Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Check 'em, Charlie


You know better than most how easy it is for mathematicians to ply and knead numbers until those numbers say whatever the mathematicians want them to say; some mathematicians are more glib and silver-tongued than others...and now that Vice President Tanner's in charge, expect an ugly rash of group think and collusion aimed against you and your probing questions about the budget and where all that money's being spent.

Though the precise date escapes me, Dr. Gledich stated during a meeting at Hunt Elementary School earlier this year that the building modifications that are necessary to allow Hunt's lunchroom to accommodate all of its students, and to bring the Hunt building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, is work that is estimated to cost the District (and taxpayers) $5 MILLION DOLLARS; they only saved $3 MILLION DOLLARS closing down all of those schools...but once again, Mr. Gustafson has donned his "nobody knows de trubble I'se seed" minstrel make-up, priming the community to cough up some more dough for schools in response to his same-ol-same-ol doom and gloom financial forecasts.  

Charlie...we both know that these facilities shortcomings were pointed out to the District powers-that-be time and again; they WERE the reason why bringing all of those kids to the Adams building made more sense from the git-go!  But at the time, those concerns were pooh-poohed and dismissed by the experts.


I do not hold out much hope that these numbers wiz-kids will ever learn that it's impolite to speak when their mouths are crammed full and crunching on numbers -- spitting out the crumbs of all of those numbers as they spew lies is simply BAD FORM.  

To anyone who happens to have a good memory and/or give a hot damn, I'll finish up this post with these comments:

1.  The University Park property that the District owns/owned is/was worth OODLES -- just so's that ya know.  There's also SEVERAL valuable properties located on Hathaway Drive -- don't be fooled if you hear the financial spokespeople claim that the value of those properties is negligible.

2.  Keep asking those questions about Production Printing - something in there smells like anchovies.  DITTO with all of that money being allocated to legal expenses.

3.  Whatever became of the policy review discussion concerning the amount of money and level of effort the District is legally permitted to put behind a political candidate's campaign?  It was up for review several months ago, and I've heard nothing of it since.  I'm interested to know the details, considering Vice President Tanner's run for higher office.

4.  Did Mrs. Tanner EVER produce the alleged Conflict of Interest statement that she supposedly executed in collusion with Mr. Gustafson pursuant to her lucrative, decade-long contract to provide pizza for the District?  I know, I know...Mrs. Long wonders "What's the big deal?"  IT IS A BIG DEAL TO ANYONE WHO'S NOT IN TANNER'S FANNY PACK.

5.  Mrs. Tanner is a short-timer; Mrs. Tanner is a poser; Mrs. Tanner used the Colorado Springs District 11 School Board as a stepping stone to further her own socialist political endeavors; Mrs. Tanner  could not give a solitary hot damn about the people of Colorado Springs or the kids of District 11 -- her only interest right now is demonstrating how capably and quickly she can work her way through a meeting agenda -- fast, fast, faster, FASTEST...LOOK AT ME HOW FAST I CAN GO...WHEEEEEE!!!  

Well pardon me, but big f'n deal; last time I checked, it was a MEETING held for the purpose of DISCUSSION, not a closely-monitored pizza delivery driver race against the clock.  DON'T LET THAT FAST-TALKING PHONY SHOW-BOAT STEAM-ROLL OVER YOU AND GLOSS OVER THE ISSUES.

6.  Remember:  both Mrs. Tanner AND Mr. Gustafson are ACCOUNTANTS; both have had an INTIMATE FAMILIARITY WITH THE DISTRICT'S FINANCES FOR MORE THAN A DECADE.  Things will probably sound pretty convincing with Glenn making one claim, Jan backing it up, and Gledich blessing it as gospel -- but ask questions anyway, verify whenever possible, and trust that Spydra's all-seeing eyes and all-hearing ears will pounce upon EVERY LIE THAT I HEAR UTTERED.

I guess no meeting for the next month...ho hum; no worries, tho --I'm sure I'll find something to occupy my insatiable curiosity...

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