Thursday, November 11, 2010

Morning Assembly what's up at Lincoln?  Who complained about the principal there, and the morning assemblies?

I'll be honest, this is the first I've heard of it; but I always sit up and take notice when citizen comments come from...shall we say, a more diverse group of opposed to the general PTO-ish cheerleaders.

So, I don't know all the details, but from what I could gather, some parents think it's a waste of time?

Well, for me, I think it's kinda cool to all meet at the start of the day for a quick morning pep-talk.  I was a Terrorette, and so maybe I'm a little biased; but there's not much more *rousing* to me than the sound of a school band doing the whole "let's get rowdy" thang...and the sound of a whole group of kids banging their feet on the bleachers and shouting is just like *WOW*.  I always loved pep assemblies; heck -- I always loved morning announcements.  Things like this didn't necessarily shape my day; but I really feel like it helped me feel like I was part of something bigger than myself; it's called "spirit" -- and if it helps the kids achieve, then so be it; be glad no one's starting out the morning with a (*gulp* dare I say it) prayer. 

And to be recognized in front of everyone at school is just cool.

The cutest little teacher from Lincoln came in and slapped everyone around with a bunch of achievement numbers, and the Lincoln community liaison said it well:  "If parents are upset that their kids didn't earn some sort of recognition, then the parents can recognize and reward their own child themselves."

"Here ya go,'s a gold star just for being you."

Anyway, I love school.  I love everything that makes kids love school.  I've only heard good things about Shirley Stevens (or is it Stephens, I dunno), and while I know I'm pretty uninformed on this subject, my gut is to support the principal.  Tell ya one thing for sure:  I didn't see a single soul step up in support of Ms. Herbst.

I love Sandra Mann's black hair, and her eyeglasses are the BEES KNEES y'all.

It was most unfortunate that the next item up was the District's audit and the results thereof.  I tried, and I tried, and I tried...but after three tries, I was out like a light -- as though an enormous Alejandro sandman crooned me a lullaby after covering my face with a cloth dipped in chloroform.  I tell ya, he has his way with me using that exact same tactic time and time again.

So, I'll have to tune in over the weekend to catch all that I missed.

( know who you are:  good job.  two weeks in a row.  nice sweater)

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