes that it didn't matter and they didn't care if it meant covering their asses with my family.

There are some wounds that time never heals, some furies that never fade, some voids that can never be filled.  My heart and soul will bleed and seethe over this injustice, and I will live with the emptiness of their absence until they day my children are returned to my care, or until the day I die -- whichever comes first.  Until then, I will spend the remainder of my days on earth warning others about our nightmare, in hopes of sparing another child and family the pain and sorrow we've endured after making the mistake of taking my son to this ghoulish institution and entrusting his tender life to these monstrous physicians.

* * * * * * * *

Treatment for Kids with Colorectal Disorders and Bowel Incontinence

The Colorectal and Complex Pelvic Floor Disorders Program at Children's Colorado evaluates and treats children with conditions that affect bowel control. Children visit the Program from birth to 21 years of age.

Kids born with conditions like anorectal malformation, Hirschsprung's disease, or who have experienced tumors or trauma in the pelvis may have bowl accidents even if he or she had surgery earlier in life.

Experts at Children’s Colorado understand that this issue affects all areas of a child’s and parent’s life. When a child cannot control his or her bowel movements, parents can feel anxious in social situations. The Program at Children’s Colorado helps parents improve their child’s and family’s quality of life.

What to expect from the Colorectal and Complex Floor Disorders Program

If your child has been diagnosed with a condition at birth and is struggling with incontinence (bowel accidents), the first step is to make an appointment with the Program. During your visit, a pediatric surgeon will complete an evaluation and discuss your child’s full medical history.
Specialists address any additional heart, spine and urinary health challenges your child may be having.

Initial evaluations do not include any invasive testing. Additional x-rays, MRI, ultrasounds or a contrast enema may be needed later in the treatment process. Children’s Colorado performs all testing on site.

The goal of the first visit is to identify the cause of his or her symptoms. At the end of the visit, we will provide a treatment plan tailored specifically to your child’s needs.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado?

The most experienced pediatric colorectal program in the western United States

Our dedicated team of surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners and physician assistants make up the most experienced program in the western half of the United States, treating children born with colorectal conditions who have bowel accidents. We treat kids from our local communities in Colorado, the entire Rocky Mountain region and as far away as Louisiana. This program supports, counsels and provides management options for families struggling with incontinence.

Access to specialists from multiple departments

We are dedicated to helping your child achieve optimal bowel function and to improving your child's physical and social quality of life. Specialists that your child may see include:

Conditions we treat

  • Anorectal malformations or imperforate anus
  • Cloacal anomaly/cloacal extrophy
  • Hirschsprung's disease
  • Pelvic tumors
  • Pelvic trauma
  • Incontinence, or bowel accidents and soiling, due to spina bifida, neurogenic bowel, tethered spinal cord, and sacral agenesis
If you are unsure if your child has one of the above conditions, consult your pediatrician or contact us.

Treatment options we offer

Our Program offers many treatment options for patients, including:

Bowel Management Week

We offer a week-long bowel management program called Bowel Management Week. The goal is for children of potty-training age to achieve bowel control in social situations.

Colorectal surgery

Colorectal surgery is an operation on the large intestine, colon or rectum.

Types of colorectal surgeries we perform:

  • Pull-through (PSARP): a surgery performed with minimally invasive techniques to create a working anus and rectum.
  • Anoplasty: a surgery that brings back function of the rectum.
  • Bowel resection: removal of all or part of the intestine.
  • Antegrade Continence Enema (ACE): a long-term option that allows children to give their own enemas through an opening in the abdominal wall to relieve constipation or cleanse the bowel.
  • Cecostomy: a tube is placed in the large intestine to flush out waste. A cecostomy is a lifelong option for some patients. This is not a common treatment option; please speak with a specialist about your child's treatment plan.
  • Rectal biopsy: the removal of rectal tissue for testing.
  • Surgical revision for children: surgery for children who have had surgery as babies; this is not a treatment option for all patients.

Emotional support for patients and families

  • A parent support group meets every other month at Children’s Colorado’s on Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. Please contact us for more information.
  • A clinical psychologist counsels and supports patients and families who are struggling with a new diagnosis, having a difficult time providing care, experiencing teasing or bullying at school and other similar problems.

Pediatric urologists care for kids with bladder problems

Children with colorectal and complex pelvic floor disorders may also have kidney and bladder problems. As part of the Program, the pediatric urology department evaluates children regularly. 
  • Pediatric urologists perform non-invasive bladder function tests with state-of-the-art video cystometrograms and will see children until they have full bladder control.
  • Pediatric urologists help minimize urinary tract infections and kidney damage.
  • Many children have genital differences that pediatric urologists evaluate and treat when necessary.

Resources for patients and families

Contact us

For more information on the Colorectal and Complex Pelvic Floor Disorders Program, please call 720-777-6571 or e-mail the care team at