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Three: Revelation (incomplete variation)

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Jeremiah 1

4 Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying
5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. 
Then said I, Ah, Lord GOD! behold, I cannot speak: for I am a child. 
7 But the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shalt speak
8 Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the LORD. 
9 Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth. 
10 See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant. 

Some things are indisputable; we all pretty much agree, for instance, that Colorado Springs is one of the prettiest places on the planet.  I've spent my whole life here, and yet, what I see when I look out to the west is so beautiful that I can hardly believe it's real.  Also, though for me right now $16 dollars is a goodly amount of money, and for Jan Tanner $16,000 is always so much chump-change, we can all pretty much agree that $160 million dollars is A LOT of money for anybody. 

Other things are far more subjective.  The 70’s, for instance, might not have been all that cool to someone who lost his legs in ‘Nam, or for the two little girls Linda – Lovelace and Blair – each of whom appeared in a single blockbuster movie that would define them as either a whore or a monster, for the rest of their lives.  

But I was really young during the 70’s, and remember those years as a really groovy-but-innocent time of my life.  I remember the moon landing, and the first Sesame Street episodes…I remember Tang being the drink of the astronauts. In so many ways, things were just purer…simpler…

Example:  as I revisit the subject of the Art on the Streets commission, and the boat made out of black people it considered appropriately positioned all last year in front of the Terry Harris Judicial Complex -- aka the county courthouse -- I realize that there can be only one reason for their passive-aggressive hostility towards those the darker persuasion: JEALOUSY.  That is the reason you richy-rich white folks at the AOTS and Downtown Partnership hate on black folks so blatantly and egregiously…and below is just one of many reasons why – y’all know y’all can’t dance!!

That’s right, don’t playa-hate, fools – congratulate.  We just cool like dat.   

Television seemed especially sweet back then, especially for kids.  There was Buffy and Jody, Jan and Marcia, Scooby Doo and Shaggy, and Shazam and Isis.

and thank God there was Isis around to teach us youngsters our first lessons in celebrating diversity.

Not only were there a number of indoor and outdoor public pools, there were also water slides back then -- which were cool as heck.  There was a really tall one at the intersection of Garden of the Gods and I-25, and one just past Mushroom Mondays on the way into Manitou…in front of a tiny putt-putt golf course, and next to the totally happening Miracle House – an odd little optical illusion house that made you believe water could flow uphill.

When we moved back to the Springs from New York, I threw together an impromptu daytrip there for me and our two kids.  I drove past where I remembered it stood, and became disoriented; I turned around and drove past twice more, rubbing my eyes and wondering if I was lost.  Finally, I drove up to where I thought the complex once stood, and all that was left were some of the putt-putt golf holes – had it not been for those, there’d have been absolutely no trace that it ever existed…and we left dejected for manifold reasons.

Now that they closed all the public swimming pools except the one for the well-to-do up north at Cottonwood Creek, there are few water-related attractions available to the citizens of Colorado Springs.   

I took my kids to Uncle Wilber's Fountain twice last summer...and I have to admit, the first time we went, I found it quite strange...almost a little creepy, though I was unsure why.  After our second trip there, I again found myself musing about its vague weirdness...and God told me to look at the fountain from the sky.

God tells all of us lots of things, we just don't realize it's Him talking, or even that we can listen for Him.  I guess atheists would refer to what I'm talking about as a "hunch" or a "feeling"...but probably only those who have experienced minor miracles -- who decided the line was too long at the World Trade Center and chose instead to visit the Empire State Building, for instance -- are able to contemplate whether the voice that nagged "let's go elsewhere" had actually been a giant skyscraper-sized angel whispering in your ear.

What about all of those people who died at Ground Zero, then...why did they have the patience to wait in line at the Twin Towers...why was the line shorter for them?

I don’t know. 

What I do know is that, though it’s taken practice, I’ve learned to listen for His voice; and though I don’t always hear it, when I do, I try to follow His instructions.

And so, on this occasion, He told me to look at Uncle Wilber’s Fountain from the sky and told me to expect to see something in the shape of an eye…and so I did.  I can’t say I really saw anything very eye-like there...

...but it did lead me to look at another fountain I’d always found curious even in its design stages – the Julie Penrose Fountain at America the Beautiful Park.

And that time, I did see an eye -- a great big one -- and I remember gasping audibly and feeling a horrible sense of dread.

America the Beautiful Park has always been such an oddity in my book.  I remember reading about its construction back in 1999, when the Springs Community Improvement Program (SCIP) measure was passed, and thinking “An 11 million dollar park?  There?!?  Why???

After all, it seems quite an unfortunate location.  Its western boundary is Interstate 25, and its northern boundary is Highway 24, and these are not exactly the quietest of byways.  

To the south of the park is the Drake Power Plant, with its billowing clouds of electric steam byproducts…

...and to the east are the Union-Pacific Railroad tracks.  Odd – there’s hardly a thing pastoral about any of these landmarks.  

As by now you may know, I have a tendency to research the hell out of things that pique my curiosity, and the park certainly qualified. 

First, I researched the Conejos District that the City demolished in order to build the park.  This low-income area seemed to draw migratory and low-income people from the beginning, starting with Jewish immigrants, then Hispanics and Black laborers…continuing on to this day, considering the “campers” and tent village people that recently irked the City muckety-mucks so much.

The area has primarily retained its Spanish cultural flavorings.  Some houses there were nicer than others, and many were of the ramshackle variety.  Evenso, many low-income people called that place home, raised their families there, and took their children to play at Conejos Park.  Though I do not have any photographs of it, nor do I personally remember it, I've been told by several people that a particularly notable feature of the park was a very large slide in the shape of a dragon.

I used to work for the founder of the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial; though his career as a firefighter gave him a nice life, I always got the sense he grew up rather poor and uneducated. He was way old school, with a habit of backward utterances; by way of example, I was pregnant when I worked there, and he told me his wife could hardly wait for the baby to be born…because she loved to collect monkey stuff like I now collect spider stuff, and hence “loved black babies cuz to her they look just like little baby monkeys."

He committed what to me is one of the seven deadly sins:  he took my work of words without paying, and moreover gave credit to another...firing me while I was out on maternity leave, and all I got was a lousy t-shirt.
My great and hilarious friend Robert Troy Moore used to stay up late with me, folding the newsletter I used to produce for the Memorial, and was outraged by my termination.  He took it upon himself to enter the office building and approach my old boss, demanding a copy of the Annual Observance booklet I'd put together but failed to get a copy well as a T-shirt...acting like a strange crazy man, and angrily claiming that "My Grandpappy Was A Fallen Firefighter!" before vanishing as oddly as he had appeared.  I cherish this entire memory to this day, both bitter and sweet, and thank God for this quiet opportunity to diss my old boss a little after all this time. 

One always wants to think that cops and firefighters are heroes 24/7, but the stories my old boss often told were either so horrible as to give me nightmares, or so perverted as to cause l’il ol’ me to sit and blush in embarrassed silence.   He knew a lot about our city's history -- especially the smarmier parts...and would become animated as he related them to me. 

It was from him that I first learned of the tunnels and caves that riddle the swath of land that stretches from Manitou Springs through the Crystal Hills, and along Gold Camp and Old Stage Roads through Bear Creek Canyon.  As he told it, people from three distinct groups could often be found underground: prostitutes and their clients, bootleggers and gangsters, and black magic practitioners.  The Gazette did a story a long while back that addressed the rumored secret rituals, devil worship, and human sacrifice...and some time afterward, the tunnels were supposedly sealed.

“Conejos” means “rabbit” in Spanish, and as best I can tell, the area was once the City’s red light district -- the party zone that separated Colorado Springs from Old Colorado City and Manitou.  

Years ago the “Cotton Club” was located there; its owner Fannie Mae Duncan was probably one of the few black female businesswomen in Colorado Springs at that time.  The musical acts that played her club were often internationally-known, and since it wasn’t segregated, it was a popular place for tolerant souls and music lovers to mix, dance and mingle amongst the races.  Evenso, there’s also much tell of prostitution, gambling, and bootlegging; the Gazette ran an article that mentioned the quiet “arrangements” Ms. Duncan had in place with the local police…and no doubt, she knew plenty of secrets about powerful people.

Plans for a park in the Conejos District had been a topic of serious discussion since as far back as the 1970’s; articles in the Colorado Springs Independent have been the most thorough (until mine)...and I'm certainly not the first to write at length questioning the purpose and value of America the Beautiful Park, nee Confluence Park.;col1 gazette indy tosches routon hazelhurst

Once the City decided the area was blighted, and needed some urban renewal, they begged, borrowed and stole to gain control of the real estate there, including citing eminent domain.  The plan was to construct something there called City Gate,  which was to include a hotel, an arena,  an upscale housing complex, etc.   

Nor'wood's conceptual rendition of City Gate

Again -- kinda frou-frou for what had always been such a downtrodden area.   

July 2003

Here lately, there’s been an awful lot of talk about the hate crimes of Christianity, and of the comparative harmlessness of some the “nature-based faiths”, primarily Wicca, Paganism, and Shamanism.  I find that most people really don’t pay much attention or care…just as long as taxpayer monies aren’t spent to support any of them; just as long as there’s always a separation between church and state.

That Wiccan worship circle up at the Air Force Academy has been made to sound simply like a small group of young men and women whose strong faith in nature inspired them to roll a bunch of heavy rocks into a circular formation so they could all sit around a fire and pray to the sky and to the trees and to the rocks.  
But wolves so often arrive wearing sheep’s clothing.   I tell you now that anything associated with Mikey Weinstein is something about which I am HELLA suspicious...

I'd not be at all surprised to learn that the gigantic cross that went suddenly missing from the Veteran’s memorial in the Mojave Desert is hanging upside-down in his basement.

“Come, come, Spydra, embrace your inner free-thinker…don’t allow your irrational faith in Christianity to unfairly bias you against these folks.”

OK; I’ll go a step further, and embrace my inner soothsayer, for as I told you, I once was one.  Actually, I always walk hand-in-hand with her…Amethyst…having learned from her, and from the cards that she read.  

I always felt a bit uneasy about my “fortune telling” and always prayed to God that He'd help me to read the cards accurately.   Read the m I did, and I put them down after two terrifyingly accurate readings about two dear friends...including one in which I foresaw the suicide of my friend Robert Troy Moore -- whom I will forever love and never forget, but could not help -- and though I can already hear the tsk-tskers, I hold the music of Marilyn Manson partly responsible for his death.

So, let’s say that I’m looking at this whole situation dualistically, with my Christian right eye on one side, and my Left Hand Path left eye on the other.  It’s not as hard as it might sound, you know; I grew up seeing things from both the white side and the black side...and after all, witches and Christians alike have faith in the supernatural.

What exactly does the one-eye symbolize?  Well, a one-eyed god can be found in many belief systems…the drag of it is that they're all sorta malevolent; well, I guess that's subjective, but think of the Cyclops of Greece, or Wotan and Odin – two different names for the same Scandinavian one-eyed god that gave us the word Wednesday, and was revered by the Nazis.  Muslims happen to believe that the antichrist is one-eyed.  Yes, we are talking about the same single eye at the top of the pyramid on the back of our dollar bill. 

Marilyn Manson's Cyclops tattoo

This eye can be traced back to Egypt's sky god, Horus. Horus was the Egyptian one-eyed, falcon-headed god of the sun and sky.   He was born of Osiris and Isis, a husband-and-wife pair who happened also to be brother-and-sister.  They are sometimes referred to as the "Holy Family."

Osiris was murdered by his jealous brother Set; Set then chopped Osiris into 14 pieces and spread the pieces throughout Egypt.  Isis went through Egypt, gathering her husband’s body parts, finding every one but his penis.  She fashioned a penis out of...something – some say an eel, a snake, or the wood of an acacia tree – and made love to her dead husband, breathing and humping life into him...until his spirit re-animated, rose up and out of him, through Isis, and finally passed into the underworld, over which he has since presided.  It was in this manner that Isis became pregnant with Horus.  

"The Contendings of Horus and Set" are the events Horus went through in avenging his father.  Set is frequently depicted as having a boar's or a pig's head; looking upon Set's evil caused Horus to lose his eye, which another god Thoth magically restored.  

When we last left our superheroes, 

Said the Universal Lord before the Great Ennead to Horus and Seth: Go and obey what I tell you. You should eat and / drink so that we may have (some) peace. Stop quarreling so every day on end. Then Seth told Horus, Come, let's make holiday in my house. Horus told him: "I'll do so, surely, I'll do so, I'll do so.

Now afterward, (at) evening time, bed was prepared for them, and they both lay down. But during the night, Seth caused his phallus to become stiff and inserted it between Horus's thighs. Then Horus placed his hands between his thighs and received Seth's semen. Horus / went to tell his mother Isis: help me, Isis, my mother, come and see what Seth has done to me. And he opened his hand(s) and let her see Seth's semen. She let out a loud shriek, seized the copper (knife), cut off his hand(s) that were equivalent. Then she fetched some fragrant ointment and applied it to Horus's phallus. She caused it to become stiff and inserted it into a por, and he caused his semen to flow down into it.

Isis at morning time went carrying the semen of Horus to the garden of Seth and said to Seth's gardener: What sort of vegetable / is it that Seth eats here in your company? So the gardener told her: he doesn't eat any vegetable here in my company except lettuce. And Isis added the semen of Horus onto it. Seth returned according to his daily habit and ate the lettuce, which he regularly ate. Thereupon he became pregnant with the semen of Horus. So Seth went to tell / Horus: Come, let's go and I may contend with you in the tribunal. Horus told him: I'll do so, surely, I'll do so, I'll do so.

They both went to the tribunal and stood in the presence of the Great Ennead. They were told: Speak concerning yourselves. Said Seth: let me be awarded the office of Ruler, l.p.h., for as to Horus, the one who is standing (trial), I have performed the labor of a male against him. The Ennead let out a load cry. They spewed and spat at at Horus's face. Horus laughed at them. Horus then took / an oath by god as follows: All that Seth has said is false. Let Seth's semen be summoned that we may see from where it answers, and my own be summoned that we may see from where it answers.

Then Thoth, lord of script and scribe of truth for the Ennead, put his hand on Horus's shoulder and said: Come out, you semen of Seth. And it answered him from the water in the interior of the marsh. Thoth put his hand on Seth's shoulder and said: Come out, you semen of Horus. Then it said to him: Where shall I come from? Thoth said to it: Come / out from his ear. Thereupon it said to him: is it from his ear that I should issue forth, seeing that I am divine seed? Then Thoth said to it: Come out from the top of his head. And it emerged as a golden solar disk upon Seth's head. Seth became exceeding furious and extended his hand(s) to seize the golden solar disk. Thoth took it away / from him and placed it as a crown upon his (own) head. Then the Ennead said: Horus is right, and Seth is wrong.

Horus strikes me as quite the momma's boy...although as I understand it, he did get so angry with her at one point that he decapitated her.  Tsk - kids.

It's ok...the same guy who fixed Horus' eye instantly healed Isis...good ol' Thoth...though why he didn't heal Set's testicle(s) is a question that certainly has some homophobic overtones.  HATE CRIME! 

The story goes that Osiris the mummy, his son the jackal-headed god Anubis, and his other son, the falcon-headed god Horus are all gonna come back and kick Set's ass.

There is an entire field of mathematical study based upon the Eye of Horus fractions.

The Eye of Horus: In the Ancient Egyptian measurement system, the Eye Of Horus was used a form of fractional notation, each of the parts of the eye representing a different fraction. The parts of the eye were divided as follows:

  • 1/2 was represented by smell, symbolized by the right side of the eye in a form of the nose. The pyramid text says: “Behold [the fire] rises in Abydos and it comes; I cause it to come, the Eye of Horus. It is set in order upon thy brow, O Osiris Khenti-Amenti; it is set in the shrine and rises on thy brow.”

  • 1/4 was represented by sight or the sensation of light, symbolized by the pupil. The pyramid text says: “Perfect is the Eye of Horus. I have delivered the Eye of Horus, the shining one, the ornament of the Eye of Ra, the Father of the Gods.” 

  • 1/8 was represented by thought, symbolized by the eyebrow. The pyramid text says: “…the Eye of Horus hath made me holy…I will hide myself among you, O ye stars which are imperishable. My brow is the brow of Ra.”

  • 1/16 was represented by hearing, symbolized by right side of the eye in the form of an arrow pointing towards the ear. The pyramid text says: “That which has been shut fast/dead hath been opened by the command of the Eye of Horus, which hath delivered me. Established are the beauties of the forehead of Ra.”

  • 1/32 was represented by taste, by the sprouting of wheat or grain from the planted stalk, symbolized by a curved tail. The pyramid text says: “Come, the Eye of Horus hath delivered for me my soul, my ornaments are established on the brow of Ra. Light is on the faces of those who are in the members of Osiris.”

  • 1/64 was represented by touch, symbolized by a leg touching the ground. The pyramid text says: “I shall see the Gods and the Eye of Horus burning with fire before my eyes.”

I'm not saying that the math doesn't add up -- indeed, I don't even pretend to have any understanding about the fractions whatsoever.  In all reality, it's entirely possible that the math part of this IS the easy part...because I gotta tell ya -- it's HELLA complicated.  I mean, these gods shape-shift into animals...there’s incest, bestiality, homosexuality, necrophilia, and sperm in unexpected places...all in all, some pretty weird, wild stuff, and it’s hard to keep it all straight.  Having researched this topic for nearly a year now, I have a grasp...but I am yet left to marvel at Egyptian polytheism -- and at any grown-up who can say with a straight face that they subscribe to these beliefs today.  

Indeed, if I didn't know what I've come to know about Egyptian mythology, I would look at the pictures above and swear it was an ad campaign for some new boys' action figures!  To me it smacks of Thundercats and Digimon -- plain and simple -- and I am left to exclaim WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAZY COCKAMAMIE!  

These people pray to what I literally identify as Saturday Morning Cartoon Characters, and revere "gods" who do unspeakable things to one another

And these people are adults???

They mock the unseen and seemingly aloof God of the Bible...and then build idols to the 5,000 year old make-believe gods of an extinct civilization?  Can you have it both ways?

They sneer together over their salads, mocking religious traditions of breaking bread together by comparing it to fantasy cannibalism??   Well, say what you will, but at least the God of the Bible didn't liberally "butter the bread" first with his "country crock spread"

if ya know what I mean (wink, wink...nudge, nudge)! 

Now let’s take a closer look at the park.

There is no indication of what the park looks like from the sky while on the ground…though there are clues. 
This is not the actual marking -- or sigil -- that can be found on the park benches, but it reminds me them.  

The ones in the park also include a planetary symbol of some sort that I've not ascertained, but seem to indicate Saturn…or possibly Nibiru, an extra planet that's rumored to be in our solar system, and comes into contact with Earth every so often -- the next time in 2012.  

There's going to be a total solar eclipse this year on July 11, 2010; I'm not sure of the actual significance of the eclipse, but here's a helpful Wikipedia solar eclipse article that I almost had time to read.  Of especial note is the dragon's crown on my plate, which plainly depicts a total solar eclipse.  Interestingly, 2012 will be the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac.  

It is so strange, too...though the plate is obviously of Chinese origin, I realize now that the wings on the dragon's crown look like the wings of Isis.  I mean, I know the explanation for's because even the Egyptian Sun Cult is wrong in thinking its religion to be the first and most ancient; that title actually belongs to the Sumerians, in which Isis' counterpart is named Inanna; it's certainly part of how China's own religious stories came about...but it's just surprising to see ancient China giving nod to a civilization that antiquates it -- China's been around for more than 5,000 years, after all.  Evenso, the largest pyramid structure known on earth is located in the Takla Makan desert of China, and red-headed mummies have been found in its sands.

There's not a solar eclipse in 2012, but the summer olympics are in 2012 -- if you want to learn A LOT OF INFORMATION QUICKLY, check out the radio interviews with Rik Clay, a worldly 23-year-old from the UK who committed suicide under questionable circumstances after having revealed facts he discovered about the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.  I'll tell you what -- watching the video below really made me wonder A GREAT DEAL about the USOC and why it was so important to keep them in Colorado Springs.

Consider again the obelisks, which are, of course, phallic symbols of Egyptian origin.  When there’s one, it symbolizes the penis of Osiris -- and we’ll come back to that.  When there are two, they stand for Joachim and Boaz, two towers that are mentioned in the Bible as part of Solomon’s temple.  Supposedly, one of the signs of the end of our age is the “abomination of desolation”, or the sacrilegious rebuilding of Solomon’s temple.  

The obelisks are inscribed with the same markings that can be found on the Cimino Street sidewalk in front of the park; further, at night, they light up in a zillion different colors.  I've always wanted to check it out for myself at night...BUT I'VE BEEN TOO A-SCARED TO GO THERE ALONE AT NIGHT -- and I ain't afraid of nothing!  When I've asked friends to accompany me...they too have been too afraid to go there with me!  And for good reason, considering all the vagrants and varmints in that area, and especially when one considers all of the cold case murders that have taken place in and around the Drake Power Plant/America the Beautiful/Monument Valley Park area.

The "sound" eye of Horus is also indicative of the sun, where as the "darkened" eye is indicative of the moon; Horus is often referred to as "He Who Has Two Eyes On His Brow." 

So, now let’s look at the park from the sky.  

The park is a group of sigils that can only be seen from the sky.

Just think...some airborne "design charette" racked up a pretty penny flying up there as a group to get a real bird's eye see the park the way Horus will see it when he comes swooping down from the sky.

I tickle myself when I think of the heated conversations that must have taken place in the airplane's cabin:  "No, no, you damned fool, don't your landscapers know how to design a proper feather of Ma'at!?!  YOU'RE FIRED!!!!  And I just cast a nasty indigestion spell on you for good measure, you useless imbecile....!!!" 

The Eye of Horus is probably the second most recognized symbol of Ancient Egypt. The right eye of Udjat represents the Sun, and the left eye of Udjat represents the Moon. The Egyptian artisans fashioned some stunning pieces in this symbol, for they worked in faience and semi-precious stones such as Lapis Lazuli and Carnelian. This symbol has many, many facets. It represents the eye of the Sun God Horus (son of Osiris and Isis). The reverence shown to parents is one of the virtues symbolized by the Udjat, and this amulet could be used as an offering an eldest son was supposed to provide daily at his father's tomb. It was believed to ward off sickness and be capable of bringing the dead to life. The Udjat was placed in the wrappings of the mummies (over the incision where the embalmers removed the internal organs). Damaging the body in any way was considered bad luck for the deceased, and the Egyptians hoped to protect it by placing the Udjat over the cut. 

That cup-shaped thing is known as the sun disk crown of Isis; it's shown quite plainly as an amulet around Isis' neck in the videos at the beginning of this post.

Within it is depicted the sun, the horizon and the mountains

The cup-shaped thing is also known as the apis crown – Osiris occasionally manifests into something called the apis bull, and when he does, Isis transforms into a cow and they get their bovine freak on.  

Then there's the head of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death.   

 You may have recently heard that a 26 foot statue of him was just erected at Denver International Airport; a friend suggested that perhaps it's meant as a giant scarecrow to keep the terrorists away! 

Actually, this is a version of the boat made out of black people in front of the courthouse; only this time, they're mocking all of us.  They like to hide their messages and symbols in plain sight, you see...

The feather of Ma'at, which is actually much easier to see in the July 2003 image of the park that's shown earlier in this post.

The Feather, called "Shut", was a symbol of the God Shu. Shu ruled the air and was the father of the Earth "Geb" and the Sky "Nut". The feather was also a symbol of Ma'at, the Goddess of truth and order. The hall of Ma'at was where the deceased would be judged for worthiness and acceptance into the Afterlife. If the heart was free from the impurities of sin, (and therefore lighter than the feather), the deceased would enter the Afterlife. Other gods such as Anubis, who were part of the tribunal overseeing "the weighing of the heart" in the judgement hall, also held a Feather. The feather was usually depicted as a tall ostrich plume. 

There's the crescent moon thing with the swirly spiral things going around it; I think it's a crescent moon, but I also think it's depicting the kundalini of the spine, as well as the two snakes that entwine around a caduceus...and also depicted in the lap of the Satanic Baphomet -- and actually, I've just recently learned it also has something to do with the flow of fluids through a zero-gravity or cold fusion device....which I discuss somewhat further below.

The Cobra, also known as iaret, was the chief symbol for all of Lower Egypt (The vulture, "Nekhebet" was the symbol for Upper Egypt, see below). She was almost always depicted reared up with her hood spread out. Because she was called "The Fiery Eye of Re" (Ra...the Sun), it was a common occurrence to find Iaret on either side of a Sun depiction. The Cobra was heavily associated with the Afterlife, and it was believed two Cobras spitting fire guarded the gates of every hour of the Underworld.

the lotus

and something to do with an eclipse; the next total solar eclipse will occur July 11, 2010.

The Scarab was called Khepera by the Ancient Egyptians, and this meant "he was came forth". This title came about because of the manner in which the young Scarab Beetles emerged from their hatching place. To the Egyptians, it seemed like the Scarabs emerged spontaneously, so the beetle was associated with two Gods: The creator god "Atum", and the scarab-beetle God "Khepera". Scarabs, like the feather, were very important in the "the weighing of the heart" in the judgement hall of the deceased. Because of this it was common to place a Scarab representation over the heart of the mummified deceased. The Scarab was associated with the male connotation. 

The white crown

The Cartouche was the 'place holder' for the name of the Pharoah. The Egyptian name for the Cartouche, "shenu", is derived from the verb, "sheni" meaning to encircle. It is believed the Cartouche began as a Shen Ring and was expanded to its elongated shape after the Pharoahs names were lengthened. The Cartouche had great solar symbolism, for it originally represented everything that was encircled by the Sun, such as the Pharaoh's realm. 

And here's some things that seem like they would benefit from a lot more "air time" as far as their design is concerned:

These are pretty much just my best guesses; I'm not an authority on this kind of thing, and on some of them I could be way off.  But it should be evident by now that there's a whole lotta something there.  Some is more clear than others -- which I'm sure these movers and shakers already realize, and it's got to upset them...because without these images being clearly seen from the sky, how will the gods find their way to downtown Colorado Springs?  Wasn't this kind of an expensive route to take?  Weren't the Egyptians famous for their cartography...couldn't someone have simply sent them A MAP??

What I'm wondering is why so much of it has to do with death, and the underworld, and the afterlife, and DEATH????

The eye of the park is looking east, toward the horizon of the rising sun, and happens to be looking directly at the Colorado Springs Airport, and further, Schriever AFB.  I guess until about ten years ago, Schriever was known as Falcon Air Force Base. 

And what of the fountain then?  Well, if you walk right up to it, you find that it is a pyramid, in mobius form.  The mobius symbolizes the turning of time in on itself, a continuum…the cycle of life and death. The fountain turns four times every hour, and that makes it a clock of some kind. The fountain happens to have 366 jets of water, which further makes the sculpture calendrical, and is indicative of a leap year.  The next leap year occurs in 2012.

Take a look at the advertisements that were in this Sunday's paper; any add for any store that sells clocks will do.  Take a look and see what time it is on the clocks -- whether analog or digital.  Almost without exception, the clocks are set at 10:10 -- why?  I mean, when you unplug a clock and you plug it in again,  it flashes 12:00 at you until you take steps to change that; why would all of these stores purposely set the time on the clocks to 10:10, just for the sake of taking picture for an advertisement?  I've read an explanation that when the hands of a clock are set at 10:10, they are at their most asthetically pleasing -- yeah, right.

Is it possible that something is going to happen at 10:10, some time in 2012?  Is it possible that the Julie Penrose Fountain is counting down to that time?  Is it possible that the fountain, as it turns counter-clockwise four times per hour, is winding a coil, and that at some appointed time, whatever it's been winding this whole time will suddenly be let loose to spin in a clockwise direction?  And what will happen then?

The Book of Revelations says that in the end times -- which we are in, people -- something is going to happen that'll cause most people to believe that something miraculous has occurred; people will believe that objects and people are able to fly, and they'll be so overwhelmed and amazed that they'll fall down and worship these seemingly superhuman beings.  But it will all be a trick; it won't be magic, but rather regular science.

As I was looking for the final images and videos to add to this post, I came across some information I'd never seen before; it was information about antigravity devices that might explain how the pyramids were those heavy blocks were lifted.

So many of these "free energy" devices and electromagnetic coil devices and zero-point antigravity devices and cold fusion engines seemed to have much in common with the Julie Penrose Fountain.  Much in common.

To be honest, I haven't quite got my mind around it yet -- very mathematic and overwhelming for me in a way.  

But I will say that I do believe there are magnets of some kind that make up part of the Julie Penrose Fountain "sculpture"...and every time I've approached it to touch it, I've been afraid of getting zapped.  There's a BUNCH of underground and electrical stuff at the Julie Penrose Fountain -- go there yourself and see.  Just don't drink the water...

Remember when I mentioned that a single obelisk is symbolic of Osiris’ penis? Well, when you look through the Julie Penrose fountain, you can glimpse Pikes Peak through it…meaning that in this case, the timeless Pikes Peak is Osiris’ penis…thrusting through the ever-turning circle of the vagina of Isis…symbolized by the Julie Penrose fountain.

If that's not an outright perversion and abomination, I don't know what is.

A very similar shape of a mobius, a pyramid and an eye can be found on the AOL logo; indeed, take a good look at a great many company logos, and you’ll yourself see disturbing patterns emerging amongst them -- primarily, images of either  a sun/star or an eye; the reason for this is quiet but widespread sun worship.

Hard to believe, isn’t it?  But consider this:  at the very top of Pikes Peak there happens to be some kind of “America the Beautiful” plaque that coincides with the one that’s in the garden-level America the Beautiful park; it was put up there in 1993, a full decade before work on the park started.

One of the big supporters and persons responsible for both the plaque at the top of the Peak and the construction of the park is Costas Rombocos, the super-rich owner of the Shrine of Remembrance Funeral Home; on the grounds there sits a building called the America the Beautiful Chapel...he also owns his own crematorium.  Despite all of his money, Costas wears the kind of bad toupee you only see in "I Love Lucy" episodes.  Mr. Rombocos owns a home in the upper Skyway area, where all of the streets are named after constellations and signs of the zodiac; he also owns a home on the hill directly behind the Shrine of Remembrance, with a lovely, nearly panoramic view of the graveyard.

Another person largely responsible for the Julie Penrose Fountain is former city councilwoman Judy Noyes -- yes, the same Art On The Streets, Downtown Partnership, Chinook Bookstore, boat-made-out-of-black-people-in-front-of-the-courthouse Judy Noyes.  She lives not far from Costas Rombocos in the upper Skyway area.  

Ohhh, I can hear you…“Careful, Spydra, you’re going a bit far out there now, aren’t you?”  Believe me when I tell you that I worried myself that I was for several months. 

But much had been made of the fact that the Noyes had opened and closed their store exactly 45 years to the day. “That’s funny,” I thought, “why not go for 50 years if you’re only 5 years from it?”  That’s because I think of longevity in terms of marriage -- silver anniversary, golden anniversary.  My husband and I have been married for 19 years...and Dick and Judy have been married for at least 16,045 years -- why WOULDN'T you go for 50, even in an adverse economic climate?

I'm only able to do mental math when it involves numbers that end in 5 and 0; and though 45 years ends with 5, it still rounds off to 50.  That’s when God told me to add up numerologically the June 15, 1959 – June 15, 2004 opening and closing dates of the Chinook Bookshop -- and you should know by now that anytime I am compelled to do math, it’s gotta be divinely-inspired.  

June is the 6th month; the fifteenth day is 1+5=6; 1959=1+9+5+9=24…2+4=6; and 2004=2+0+0+4=6.  They opened and closed their store on days that both amount numerologically to 666. This would indicate witchcraft and satanism...and what's up with their bull symbology anyway -- maybe it's just zodiacal (Taurus)...but can anyone say "apis bull?"

Sorry, Judy -- but you wrote me denying that the boat made out of black people in front of the county court house was anything other than a symbol of peace, justice and liberty:  it's pretty plain to see that was an absolute lie.  It was a symbol all right -- just not one that you ever thought any black person would be astute enough to recognize.  Guess that just goes to show how smart you really are, as opposed to how smart you think you are.  Too bad you brought yourself to my attention, because I'd otherwise have completely overlooked your old racist pagan butt.

These are some of the other organizations and people that had something to do with America the Beautiful Park; I'm not sure if it lists Mary Lou Makepeace, Richard Skorman, or Lionel Rivera in this image...but if it doesn't, I'll just put it out there that these people all served on the City Council together during a time wherein many votes and important decisions about the park took place.  

What about the warehouse and industrial buildings alongside the park?  Well, on the one side is the building that’s had so much ado made about it…the building the city gave to the United States Olympic Committee.  They keep calling it “the old Gas Building” but I never remembered it as such, so I looked it up.  The building was constructed in 1993, so it isn’t really that old.  I read that the displaced people who came here due to Hurricane Katrina were “processed” at that building.

This building is part of the Landco debacle, and Mayor Lionel Rivera, and El Pomar Foundation, and the $50 to $100 million dollars or so that they all threw at the USOC to keep them in Colorado Springs.  I’d have taken better pictures of it, but every time I started taking pictures of it, the police would appear out of nowhere, and I would feel moved to stop filming openly.

There’s one last building I need to mention.  It’s the red brick building across the street from the park.  I guess the Cottonwood Artists used the building for a while, but they moved out, and it currently sits empty.  The building was used in the 1930’s for something called “coal gasification” and the tar that it left over is part of the reason why the area has been so difficult to market to speculators – there’s actually a bunch of cleanup that has to be done before that building is usable for anything other than gasification

I’ve written a great deal at this point, and now I’m about to tie it all together. 

We all know about the Third Reich, which would indicate that there was a First and a Second, and will possibly be a Fourth.  When I ask people about the biggest mistake the Nazis made, people say “Well, Hitler shouldn’t have invaded Russia.”  But to me, the biggest and most shocking mistake the Nazis made was leaving behind all of those mountains of dead bodies.  Believe me, the Nazis tried hard to put to good use every part of the exterminated peoples: gold fillings were wrenched out of mouths, slippers were made out of shorn hair, and tanners would create the most delicate lampshades out of the very skin of the Jews.  Just like people often study the business model of Domino’s for economics, the Nazi model is also frequently studied by virtue of its sheer efficiency -- if only the Nazis had discovered a better way to more efficiently use and dispose of all those bodies…

Well, I was looking up Mom’s Evil District Eleven Girlfriend Jan Tanner, whose maiden name is Janet Jean Jorgensen -- Triple J -- and again, going solely on another God-hunch, I realized that when you hold up three J’s in front of a mirror, they can appear to be three 6’s.  

So, following a “hunch” I started to look up other people whose first and middle names started with J and whose last name was Jorgensen in her home state of Illinois.  And I found a Julie Jorgensen in Itasca, Illinois -- 8 short miles from Mount Prospect, which is where Jan Tanner attended high school, and also from where the most recent American Idol hails.  

Julie Jorgensen is the wife of an Illinois government bigwig, but held onto her maiden name.  Her name came up in connection with a highly-contentious biofuels coal gasification/electricity project in that neck of the woods.  

I dunno if Julie and Jan are kin to each other, but the Mount Prospect proximity, the nearness in age, the triple j connection, and the coal gasification links were simply too much for me to ignore...

Acting further on the hunch, I looked up crematoria and gasification…and apparently, there’s a whole sustainable-energy pilot project going on in India and Sweden to determine the feasibility of converting dead bodies into electricity.  Hard to believe?  Gruesome to think?  Feasible it is...and since the only sure things in life are death and taxes, it's the ultimate green endeavor.  It's true:  people who have donated their bodies to science are already generating household electricity in these two pilot programs.

Ever wonder what "pyramid" might mean, by the way?  Well, whatever it means, it has to do with FIRE (pyr=pyro).

Here’s another interesting Janism I uncovered in connection with the park:  Jan Tanner was Karen Teja’s campaign manager; Linda Elliott was Jan Tanner’s campaign manager; both campaigns spent the bulk of their monies at Mailing Services, Inc. -- like, way more than seemed necessary for the comparatively paltry print materials they'd generated.  

Mailing Services, Inc., 531 E. Cimarron Street.  So, I looked it up.  It was originally located at 1029 S. Sierra Madre...mere blocks from America the Beautiful Park…and was opened by William Huyge, and David Noyes – son of Judy..  

The other businesses located at that location are Peak Professional Contractors and Law Enforcement Technologies; all have the Itasca Partners in common. 

Ralph Tipaldi is listed as the registered agent for Law Enforcement Technologies, and has EXTENSIVE ties to Florida.  Law Enforcement Technologies is further closely linked with Rothgerber, Johnson and Lyons -- one of the law firms that appeared again and again on the D11 check register (90 South Cascade, Suite 1100). Palmer Village is associated with Mulliken, Weinhold, et. all -- another one of the law firms on D11's check register.  

Another law firm that showed up in both places was Anderson, Dude and Lebel; what's kinda neat tho, is that Peak Professional Contractors submitted the articles of incorporation paperwork for the Gateway Business Owners Condominium Group. A document on this page actually states that Itasca Partners is doing business as Peak Professional Contractors.


Remember, Itasca, Illinois is where Janet and Julie Jorgensen are from...and a visit to the Itasca site mentioned prominently the Nor'wood building group and Classic Homes.  Nor'wood is all wrapped up in the Palmer Village and Pikes Peak Place developments that are in store for the City Gate development; plus, they had a big hand in the boat made out of black people.  

You might remember that I mentioned having traced an airplane that belonged to Inflated Dough and to Mark Tanner, and the modest $1.2 million dollar home he owns in Marco Island, Florida.  People:  forget about convenient alley access to a mom-n-pop-pizza-shop -- Tanner's back yard has A CANAL THAT LEADS STRAIGHT TO THE GULF OF MEXICO; SO MUCH FOR THE SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS THAT JUST HAPPENED TO SNAG A TEN-YEAR, NO BID CONTRACT TO PROVIDE PIZZA TO SCHOOL DISTRICT 11.  

A document I read that discussed "mega-franchises," stated that Tanner's Domino's franchise is "one of the most successful in the world."  A couple of years ago, Inflated Dough enjoyed revenues of $7 million dollars!!!!!  And that was before they made those crap changes to their pizza that caused it to taste like SCHMEGMA; now, I'll bet they're making money hand over gag!!!

Not that I have any inkling of what schmegma tastes like...or even is, for that matter.

Like Mr. Tipaldi, Law Enforcement Technologies is an outfit with extensive ties to the same parts of Florida that Jan and the Tanners like to frequent. Law Enforcement Technologies holds the patent on something called “flash bang” technology, a type of explosive that momentarily stuns the unexpecting.  It has been used primarily in urban warfare house-to-house clearing operations: window gets broken, explosive is thrown in, everyone in the house is thrown to the ground and can’t move…and the soldiers then enter the house and round up unresisting people up at gunpoint.  Efficiently.  And just think -- all those neighborhood elementary schools they shut down last year would make PERFECT PLACES  to temporarily detain whole groups of people! 

LISTEN TO ME:  this stuff is going to happen first to the poor people, and to the black people, and the Hispanic people...and at first it will be kept kinda quiet; the wealthy whites will hear whispers of it, but they will shake their heads with disbelief and repeat to themselves "not my problem."  But if the plan is to get rid of 90% of the world's population, most of the wealthy will also be eliminated...and then it WILL BE YOUR PROBLEM.


This is directly for the object of my personal obsession, my galpal Janet Jean Jorgensen:  

JJ, you are no common hausfrau...and you are NOT from Colorado Springs; STOP pretending already that you are this uber-passionate mom who cares so much about school choice for everyone.  You don't give a damn about the city of Colorado don't give a damn about the people of Colorado Springs -- and you proved it when you voted to close all of those schools; you were seen yawning and acting board at the public meetings the District had to discuss the closures...and at the boundary meetings, all you did was giggle and pass notes, like it was all a big joke!  Well, I got news for ya -- SOME people LOVE the city of Colorado Springs, and the people who live here, and the kids who grow up here; SOME people don't think this is all fun and games...and SOME people actually think that your shit actually does stink.

So, Janny -- this is what you were groomed to be when you grew up -- a liar and a poser?  A fake and a phony?   How dare you sit and blabber about how District 11 does so much for kids, regardless of whether those kids ate a decent meal or not, or have active and engaged parents or not, or were born with silver spoons in their mouths or not.   STFU JAN, WE BOTH KNOW THAT YOU ARE FILTHY STINKING RICH -- YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN -- YOU ALWAYS WILL BE!!! 

I know, I could this little burg EVER measure up to your hometown of MOUNT PERFECT, ILLINOIS?  INDEED, JAN, WTF DID YOU LEAVE MOUNT PERFECT TO BEGIN WITH?  As close as it was to Obama's center of operations, I'd think you'd want to stay put!  No doubt you feel a lot like an old school settler, Little House on the Prairie Style -- sallying forth and staking claim, and ready to tell stories about how the West was won -- WE BOTH KNOW IT'S A LIE... AND I SWEAR, I WILL CLIMB ATOP PIKES PEAK AND SHOUT IT DOWN THE MOUNTAINSIDE UNTIL YOU FINALLY SKEDDADDLE BACK TO CHI-TOWN!!!  

"Ahh, yess dahling, that's JJ Jorgensen, of the Illinois Jorgensens."

Jan, you are SUCH  hypocrite...sucking up all of the benefits that capitalism has to offer...posing as a "progressive" so as to hide your "socialist" leanings:  BULLSHIT.  You are a FASCIST, and an ACTRESS...and the only difference between you and the Danish monarchy is a diamond tiara and a heavy accent!!!  Jorgensen means "son of George"...we're talking King George...and hey, wow, just like your good buddy Tami Hasling's maiden name Bjorgensrud, which translated loosely ALSO means "KING GEORGE'S KIN."  THIS AIN'T NO TALE OF TWO CITIES, JAN...YOU WILL ALWAYS ONLY PLAY THE PRINCESS AND NEVER THE PAUPER, SO STOP PRETENDING YOU CARE ABOUT THE COLORADO COMMON MAN!!!

Jan, your Mount Prospect removal from black people caused you to underestimate me, and your shameful stinginess led you to stiff me...and though STAR Academy means school's back in session at Adams Elementary, I don't get to benefit from it; SO I AM STILL IRKED.  And by now I'll just bet you've wished at least once or twice that you'd never voted to close Adams, and that you'd hired a courier to deliver me a gift-wrapped check for $20,000, Frank-Azar-style LAST YEAR if you'd had any inkling I'd still be a thorn in your side THIS YEAR.  

I'll tell you what:  if I were one of your co-horts right now, I'd be giving you what for!  "Dammit Jan, why didn't you just give that darky some hush money so that she would just go away!!!  Now everybody's looking at all of us funny, like we have pizza on our faces and food stuck in our teeth; THANKS ALOT JAN FOR HELPING SPYDRA MAKE ALL OF US LOOK BAD!!!"  I guess sometimes Jan, ya snooze, ya lose...or at the very least ya get biffed upside the head real hard and back in the day WHEN KIDS STILL HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO SUFFER THROUGH DODGE BALL.

Janet Jean Jorgensen, you are simply about as fake as my ass is black, and ya wanna know how I know?   

Jorgensen Family Coat of Arms
Tanner Family Coat of Arms

Coincidence?  I don't think so; Jan and Carl Tanner probably got engaged to each other when they were both two years old...and her family dowry probably included 3 household slaves!  Jan Tanner's family -- on both sides -- must have made their fortunes off of the transatlantic slave trade -- I figure each of those heads probably signifies 100, each family was involved in the slave trade for 300 years -- and they're  proud of it.  THIS is the REAL family business...and they're  READY to continue on the family tradition, and help usher in the New World Order -- by force.


This is partly why:  because these sun-worshipping tree-huggers already think they know which parts of the world will survive the coming geological cataclysm...and Colorado Springs is one of five locations in the United States of America that's predicted to undergo relatively mild change;  as a matter of fact, there's already a name for Post-Cataclysm Colorado Springs:  KLEMAH.

My friends...even some of what I'm saying is true -- AND ALL OF WHAT I'M SAYING IS TRUE -- these people have no qualms about making burnt sacrifices to Egyptian Gods, returning to slavery, and picking up where Hitler left off.

And just in case you're unclear:  I started researching D11's rash of elementary school closures...then the boat made out of black people...and then God told me to look at America the Beautiful Park from the sky; my research of these three seemingly unrelated situations led me, in the end, to the same old Jan Tanner.  God revealed to me a horror in triplicate...and I didn't even have to dance around nude, have sex with a steer, or offer up a human sacrifice!!!


I have now revealed it all to you.  Here's the sad truth, my fellow citizens:  it would appear that a bunch of Luciferians have occupied very high places in Colorado Springs for some time; their wealth and capacity for evil is limitless, and they don't give a damn about the rest of us.  

Thanks to the census, they know where we are, and how many to expect when they storm our houses; at an appointed time, there will be some kind of electromagnetic pulse that will wipe out the power along the front range...and probably some kind of fake alien invasion that will catch most of us off guard and unprepared...and terrified and gullible, we will allow this very-well prepared group of evil-doers to swarm upon us like the insects they are, and herd us like sheep to our ungodly slaughter.


These way-out religionists will take us to the America the Beautiful temple...and they will force us to accept the mark of the beast -- a computer chip to keep track of us.  


If they think we might be worth keeping alive for a while for one purpose or another...who knows, sex, coal mining, pizza making, oil spill disaster cleanup...then we'll go on a train to appointed locations and work as slaves until we die.  

But most of us...and I mean the vast majority of us...will be gassed at the coal gasification building, and offered up as burnt sacrifices to their wacky animal gods who will be pleased by the aroma of our incineration, and our life-force returned to the Mother Earth, Gaia -- transformed into the green, sustainable energy that will power our city's streetlights as the wacky Wiccans writhe naked in unrestrained, perverted abandon, seeking blessings for their Southern Delivery Water Project from their aloof and imaginary sun god.  



Me?  I pretty much know what will happen to me, because I've said it so many times in my life:  unlike the world's Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimah Busbys, I'd be a very dangerous slave; I speak well, I speak up, in several languages...I can read and I'm uppity and stubborn.  

So, I'll probably end up in the dead nigger pile...I just hope that when death comes to me, it comes swiftly and with a martyr's honor. 

But regardless of my personal outcome -- as Glenn Gustafson's agile and talented concubine, or Jan Tanner's prized darkie pizza pie tosser, pre-blackened coal miner, oil spill wiper-upper, electro-mobile fuel...or plume of thing is absolutely certain:

Not one of you doomed elitist devil-worshippers could ever hope to dance...or me...nor will any of your money buy you a light that shines anywhere near as bright at mine.




You rich bitches and witches:  you, no doubt, think you're so smart...but I'm sure some of the revelations in this post will be more than a little embarrassing for you -- I believe these revelations come just a tad ahead of schedule, and I relish the thought of you squirming uncomfortably -- big badasses, terrified of little black quickly squeamish and squealy.  

You might hate Doug Bruce, and black people, and brown people, and any people who aren't rich and white and in league with Satan like yourselves...and you might perceive yourselves as oh-so-enlightened compared to the rest of us expendable worker-ants...but tell me this:  

Did your perverted, bird-headed cyclops milf-ing god warn you that a little black spider would crash your party early, expose your machinations and gum up your works? 


Which means that your god just got pwned.

* * * * * * * *

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