Monday, April 12, 2010

Go Larry Liston!

I don't even know anything about him, but so what.


The assemblies' winners and losers

The Gazette

Former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff beat U.S. Senate incumbent Michael Bennet in Saturday’s delegate vote at the El Paso County Democratic Party assembly, a reversal of the results in caucus voting last month.
Romanoff received 307 votes, or about 53 percent of the 579 votes cast, compared with 251 votes for Bennet. Twenty-one delegates were uncommitted.
That was a turnaround from a straw poll conducted at county caucus meetings in March, when Bennet got 568 votes and Romanoff received 456.
Saturday’s vote primarily gives bragging rights to the candidates, because delegates going to the state convention in May aren’t bound to support Romanoff.
The U.S. Senate race was the only contest that delegates had to decide at the assembly. In a county where Republicans rule, Democrats rarely have contests that force a primary.
Some of the Democratic contestants were unveiled on Saturday at the assembly after they were recruited to jump into races where Republicans would otherwise get a free pass.
Candidates who automatically advance to run against Republican candidates in local races are:
• El Paso County Clerk and Recorder: Tom Mowle
• House District 15: Marcus Cimino
House District 16: Jan Tanner
• House District 17: Dennis Apuan
• House District 18: Pete Lee
• Senate District 9: Nicholas Werle
• Senate District 11: John Morse
• County Commissioner District 1: Steve Knojaas
• County Commissioner District 5: Michael Merrifield


Both incumbent Terry Maketa, who earned 56 percent of the delegates and Jacob Shirk, who picked up 44 percent will be on the primary ballot for El Paso County sheriff, but delegates to the county GOP assembly gave Maketa the edge, which means he’ll be listed first on the August primary ballot.
In the other contested races:
• County Commissioner District 5: Peggy Littleton made it to the ballot with 74 percent of the delegate votes, easily besting the 30 percent needed to appear on the ballot. Neither of her opponents,  David Williams and William Guevara, got enough votes for a spot on the ballot, but Williams reached the 10 percent threshold he needs to petition his way onto it.
• House District 17: Mark Barker, earning 79 percent of delegates, defeated opponent Kit Roupe.Rendleman said the two had an agreement that the person with fewer votes would step down and not try to get onto the ballot through a petition. Barker will take on state Rep. Dennis Apuan, a Democratic incumbent thought to be the most targeted by Colorado Republicans this year.
• El Paso County Clerk and Recorder: County Commissioner Wayne Williams, with 60 percent of the delegates, was the top vote-getter and will get a spot on the ballot. His opponents, Sandra Damronand Charles Corry, received enough votes to petition their way onto the ballot.
Delegates did not conduct a straw poll for contested races at the state and federal level.
Other GOP candidates for local races who were unopposed and will automatically be on the November ballot:
• Assessor: Mark Lowderman
• Coroner: Dr. Bob Bux
• Surveyor: G. Lawrence Burnett
• Treasurer: Bob Balink
• Senate District  9: Kent Lambert
• Senate District 11: Owen Hill
• House District 14: Dr. Janak Joshi
• House District 15: Mark Waller
House District 16: Larry Liston
• House District 17: Mark Barker
• House District 18: Karen Cullen
• House District 19: Marsha Looper
• House District 20: Amy Stephens

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  1. As the incumbant, Larry has the obvious advantage, but Tanner ought to get plenty of money from her Progressive Majority handlers. They are eager to have a radical representing the central portion of Colorado Springs.

    Isn't it amusing how people like Tanner (and Karen Teja before her) spend their time as school board members doing nothing but mooching off of the tax payers, then they expect those same tax payers to reward them by allowing them to expand their mooching at the state level. Let's hope that Tanner suffers the same fate as Teja at the state level.