Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to school

Hi friends, hope all is well with you and yours.

Can you believe it...summer practically over, and the kids back to school already!  I dunno about y'all, but I had a really great summer: in addition to this and that miscellaneous adventure, I taught NINE kids to swim and rescued one child from the water.  Truly, there are few pleasures as rewarding as helping someone overcome their fear of water..

I know, I know, how cool am I?  *sigh*...feels like it's ending all too soon.

Hey -- wanna know who else is cool...and I mean, almost *too* cool for school?  This guy -- three guesses as to his identity:

Senior Picture of Mr. X

No,'s not Leif Garrett.

Here...maybe this picture will be more quickly recognized:

Junior Picture of Mr. X

I know, it's a tough one...but it's not that blond kid with glasses who joined the Brady Bunch in its last season.

Ok, ok...I'll reveal the grown-up face...

Mr. X talking about money

That's's District 11's math boyfriend...yes, Alejandro himself:  Chief Financial Officer Mr. Glenn Gustafson.

I was at the library the other day, wandering around in the Carnegie Room, and happened upon the local high school yearbooks; I quickly riffled through the vast store of useless knowledge that fills my head.  "Didn't Glenn graduate in 1979," I asked myself, and grabbed that volume to take a quick look-see.

Hahahaha...I know I would have flipped over that fool while in school...wanna know how I know this?


Mmmmmmm....Latin; *definite* mom's boyfriend material.

Anyway, a momentary lapse into lightheartedness from Spydra.  I know Glenn's sense of humor is such that he'll allow a small smile over this little prank from a middle-aged schoolgirl.

I'm glad no one has posted *my* old school pics...but yeah, so, enjoy.

Here's to a great school year, folks.

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