Friday, March 1, 2013

Naomi Campbell is a BITCH

originally published 6/2/11
re-running cuz I just learned about her spectacular Eye of Horus house
see my next post

Elizabeth Taylor was my idol...
Naomi Campbell is my anti-idol.

This Cadbury thing really has me in a tizzy; I swear, I'd like to slap a ho.

If Cadbury carries any blame in this farce, it's that they already capitulated to this has-been "diva."
They also erred in comparing her to chocolate at all; indeed, there is nothing sweet about Naomi.

This bitch demonstrates the subtle difference between "Burnt Sienna" and "Burnt Umber" in the Grand Crayola Crayon Box made up by all of us.  She is not "Chocolate Brown" nor "Coffee Brown" -- no:  Naomi Campbell is the "POS Brown" colored crayon in the box.

In the wake of Her Fakeness' insult and offense, 
I've noticed that Naomi's people have been rigorously denying access to the photograph below.

Sue me, you phony ho.

I don't care how hot she looks; she would really benefit from some severe and public humiliation...and several good, hard slaps in the face.

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