Thursday, November 29, 2012

Memory Lane

As I alluded, I recently found myself in a funk that kept me from writing or anything else lately...

A writer's block can at times seem insurmountable...and then, comes inspiration -- ah!

I find myself once and again inspired by Colorado Springs School District 11, presided over by the one, the only Jan "The Plan" Tanner. 

It's seems like only yesterday, they were talking about school closures...and then closed them.  Yeah, as a matter of fact, the school closures of four years ago -- and specifically, Adams Elementary -- are what caused me to embark on some remarkable research concerning Jan.  Lots of people shouted and pitched fits about the recommended school closures, but it was all for naught...and lots of people then watched the very nexxus of their neighborhoods snuffed out and shuttered.  The one good thing that came from it all was that it ultimately resulted in my expose on the quiet, decade-long pizza contract with the District that earned Mrs. Tanner $160,00 annually...more than $1,000,000.. 

The shortness of the people's memories is a subject that recently had me feeling sore, and I meant to scold y'all about it; some contemplation, combined with inspiration, lead me to think that perhaps what's really needed is a good reminding.

A muse is someone who inspires an artist; somebody who is a source of inspiration for an artist, especially for a poet.  Strangely, Jan Tanner has become my muse...

As such, I''ll be re-posting all of my pieces on Jan, in chronological order.   

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