Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I know that I know

So.  Mm, I keep thinking about the Olympics.

Friends, everything that I write from this point forward in this post will be literally with all and from the very bottom of my heart.

I've made no bones about my past, and have nakedly related to you assorted vignettes of my past.  I know how I once was, and there was a long time when I ridiculed the very notion of God.  Then one night in the year 2000, I swore before three witnesses that if only God would tell me what the f*ck was wrong with my computer, I'd spend the rest of my life writing to glorify the Lord

The next night, I dreamed the first of three dreams that have forever changed the course of my life.  God showed me what was wrong with my computer...and much, much more.  I came to believe in Him...but in the decade that followed, there were times when I wondered about those dreams, and question if it was real.

I was wide awake when God told me to

"look at the park from the sky, and expect to see something in the shape of an eye."

and squashed from me every shadow of doubt.

Something is getting ready to happen.  I have no doubt.  It was folly for me to specify it would occur exactly during the timeframe of the Olympics.

But there is something sinister in the Olympic connections to

  • the unsolved murder of Barbara Freyschlag (whose husband was out of town on USOC business) 
  • the death of Florence Griffith Joyner (I found an address listing for her at 4450 Foreign Trade Zone Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80925)
  • child pornography (John Krimsky and Randy Ankenney are both pervs with close ties to the USOC and Bill Hybl)  
  • The expensive USOC building boondoggle downtown
  • The USOC''s connection to the Broadmoor and Charles Anschutz (speaking of -- that movie theater shooter was a student at the Anschutz Medical College at the University of Denver -- yeah, the ones who want to lease Memorial Hospital!)
  • The USOC moving into Ent Air Station...in the middle of our town....
  • The USOC's military connections in general (everyone involved in the Air Force and space technology.
  • The former USOC building out on Foreign Trade Zone Boulevard (I know someone who ten years ago found boxes of "official product of the United States Olympic Committee" vitamins in one room, and behind the building came upon a store of empty green wooden boxes from England and labeled "rocket motors")
  • The El Pomar Foundation who keeps doling out the charitable donations that enable all of this (you know, El Pomar is Spanish for "The Apple")
  • They were going to call it "Olympic Park" before naming it "America the Beautiful Park."  

Sadly, the list includes Mitt Romney.

All I'm saying is that if there were ever to be some kind of USOC-related military coup type of event to go down, we the people of Colorado Springs are screwed.
There is no doubt in my mind that

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