Wednesday, July 21, 2010

White pride

To celebrate the other half of me, here it is, in no particular order -- 
a very small sampling of reasons why white is all right
along with brief commentary

A beautiful mind, a tragic life, taken by his own hand; how sad it is that he did indeed have a gun.

A song that touched me long before Charlie Pace immortalized it on "Lost"

Such a beautiful voice, woman and song, singing about how my husband makes me feel

Do white boys even come this cool anymore?

Every time I listen to this, I become Jennifer Beals, soaking wet and flashdancing with a chair

The greatest concert I ever attended -- all acoustic at Red Rocks

A voice so plaintive singing words so raw, I am brought to weeping each and every time

Back in the day, when a song was still sung, and a woman was still as stunning as this blonde beauty

Such sweet and fetching harmony; makes me want to be her girlfriend

The first few notes of this song literally transport me; I close my eyes, and I'm in a different time and place

Proof that insane white girls can make you dance

To think the singer was dead in his apartment for two weeks before anyone even checked on him; one of the greatest voices EVER.

"If I happen to run into him, I'll pretend I don't see him," I said, dancing with myself;
came a touch upon my shoulder -- I turned and looked into his face...

Six years ago, this song got me through the darkest night of my soul

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