Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Missing in Action

You know, friends...
Just yesterday, an awful lot of Americans supported Dr. Ron Paul;
Even my Obama-bamboozled father supported Ron Paul, as did I.

So...what happened to him?  Where'd he go?  Have you wondered?  Do you know?   

 I wonder...and part of me is too afraid to even try and find out.

Paul vanished just as his campaign was building steam, much like Ross Perot back in the day...

Whatever became of those two great American men, Dr. Paul and Mr. Perot; where are they now?  

Perot recently stepped out of the shadows to promote his autobiography...but what if?
indeed, what if government goons swooped up, detained and tortured Dr. Paul  into dropping out of the race 
or simply and summarily dispatched him at close range...
How would any of us know?  
His life would simply be snuffed out
Without anyone even asking about him, learning the truth or appreciating his sacrifice.  

So few of us remember or even wonder why things happen,
 Collectively, we have the attention span of a gnat.
How quietly we accept the swift disappearance, 
How unquestioningly we acquiesce;
 How quickly forgotten are men, great or small
It's sad...so sad;, and I weep.

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