Friday, January 1, 2010

Wanted: Clothes dryer (80910)

Hello readers, I hope this new year finds you well.

I've prepared several great pieces for you. As I was applying the final touches to my letter to Santa, however, my eyes lit upon a new and critical detail that I simply must thoroughly research before publishing - for reasons that include legalities and personal safety.

After all, a super-long visit with Jimmy Hoffa is NOT something I've penciled into my planner.

Unrelated circumstances have delayed me terribly. At the moment, I find myself held in the pitiless clutches of situational cleansanity and anxiety; this will be the case until Wednesday, at the earliest.

Would anyone out there happen to have an electric clothes dryer for sale or free retrieval? I need one, desperately! Ours has been on the fritz for nearly two months, and has steadfastly resisted repair. In the meantime, my family of six continues to create work for the washerwoman (me). Amazing how quickly laundry grows, isn't it?

I made a $40 downpayment on a dryer yesterday, with the balance to be paid upon delivery; unfortunately, both the dryer and the deliverer remain utterly absent and silent as I write these words to you now. If I had a car, I'd bring it all to the laundromat around the corner...but I don't, and couldn't afford to at this point anyway; I would have needed that $40 to pay for for it all.

Not much I can do, otherwise, except tread water by freeze-drying our clothes outside on the line; pray I don't drown. Anyway, I'm bumming myself out. I promised myself not to weep over it again...I've shed too many tears over this already.

Any assistance, well-wishes, positive thinking and prayers are most welcome and appreciated; also, if anyone knows how to reach Rumplestiltskin, I really need to talk with him.

Thank you.

- S

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