Friday, May 4, 2012

I dreamed of Mitch & Sue

I dreamed of Mitch and Sue Christiansen the other night.

We were at Maggie Mae's restaurant, at the corner booth table between the kithen and the meeting rooms.  Everything was just as it was the last time I saw them - MItch wore a red flannel button-down shirt, Sue in the same soft light-blue sweater she wore the one and only time I met her. They were healthy and hale and together.

Maggie's can seem a bit dark even in the daylight, so I must make mention of how bright it seemed...a bit like when you're watching tv and the picture becomes snowy.

I was seated, and Mitch sat across from me, telling me something with a sense of urgency...lightly striking the table with the palm of his hand to punctuate his statements.  Nodding silently in assent was Sue, who stood beside and slightly behind Mitch, her right hand resting upon his left shoulder.

I tried so hard to listen to what he was saying, but found myself distracted by Deja, a heeler mix who belongs to a friend of mine; gentle Deja trod to and fro behind Sue, and I wondered what she was doing there...

I awoke and told my husband, "I just had a dream about Mitch."  Though bits and pieces of the dream came to me throughout the day, I don't remember what Mitch was saying.


Strangely  enough, Deja's owner had a dream about *me* on or about the same night as my dream about Mitch; it was a rare nightmare...the subject of which was the USOC and some sort of military invasion.  I didn't dream it, and so I'm not going to tell it; but curiously, Deja the dog appeared in that dream as well, which is why I make note.


Sue, by the way, worked for Memorial Hospital.


Like I my dream, everything was as it had been a year ago...and so I've been poring over the communications Mitch and I shared last year for a better understanding of what he was telling me then, and what he may have been telling me in the dream.  The primary subject?  Frank Aries and the Banning-Lewis Ranch Annexation.



1.  There is a heaven and Mitch and Sue are there together...watching over us and offering whatever intercedance and protection that God will allow.

2.  That my "USOC: Behind it all along" post is likely more accurate than I realize...and there's some kind of USOC/Banning-Lewis Ranch/Memorial Hospital nexus that threatens the unwitting in Colorado Springs.


Thank You God and Mitch and Sue
for communicating with your children and loved ones in our dreams.

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