Friday, December 11, 2015

Racketeering & Extortion


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The Honorable Thomas L. Kennedy (Ret)
Colorado State Judge who oversaw the "trial"
that resulted in the removal of my children
and helped to cover up the medical malpractice
endured by my son at the hands of
Children's Hospital Memorial in Colorado Springs.
-- Spydra

This "forever home" propaganda that child protective services uses to justify their child trafficking operations is wearing a little thin with me. The very nature of TITLE IV and THE FEDERAL ADOPTION INCENTIVE law is based in monetary reward for the barter of human flesh. Period. That old saying, "If it walks like a duck..." Has never been truer than in the case of forced adoption for federal dollars by child protective services, private adoption agencies, their employees, and all the persons involved in the corrupt family court process.

Persons who defend child protective services choose to ignore the fact that jobs for caseworkers, CASA/GAL, judges, district attorney's, court appointed attorneys, court employees, DHS employees, and court ordered services, would not even exist, in the current numbers if it were not for the blank check of Title IV and The Federal Adoption Incentive funding.

The perfect example of this is the CASA program. A CASA is quick to say, "I'm a volunteer". They neglect to add that the entire CASA program was created in federal funding. The directors, planners, and organizers of CASA are not volunteers! While a CASA may "volunteer" a portion of "CASA time", that same person picks up a hefty fee for their duties as a Guardian Ad Litem". So it's not really the saintly, self sacrificing, position that the CASA volunteer touts.

The same holds true for the caseworker! People tell me time and again caseworkers don't receive financial rewards for taking children. The very nature of their job is based in the financial rewards of Title IV and The Federal Adoption Incentives! Same for the rest of the child trafficking crew mentioned above. Judges go to seminars to learn how to better "capture the funding". District attorneys offices receive a fee per case. So does the court appointed attorney. The court ordered related services sector is booming. How is any of this financial motivation in the best interest of the ‪#‎TAKEN‬ child?

The other person who benefits from forced adoption in several ways is your lawmakers. Both at the state level and in Washington, D.C. The fact is forced adoption is good for business in the communities that lawmaker represents. After all, those judges, caseworkers, CASA/GAL, court employees, administrative staff at child protective services and all those employees of court ordered services who get a paycheck off the bodies of #TAKEN children are a sure vote at election time. Putting a pretty picture and a nice name on forced adoption and backing from lawmakers does not mask the ugly business of forced adoption . The truth is lawmakers had to come up with a solution for long term foster kids that nobody wanted, so they put a price on it by incentivizing it with federal monies, and offering amazing tax credits to prospective adoptive parents to sweeten the pot! Now both foster care and forced adoption can be a highly lucrative career for "foster parents" and "adoptive parents". What job can you go to and make six grand a month? Get six kids from DHS and you've got that and more! Lawmakers are participants in the barter of flesh for federal dollars. They protect and promote the forced adoption industry. I recently found out there are lawmakers who actually have financial investments in group homes, adoption agencies, and private adoption. This certainly deserves the close scrutiny of EVERY American citizen. Another area of your scrutiny should be the windfall profits that employees of private adoption agencies are making. I was absolutely speechless at the totals! I will post the link in the comments.

So we know who benefits from forced adoption. Let's look at the losers in "forever homes" for profit. The children. The parents of #TAKEN children. Both the child and their biological families suffer a life sentence of the unknown. Children do not stop loving their biological families because they have been #TAKEN by DHS. The trauma those children experience is lifelong. They never stop wondering about their parent, no matter how pretty the "forever home" brigade paints it, the child is irreparably damaged by the trauma of being #TAKEN, possibly abused, and paraded on the adoption block as caseworkers advertise them like cattle at auction on those disgusting adoption websites. Biological families are sentenced to a life of the unknown, Depression, unbearable unhappiness, scrutiny, guilt, social isolation, and the knowledge that were found "unacceptable", which begs the question: At what point should our government violate constitutional law and the civil rights of its citizens for profit?

You are an American citizen. With all the rights accorded to you in the Constitution of the United States of America! Your government is sanctioning the forced removal of your child. For profit. Our constitution says our government cannot do what it it IS doing to your family. Family courts operate outside of constitutional due process. It is your right to get in your lawmakers face and demand change in the federal adoption incentive law and title I've funding. It is your right to take a look at your lawmakers tax returns to see if they are personally profiting from forced adoption, foster warehousing, medical kidnapping or forced removal. Lawmakers are getting away with what WE let them get away with! It is your job, and nobody else's to hold your lawmaker accountable! IF YOU DONT LIKE WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR FAMILY: DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Start with your lawmaker. Today!

Also:  Title iv is paying fully for degrees for social work. As a condition, graduates must work for cps. If they fail to meet this condition the tuition is due immediately, quitting fired or otherwise. With this payment outstanding, any state certification is suspended until paid.  By the time a new worker realizes what they have gotten themselves into this is hanging over their heads. Keep with the syndicate or owe the money and not be able to work in that field, those are the choices Does that sound like extortion to you?

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