Monday, November 30, 2009

Ring out, ring in

Some words on tonight's big Colorado Springs School District 11 Board of Educators meeting to say goodbye to John Gudvangen and Tami Hasling, and hello to LuAnn Long and Al Loma.

The manner in which the Directors spoke of the outgoing Gudvangen and Hasling was professional and dignified; well done, and thank you for your good manners.

Although I roasted him in an earlier post, I do have to say that former Director John Gudvangen did often ask very good questions, was always gracious, and his self-deprecating comments tonight helped me to see his kinder, gentler side - I thank you for that, as well as for your hard work and sacrifice; the very best to you in the future.

Former President Hasling cautioned the audience that her speech was "a book" - and she wasn't lying.  I've no doubt her words were sincere and heartfelt...and it was helpful for me to learn more about her.  But in my mind, her public digs at Directors Charlie Bobbitt, Bob Null and Al Loma were the height of unprofessionalism.  What a slap in the face - especially after Null had just commended her habit of always speaking well of her fellow Board members.  Singling out Directors for a public dressing down on her way out the door was in Very Poor Form, and served to reinforce my original impression of her.

The tenderness she expressed for her husband and children was her saving grace, however.  I can only imagine that her stint as President was often fraught with inner pain and turmoil, and required a great deal of time, dedication and self-sacrifice - for that, Mrs. Hasling, I thank you.

As far as the election of the Board officers - surprise, surprise.  My friend and I had accurately predicted Tom Strand as President and Jan Tanner as Vice President weeks ago.  LuAnn Long was elected Secretary, and Bob Null, Treasurer.

It's already apparent that Tom was the right choice for President.  And thank goodness Bob got the Treasurer position - a match made in heaven with trusty Assistant Treasurer Glenn Gustafson by his side.

As far as Tanner goes:  if she had properly disclosed her decade-long pizza arrangement with the District, we might all be discussing President Tanner tonight - but she didn't, and so we aren't.  She really wasn't dressed for the occasion anyway, as it appeared she had splashed an entire pizza pie on her blouse.  But by now, Tanner is already aware ain't easy being cheesy.

In closing, my prayer for the Board:

Though forecasts bode ominous,
take no blind heed -- hold fast to fact.

As those around you shift and sway,
waver not, and reckon steady.

Be not mesmerized by legions of numbers,
and see through the veils of artifice.

When the mouths of duplicity whisper into each ear,
may the clear voice of truth be your sole discernment.

With discord to the left of you and deceit to the right,
reason well, and know who you are.

May the smoke of avarice never blind you
may the binding ropes of lies never tie you

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  1. I want to say what a well written piece. Please keep up what you're doing. John Q. Citizen needs someone like you to keep us informed. THANK YOU.