Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mann Handled

Hey y'all,

Not a whole lotta time...but for my background mood music, I was just listening to cool, rockin' sounds of Wednesday's work session.

For those of you who are interested in learning more about the District's hiring practices, watch the first hour of the Wednesday's Board Work Session meeting.  Kudos to Mary Thurman, whose suit was just too-too; she is just like *so* together, she makes me feel like a hobo.

For those of you interested in the Purple Packet Process, watch the second hour of Wednesday's Board Work Session meeting. 

Sandra Mann, by the way...I'm not sure what's gotten into her, but lately her questions have been *WAY* pointed, and she doesn't let up until the question has been decisively answered (or not).  My admiration for her grows with each hard-hitting question she she insists on having answered.  She did the same thing to Brenda LaBrasse several weeks ago, and it seemed like she came pretty close to making Brenda cry. 

Make sure to listen to Sandra's questions about HRO's involvement in the Purple Packet Transition process and how it affects external applicants, as well as her astute observations on how a lot of the hiring and "transition" procedures seem totally slanted against the District and in the teacher's favor. Her look, by the way, was dramatically spider-like.

Tom Strand, Charlie Bobbitt, Al Loma and Bob Null all asked very good questions as well...with several of them commenting on HOW EXPENSIVE PURPLE PACKET EMPLOYEES ARE...and Tom actually saying something about "the appearance of [Purple Packet] double-dipping." 

Just a couple of random Strand thoughts here: Is he growing a beard?  Does he have a cold? He's been a bit hoarse for two weeks now. I really like the way he controls the meetings...and he ended this one with a pretty humorous quip; sometimes, his sense of humor really cracks me up.

Good to see Reverend Loma back in the saddle again.

Final comment:  It's a little troubling how LuAnn *always* comes to the teacher's defense, even when it's nearly impossible to do.

Wednesday's work session only went 2 1/2 hours, so it's manageable; it's a must watch, so as soon as it becomes available online, watch it.

Good job to everyone on their clothing choices. 

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