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Mitt, "The America the Beautiful Doll"


Hey Kids, it's Mitt, the "America the Beautiful Doll"
With Poseable Legs!
I was fully awake and lucid that August afternoon in 2009, when God told me to "look at the park from the sky, and expect to see something in the shape of an eye."

Eventually, I did look at America the Beautiful Park from the sky, stunned to see that it was in the shape of an eye...a supernatural revelation that led me to discover a slew of my hometown's deepest, darkest secrets

America the Beautiful/Eye of Horus Park

Since then, the area, the architects, the entities engraved upon its plaques, the businesses in direct proximity, the USOC, the train tracks, the shadow of my beloved mountain...everything having anything to do with Colorado Springs' own "A the B Park" is creepy to me (by the way, former Colorado Springs City Councilwoman Margaret Radford came up with the park's far less clunky and cumbersome nickname...earning her a well-deserved spot on the creepy list).

Everything - up to and including the phrase "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL".

The Gazette recently suggested that the city of Colorado Springs brand itself as "America the Beautiful City"...a moniker that I first saw used, incidentally, by (1) Costas Rombocos of the Shrine of Remembrance and Evergreen Cemetery in a 2007 letter to the Gazette editor in response to, ironically enough, the city's deal guessed it: the USOC (Rombocos, if you'll recall, was also the person responsible for the matching bronze "America the Beautiful" plaques up at the top of Pikes Peak and down at America the Beautiful Park) (2) an architect named Morey Bean in an interview with the Colorado Springs Business Journal in the same year.

Actually, I just found an even earlier reference to the term "America the Beautiful City" - from 2005, the Colorado Springs City Charter Advisory Committee Report to City Council, which I will post in its entirety comin' right up. In the graphic below is a listing of the Committee members:

The 2005 Colorado Springs City Charter Advisory Committee Members.
Hmmm..lessee...dead doctor boyfriend...wicked witch of the east...
banning lewis ranch bigwig...leather tuscadero...
current city councilmen...architects...d11 board member...
wonder how many memorial hospital and utilities people are up in this house...?

The Gazette also recently advocated changing our national anthem from "The Star Spangled Banner" to "America the Beautiful"...purportedly because the latter is so much easier to sing.

Both stances were outrageous and shocking to me...officially and totally creeping me out on my hometown newspaper, with which I grew up and once taught me to read.

As I've said before, both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are creepy. Hella.

I mean, what's that weird thing Obama does with his fingers as he loses his place and forgets his lines?  Reboot, Reboot, RebootSo creepy.  Definite turn-OFF.  I AM SO PROUD TO SAY THAT I NEVER SUPPORTED OR VOTED FOR OBAMA, NOR HAS HE *EVER* BEEN ONE OF MOM'S BOYFRIENDS.


Barry and Mitt are in many ways like two peas in a pod. For instance, both men are strangely "mannish" and "lifelike" very high tech marionettes or robots, though Romney's affliction is by far the more severe.

Born March 12, 1947 in Detroit, Michigan, Mitt Romney is the son of Michigan Governor, Housing and Urban Development Secretary, American Motors chairman, and presidential candidate George W. Romney and 1970 U.S. Senate candidate Lenore Romney. He was named after hotel magnate J. Willard Marriott, his father's best friend, and Milton "Mitt" Romney, a relative who played football for the Chicago Bears.  Romney has three siblings: Lynn, Jane, and G. Scott.  

Willard Mitt Romney was the last of George and Lenore Romney's four children, the baby they didn't think they could have after doctors told them that surgery had left Lenore unable to sustain another pregnancy.

''A couple of years ago, the Doctor told Lenore that her condition would not permit her to have another child and that she would have to undergo a major operation,'' [George] Romney wrote. ''However, she had a lot of faith.''  After delivery, he wrote, the doctor examined Lenore and announced in amazement, ''I don't see how she became pregnant, or how she carried the child.'' Romney summed it up this way: ''We consider it a blessing for which we must thank the Creator of all.'' From then on, Lenore referred to Mitt as ''my miracle baby." 

--- from the Boston Globe article, "The Making of Mitt Romney"...a lengthy story that I will post for your reading enjoyment

I'm telling you - something strange happened to Mitt Romney when he had that car accident way back in the day. According to what I've read, the French police on the scene reported that Romney was killed; and his stateside family believed he was dead for like six weeks, until Sargent Schriver (Maria's dad, George Romney's friend and the US ambassador to France at the time) made like a frog, hopped the pond, and learned that Mitt had survived with not much more than a broken arm and a bump on his head.

How does one go from D.O.A. to A.O.K.?  I mean, they had telegraphs back then, that's already been proven - why didn't someone in France just call the States and let people know,"Hey, Mitty's alive and well!" This is but one of the details pertaining to Romney's missionary trip to France that reek of falsehood; how about his unbelievable allegations to have slept on floors and defecated into buckets...why?  I guess way back in 1967, France was still an uncivilized island unto itself, with open sewage running down its gutters and martyrs being burned at the stake...?

It doesn't make sense...and I'm not buying any of this schlock.

Romney's business presence in the state of Colorado includes his interest in the Lifelike Company, makers a doll that was custom made to look like your child....which is *hella* creepy.

Below are the Lifelike Company's patents.

Process for producing a dollMay 94
Multiple three dimensional facial display systemFeb 92
Human lifelike dolls, mannequins and humanoids and pet animal dolls and methods of individualizing and personalizing sameApr 91
Educational toysApr 91
Doll with photo image faceFeb 91
Doll's head and method of fabricationJan 90
TwinJan 89
Image in three dimensions with picture covering and forming systemApr 87
Three dimensional image with picture covering and forming systemMar 87
Artificial eye for dollDec 86
Method for manufacturing a solid statueOct 81

Surprisingly enough, the "My Twinn" doll wasn't the success that Romney had hoped.  In my view, this was a terrible idea from the word "Go."  The very second I first heard of it, I got chills and thought.."HOW TOTALLY HELLA CREEPY."   I showed my six-year-old daughter the "My Twinn" videos:  she watched them quietly, intently, several times looking at me pointedly and/or laughing while exclaiming, "That's so Weird!"  I asked her if she wanted one...and she responded in the negative.

Maybe if they renamed it "The America the Beautiful Doll."

I wonder about Romney.   Every hair in place, always grinning his Stepford smile and talking his dreamy-eyed hyp-mo-tize talk...always walking about with his weird, stilted "Hi, how are ya!" gait despite having both feet constantly in his mouth; clueless to his own creepiness like stinky people are to their own stank.  Considering he's supposed to be so business savvy and successful...considering how long he's been in would think that by now he'd have learned how to act naturally.  And I'm just gonna come right out and say that his wife and each and every one of his children have the same spooky, wax-figure quality to their their their smiles; indeed, THE ROMNEY FAMILY MIGHT AS WELL BE THE ADDAMS FAMILY, SO CREEPY ARE THEY.

If he's not some kind of living doll, then what the heck is wrong with him?  BECAUSE THERE IS MOST DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG WITH ROMNEY.  Could he be autistic...suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder?  Because in connection with the Lifelike Company (with a spooky sounding offshoot called "Lifelike Biometrics") comes Romney's association with both the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation and Integrated Listening Systems.   and the integrated listening devices they produce to treat the autistic disorder.  Strangely enough, one of its more commonly reported manifestations has to do with instant recall, and an uncanny ability to memorize and receite large texts.

This DO know about Mitt Romney:  He's closely acquainted with Bill Hybl...of the USOC, The Broadmoor, the El Pomar Foundation, and the International Foundation of Electoral Systems (hmmmmm.....).  Romney is directly related to "the Driggs boys", specifically Gary, Douglas and John  Driggs -- yeah, interestingly enough, the same guys who financed the whole Banning Lewis Ranch debacle back in the day with Frank Aries and Western Savings and Loan in Arizona.

All of this "America the Beautiful" crap from Romney the torch bearer, emulating Wayne Newton and Rodney Dangerfield all while reciting again and again and again and again and again the words to "America the Beautiful" - when I consider it in context with the USOC/OIympic presence within A the B Park, I become uneasy. Indeed, his hackneyed "I love America" routine has done absolutely *nothing* to endear me to either the man or the park, increasing the creep factor for both exponentially. 

Indeed, for me, Mitt Romney and America the Beautiful Park are the creepiest Un-American things ever.   

Apparently, the Republicans are so soft that they are willing to allow a Barbie Doll to lead our country; well, I, for one, am not down with that.   I fail to understand how supporting such a weird freak like Willard "Mitt" Romney is in the best interest of our nation...especially on the heels of the Obama debacle - talk about going from the frying pan and into the fire. Maybe the Democrats would throw all their support behind such an obvious android, but I doubt it...and there's simply no way Mittbot has garnered the majority of Republicans' support.  

What does he stand for?  What principles does he hold dear that resound within you?  NOTHING. 

To all of you who keep saying "ANYONE BUT OBAMA"  --  THEN WHY NOT RON PAUL?!? 


Mitt Romney is not the front-runner. It's not possible and it's just not true, and we all know it.

Ron Paul is the real front runner.  For the good of our country, we need to eschew these fake poll numbers and this caucus bullshit and put our support behind the only man who deserves it.  I will demonstrate in future posts that Ron Paul has the majority of the nation's support. 

Here's the truth and fact of the matter, friends:  If Ron Paul doesn't win the election:
- then the American people are suckers;
- then our electoral system is no better than Liberia's or Haiti's;
- then America is broken,and has officially become a third-world nation;
- then the time has come for Americans to wake up and take whatever steps necessary to wrest back our country from the rule of wealthy liars and Manchurian fakes.


Mitt Romney Finds the Funny in ‘America the Beautiful’

by Mark Katz Feb 10, 2012 4:45 AM EST

All kidding aside, Mitt Romney loves America the Beautiful. The Tactical Humorist takes a closer look, along with a little improvisation

It probably all started innocently enough: hoping to stir the patriotic passions of an Iowa audience, the once-and-future GOP frontrunner, Mitt Romney, spoke the poetic lyrics of America the Beautiful. Upon arriving at the “amber waves of grain,” he tossed in this kind of humorous aside: “Corn? Does corn count?" Earning him obligatory laughter from polite supporters and the ridicule of late-night comics.
From then on, the lyrics became a staple of his speeches and so too did the many tailored asides to crowds in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Minnesota and most recently, Colorado.

Given that there’s hardly a Romney stump speech that doesn’t incorporate America the Beautiful, it’s not too hard to see where this is going if he were to actually win. Maybe something like this…


I love America. I love the hymns and songs of America. There’s one I love in particular.

O beautiful for spacious skies,

You have some lovely skies here in Tampa. Raise your hand if you love the sky! Wow.

For amber waves of grain,
Is corn a grain? That joke killed in Iowa – which not only will I win in the general election—but this time it will stay won!

For purple mountain majesties

You know what, it's OK to like purple. But I happen to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Above the fruited plain!

I love fruit! I once ate an entire basket of peaches! I love the people who pick the fruit. But let me be clear: I support legal immigration.

America! America! God shed His grace on thee!

By the way, I was born in thee. Ha, ha. ha.

And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea!

And when I say "shiny," I am not talking about oil spills. We need an energy policy that unleashes the power of America, not destroys it.

O beautiful for pilgrim feet

It’s time we go back to the kind of Constitution the pilgrims intended! Wouldn’t that be something?

Whose stern impassion'd stress

Stressed feet? Try being chased from Utah to Mexico like my Great-grandfather Romney was! You think your wife’s a pain in the neck? Try several! “Take my wives, please,” he used to say.

A thoroughfare for freedom beat

Freedom from Washington regulation is more like it! Regulation’s not what made this country great. What made this country great is the principles for which it stands.

Across the wilderness

I once shot a varmint in the wilderness! No wait, I shot it in my pajamas. How the wilderness got into my pajamas, I'll never know!

America! America! God mend thine ev'ry flaw,

Or, if you prefer, our current president could keep apologizing for our flaws all over the world! I will never apologize for America. Apologizing for America is not what made this country great. Not apologizing for being exceptional is what made this country great!

Confirm thy soul in self-control, Thy liberty in law

Not to be confused with self-deport! These souls should go back to their country and get in line.

O beautiful for heroes prov'd

Do we have any heroes who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with us tonight? Please raise your hand. Wow.
In liberating strife, who more than self their country lov'd,

Although there is nothing wrong with self-interest. I believe in capitalism and free enterprise. I started a company. I know how to turn this economy around!

And mercy more than life.

When I was governor of Massachusetts, I used to beg the people of my state to let me execute murderers. No sir, I would have executed Willie Horton with my own hands! You’re thinking of that other Massachusetts governor!

America! America! May God thy gold refine

God loves gold and I certainly would be willing to take a much closer look at returning to the Gold Standard.

Till all success be nobleness.

As governor and in business, I was proud of my success. At the Olympics, I was proud of my nobleness, and anyone who suggests otherwise is taking part in the bitter politics of envy. I think that’s sad and painfully revealing.

And ev'ry gain divine.

Gains are divine! So are losses, if you know what you're doing! Wink. Wink.

O beautiful for patriot dream

Any Patriot fans in the room? I hate those Giants too. Arrogant New Yorkers who think they are smarter than you, if you know what I mean.

That sees beyond the years…

I see some senior citizens out there. My mom is a senior citizen. You know, the great patriot Thomas Paine once said, “love our senior citizens, have a mom or get out of the way.” Our current president was elected to love our citizens. Instead he chose to have a mom. Now it’s time for him to get out of the way.

America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
I once locked our family dog in a shed for an entire summer. He loved it! His name was Kickme.

And crown thy good with brotherhood
My father had a brother! He was my uncle!

From sea to shining sea.

Minus, of course, the East Coast liberal elite. I love the heartland!

Thank you and God bless America!

Did somebody say “God Bless America?” Land that I love. I really do love America. Stand beside her, and guide her....


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A former political operative, recovering copywriter, and failed sitcom writer, Mark Katz is now the founder and principal of the Soundbite Institute, a creative think tank that specializes in on-message humor. His essays have been published in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Time magazine, and he is the author of Clinton & Me: A Real Life Political Comedy, an account of eight years as the in-house humor speechwriter of the Clinton White House.

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