Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Call me "Doctor"

Originally published 8/26/11

This sure calls to mind "Doctor" Ed Shockney, the El Paso County (Colorado) court-appointed expert "psychologist" who testified in hundreds of custody cases but was in actuality NOT a doctor at all, and who solicited oral sex from his victim/patients in return for making positive reports to the court...Shockney, again, linked *directly* to Retired Judge Thomas Loewen Kennedy through a company called "Barbies Dollhouse".

Everything you ever wanted to know about Dr. Alfred Kinsey but were afraid to ask...
...and for good reason - the answers will horrify you.

A nightmarish look at the "Father of the American Sexual Revolution"
a sadist, homosexual, and pedophile
who enlisted other sadists, homosexuals and pedophiles
to torture and conduct sexual experiments upon children

And all of it - from the start and right up into the now - subsidized by your tax dollars.

Shocking...riveting...haunting; eye-opening...
one of the most important documentaries ever produced.

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