Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Good morning readers; having trouble sleeping, so I thought I’d make the most of the quiet.

I love the feeling of rising before sunrise – I’ll be honest with ya…for me, it happens rarely. But when it does, I make myself a cup of jo, wait for the Lester Sumrall show, and smoke a silent cigarette in the pre-dawn shadows…reading.

I’ll read anything – I mean anything. The back of the shampoo bottle, the “Do Not Remove” label on the mattress, multi-vitamin recommended daily allowances – whatever.

I’ll even allow myself to re-read my own stuff...painful, at listening to your own voice on a tape recorder; at others...well, I swear...sometimes I just crack myself up.

But what I love to do more than anything at all is to read what others might have to say in response to my postings. So far, I’ve received two - for which I am grateful; both requested more information on a specific subject.

The materials in this post are pursuant to the anonymous comment on my Tip of the iceberg post.

I re-extend my invitation for any and all comments – good, bad – whatever. I’ll read them alone…before the teenagers come bounding up the stairs, and the phone starts ringing, and the day is in motion – the stillness of morning disquieted.


Secretary of State Information

Campaign Finance FAQs

527 Political Organization and Disclosure FAQs

Laws & Rules for Lobbyists

Conflicts of Interest Laws & Rules

Secretary of State Candidate Disclosure Form

Election Laws, Rules & Advisories

Colorado businesses related to Carl Tanner, Mark Tanner and/or Tony Mand (DPMD, LLC)


cheezer articles of incorporation          cheezers merge          cheezers rora

dpmd articles of incorporation          dpmd change          dpmd dissolve

inflated articles of incorporation          inflated dough annual report          inflated rora1          inflated rora2

tk articles of incorporation          tyh&h certificate          tyw certificate

Jan Tanner business, listing Sanford (Pete) Lee as the registered agent

Linda Elliott campaign management

Mann's campaigns; still active

Sanford Lee is Pete Lee          Lee's '08 campaign          Lee's '10 campaign          Lee's '10 campaign

Tanner's '06-'07 campaign

Elliott as registered agent for Friends of District 11, to pass 2008 mill levy override

Not sure why this committee pulled up under Elliott...registered agent is Cynthia Sorensen; contributors include Beverly Ard-Smith, Esq. (Lexis-Nexis), Public Education Committee

Same committee, with payment to Karen Teja Consulting for food, maps & printing

Same committee, with payments to the Colorado Springs Independent, Jay Ferguson, and the Arapahoe County Democratic Party

John Elliott as D11 Election Officer on 2008 - School District Issue 3E

Pikes Peak Restorative Justice

Board Members - Michael Faber, Elizabeth Hogan, Jeannette Holtham, Lynn Lee (Co-chair), Pete Lee (Secretary), Deb Paton, Jack Ruszcsyk (Co-chair), Kerri Schmitt, Marc Snyder, Tom Strand, Jan Tanner, Dorcas Wilkinson, Andre Zarb-Cousin

Jan & Pete1         

Pete & Bill1          Pete & Bill2

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