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MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WEEK: Memorial vote shelved


 a shiver runs through me

a spirit pulls soft at a strand of the web

he sighs with relief, and then whispers 

"shell game"

I dunno what it means, 

But let's keep a close eye on this one, folks.

Like I said...I continue to be haunted by this piece of music, and could not find rest until I posted the words to the song. 
I included as well all of the text on the page where I found the lyrics.

-- spydra

 * * * * * * *

Hustle or Magic Trick?  
The shell game can trace its roots back to the origin of magic, through Cups and Balls. 
Harry's version needs no patter, 
dialog can only spoil the splendid acapella take on Scott Joplin's "Solace."

Long ago in the wilderness lived a man whose journey was endless.

The wanderer came upon a village in Mexico.
His vision was blurred, he couldn't see quite which way to go.
The blades of the sun in the cloudless keep threw shadows on men under brims asleep.

The wanderer drank then rested under a shady tree.
All eyes upon him, who could this golden haired stranger be?
The children came and gathered close, while watching his every move.

He began to play, 
on a little bamboo piccolo pickin' out insects and bird-songs, calls of the wild.

And the children saw
many little creature kind of things walking around entranced by the sound of the music.

He then made the creatures disappear.
The people stood back inside in fear.
A saint, or a magician - who was he, and from where?

Strolling, the wanderer passed along the alleys and viewing halls
The crowd followed him, bewildered, on by the market stalls.
He came to a place where a beggar sat, with his wooden bowl on a threadbare mat.

The wanderer gave his piccolo to the beggar and
he spoke in a tongue that no-one knew or could understand.
The beggar blew upon the flute and he smiled like a child.

Come dance in the village and the people called him strange one.
The priest with golden hair [like the sun], the strange walk [who would care] for a man.
And soon they were showing without love and without knowing,
a change, very small, to each other, something like his way.

Then the carnival came and the candles would flame in the coconut sky.
And there was dancing and song, candles moving along, and we watched them go by.
Then the beggar man's flute led the band on its route by the cold village square.

And with the coming of dawning, with no-one to see, yes the wanderer left silently.

This song affected me deeply, it speaks to me about who I am, committing random acts of kindness, medicine of joy, dispensed like candy. For many years I sought a copy, and where to get one was the last question I had for Harry, but I don't think he would have any idea. But I knew the show in which it appeared, and one Christmas my wife surprised me with a VHS copy of "Hello Sucker!" excerpted above.

Here are more details of the arrangement ...Thanks to Charles A Hill for the lead.

The Wanderer (Solace)

Swingle II (The Second Incarnation of the Swingle Singers)
LP: Rags And All That Jazz (1975)

Composer: Scott Joplin (Solace - A Mexican Serenade, 1909)
Lyrics: Tony Vincent Isaacs
Arrangement: Ward Swingle

Singers: Olive Simpson, Catherine Bott (sopranos)
Carol Hall, Linda Hirst (mezzo sopranos)
John Potter, Ward Swingle (tenors)
John Lubbock, David Beavan (basses)
Players: Patrick Gowers, Allan Walley, Tony McVey



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  1. This song has haunted me for 20 odd years. Tonight, I sought it, googling snippets of the lyrics I remember from that magical time. I knew it was based upon "Solace" by Scott Joplin, but this very version (Harry Anderson and all) was the one that I remember.

    It was a time, long, long ago, and a girl...Linda Lennon.

    Thank you for posting this. Thank you X 1000.