Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rik Clay, Part I

originally posted 3/13/2011; 
i'm re-running this in recognition of the upcoming olympics and mitt romney's connection to them

This gifted and insightful researcher purportedly took his own life shortly after this interview at age 26; his blog vanished from the internet the same day.

If you have the time, stamina and attention-span, this is simply a must-view.

Rik Clay, Part II

Rik Clay, part I is essentially his build-up & background material;
Part II is essentially his prophesy.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ron Paul is RomneyObama's Monster

Ron Paul's Maine, Nevada, and Iowa Victories (Despite Romney Dirty Tricks)
Brian Doherty | May 6, 2012

As Ron Paul's much-vaunted, little-understood "delegate strategy" continues, he wins yet another state (far too late to get media credit or momentum for it), Maine. That is, "wins" as in, the majority of delegates from that state seem set to vote for him at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August. AP with the newsy details:

Ron Paul supporters took control of the Maine Republican Convention and elected a majority slate supporting the Texas congressman to the GOP national convention, party officials said. The results gave the Texas congressman a late state victory.

In votes leading to the close of the two-day Maine convention, Paul supporters were elected to 21 of the 24 delegate spots from Maine to the GOP national convention in Tampa, Fla. The 24th delegate's seat goes to party Chairman Charles Webster, who has remained uncommitted throughout the process.

Making the Paul takeover complete was the election of Paul supporters to a majority of the state committee seats.....Romney won the February straw poll with 39 percent of the vote to Paul's 36 percent. Rick Santorum trailed with 18 percent and Newt Gingrich got 6 percent.

The story says that Romney's people aren't afraid Paul can stymie their victory, but are "mindful not to do or say anything that might anger Paul's loyal supporters." A Maine Paul fan insists she found a secret Romney supporter distributing fake slates of Paul-leaning delegates. The same is reported from Nevada, where Paul also won the most delegates this weekend (though they are bound by party rules to vote for Romney anyway), more details on that below.

*The Des Moines Register sums up the situation going out of Iowa as of now (though it ain't over yet):
The majority of Iowans on the list to go to Tampa for the GOP national convention could be aligned with Ron Paul, a presidential candidate who represents a movement focused on limited government and constitutional principles.

Of the 13 delegates and 13 alternates nominated Saturday for the national convention in Florida, just one has publicly endorsed Mitt Romney for president: Gov. Terry Branstad. And just three others publicly supported Rick Santorum, who won the Iowa caucuses but is no longer in the race.

The national delegate slate is far from complete, but if the Paul trend in the Iowa delegation continues, the upshot will be that the Iowa caucuses essentially had three winners: Romney on caucus night, Santorum after the certified vote, and Paul in the delegate count....

The at-large delegates nominated Saturday were Branstad, U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, Margaret Stoldorf of Red Oak, Michelle Bullock of Ankeny, James Mills of Nora Springs, Steven Anders of Council Bluffs, Roger Leahy of Fairfield, Mark Hansen of Council Bluffs, William Johnson of Dubuque, Lexy Nuzum of Winterset, Andrea Bie of Waterville, David Fischer of Altoona and Drew Ivers of Webster City.

Ten of those 13 have expressed public support for Paul, such as volunteering for his campaign or donating money....

This slate next goes before the state convention in mid-June. It can be amended to replace certain delegates before a final up or down vote.

Six of the eight members of the nominating committee voting on delegates Saturday have public ties to Paul’s campaign and his philosophy of limited government. But they insisted that they elected people they believe are politically active and good Republicans and have no idea who the delegates will back in Tampa. Iowa’s 28 delegates are “unbound,” meaning they aren’t required to vote for a nominee based on the results of the caucuses.

*In Nevada, Paul people won 22 of the 25 national delegate slots open at the end of the Nevada GOP state convention in Sparks this weekend. This is despite dirty tricks from the Romney camp--Romney folk pretending to be Paul folk and distributing fake Paul delegates lists. This is discussed at both the Reno Gazette Journal and Daily Paul.

Paul himself appeared at the convention in Nevada.

More from the Las Vegas Sun on the Paul victory, and how it won't be expressed in actual votes for Paul, since the delegates are bound to follow the results of the February caucus vote, in which Romney won a majority:

But while Paul loyalists will make up the majority of the Nevada delegation, Republican rules require the first vote at the national convention to reflect the results of the Feb. 4 caucus, which Romney easily won.
That means 20 of Nevada’s national delegates must vote for Romney, while eight will be free to vote for Paul in the first balloting.

While some Paul supporters voiced an intention to challenge the binding requirement, the campaign opted not to further antagonize the Republican National Committee, who has threatened not to seat the delegates if they ignore the caucus results and vote for Paul.

“We are sending a strong delegation to Tampa in August,” Paul’s Nevada chairman Carl Bunce said. “There are rumors that (the Paul campaign) will actively work to not follow rules and unbind our delegates. That is false; we are not doing that. Congressman Paul is an individual who wants to follow the rules, follow the Constitution and we follow that lead.”

Jim DeGraffenried, the secretary of the state party, stressed party officials will not allow the national delegation to deviate from the binding caucus results.

“We will not allow anyone to break that,” DeGraffenreid said. “If they do, the will revoke their delegate status and they will be replaced by alternates.”...

National Republican officials characterized the Nevada convention as a “Ron Paul super bowl,” noting that his supporters spent the last four years working to take over the state party structure. They’ve captured seats on state and county central committees, elected a state chairman and elected their own to represent Nevada at the Republican National Committee.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I dreamed of Mitch & Sue

I dreamed of Mitch and Sue Christiansen the other night.

We were at Maggie Mae's restaurant, at the corner booth table between the kithen and the meeting rooms.  Everything was just as it was the last time I saw them - MItch wore a red flannel button-down shirt, Sue in the same soft light-blue sweater she wore the one and only time I met her. They were healthy and hale and together.

Maggie's can seem a bit dark even in the daylight, so I must make mention of how bright it seemed...a bit like when you're watching tv and the picture becomes snowy.

I was seated, and Mitch sat across from me, telling me something with a sense of urgency...lightly striking the table with the palm of his hand to punctuate his statements.  Nodding silently in assent was Sue, who stood beside and slightly behind Mitch, her right hand resting upon his left shoulder.

I tried so hard to listen to what he was saying, but found myself distracted by Deja, a heeler mix who belongs to a friend of mine; gentle Deja trod to and fro behind Sue, and I wondered what she was doing there...

I awoke and told my husband, "I just had a dream about Mitch."  Though bits and pieces of the dream came to me throughout the day, I don't remember what Mitch was saying.


Strangely  enough, Deja's owner had a dream about *me* on or about the same night as my dream about Mitch; it was a rare nightmare...the subject of which was the USOC and some sort of military invasion.  I didn't dream it, and so I'm not going to tell it; but curiously, Deja the dog appeared in that dream as well, which is why I make note.


Sue, by the way, worked for Memorial Hospital.


Like I my dream, everything was as it had been a year ago...and so I've been poring over the communications Mitch and I shared last year for a better understanding of what he was telling me then, and what he may have been telling me in the dream.  The primary subject?  Frank Aries and the Banning-Lewis Ranch Annexation.



1.  There is a heaven and Mitch and Sue are there together...watching over us and offering whatever intercedance and protection that God will allow.

2.  That my "USOC: Behind it all along" post is likely more accurate than I realize...and there's some kind of USOC/Banning-Lewis Ranch/Memorial Hospital nexus that threatens the unwitting in Colorado Springs.


Thank You God and Mitch and Sue
for communicating with your children and loved ones in our dreams.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


(from may 2011)

Today, I was privileged enough to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets ever – the celebration of the lives of Mitch and Sue Christiansen.

Mitch’s long time attorney spoke, telling of his history with Mitch, describing the general contractor who took the time to study and learn the law and regulations of the trade. Apparently, Mitch quietly fought off cancer twice…through it all, maintaining his gruff sense of humor and love for his wife and family.

Then spoke the Christiansens' long time neighbors, a couple who lived across the street for years. Best friends, they accompanied the couple on fishing trips and cruises; they told of happy years spent enjoying and knowing one another…laughing and shopping…praying and crying – together.

A beautiful slide show then followed, and all in attendance saw a love story in pictures. 

Mitch and Sue were teenagers when they met and fell in love...a seed planted in the tender green of their youth.  There they were, beaming with joy and love for one another on their wedding day… smiling with uncertain excitement upon the arrival of their children; there was Mitch with a beard, there was Sue cutting Mitch’s hair…a proud grandpa bouncing a grandchild on his knee.

The life and times of a marriage, at once simple and extraordinary. Boy and girl, became man and woman...became husband and wife, and then father and mother. Puppy love. Grown-up love. True love. Endless love.  A love that took them across the miles and time…uniting them -- even unto death, and for eternity.

My husband and I met and fell in love at the age of 15, and have made it through so much together; through thick times and thin...loving and trusting each other, and sticking it out. Thursday, he and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary; I see in the Christiansens our reflection...and visions of what is still to come, and what things may be.

When I first learned the news of their untimely death, I cried with shock and grief; but my sadness is soothed by the beauty of their story...a shared life and love, somehow made only more poignant amidst the woe, and more perfect, despite the tragedy.

How lucky, how *lucky* they both were, to go into that good night together; I can only hope and wish and pray for my husband and I to remain similarly together -- forever.

I am a better person for having made Mitch's acquaintance...blessed by our unique and momentary friendship, and impacted for a lifetime.

Rest in peace, Mitch and Sue.