Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Q: Who is a fly girl?

A: Not Jan Tanner.

Definition of "fly" from cool, in style.

Judging from her decrease from four eyes to two, I figure Jan must have had unsuccessful Lasik surgery on her eyes; otherwise, what the hell kind of explanation can she have for her consistently ugly clothing choices? Enough is enough, Jan - friends don't let friends dress that way!

I'm like *so* busy, Jan, as you are too, I'm sure; we'd certainly have trouble meshing our schedules in order for me to properly mentor and counsel you on your frequent fashion foibles - and you definitely need *intense* one-on-one mirror training. You'd have a lot more success establishing some synchronicity with Kris Odom -- who, while also very busy, differs from you in that she happens to know how to dress herself.

Jan, look at Kris -- then imitate her the best you can.

I'm a little surprised that your thriftiness has outweighed your craftiness; otherwise, you'd already have a professional stylist on board. Didn't you learn in grade school that clothes make the girl?

Promise me to take it under your serious consideration; it will certainly do you well in your pursuit of higher office.

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  1. Want to go to McAuliffe this Wed and eat PIZZA?

    D11 Good Food Project's Facebook Notes
    Friday, May 07, 2010, 9:16:45 PM

    USDA Deputy Undersecretary Comes to Lunch in School District 11
    Friday, May 07, 2010, 9:16:45 PM | D11 Good Food Project
    Next week on May 12, we have Dr. Janie Thornton, Deputy Undersecretary of Agriculture coming to D11 for school lunch at McAuliffe Elementary School. The lunch menu will feature fresh, locally grown asparagus and whole wheat pizza among other selections for our visitors and of course McAuliffe Elementary students. We tested some asparagus today in the office and it was REALLY GOOD! After lunch with kiddos that day, I get 30 minutes to present the D11 Good Food Project to the Deputy Undersecretary and a few guests. We will then have a "Healthy Schools" roundtable discussion with stakeholders from all over Colorado. Local food producers/farmers (Mike Callicrate of Ranch Foods Direct and Dan Hobbs of Hobbs Family Farm) will join the discussion along with D11 Superintendent Nicholas Gledich and others from the Colorado Department of Education, USDA, and other School Food & Nutrition Services Directors from the great state of Colorado . Sounds really FUN! Be well, Rick