Sunday, October 2, 2016

Haunted by Kayla and Hannah Diegel

Dedicated to Melissa Diegel

This story is about her daughters, who were medically kidnapped in April 2014 -- the same time as my kids were taken.  

Kayla singing to her mom on a visit after being taken.
1) Ten year old Hannah, and twelve year old Kayla were taken from Phoenix Children’s Hospital in April 2014, by CPS/DCS on the accusation that their mother, Melissa, committed medical abuse by following doctor’s orders and allowed multiple surgeries to be preformed on them, including brain surgery (on Hannah Diegel.)
Ironically days before they were taken Melissa asked for a second doctor’s opinion and fired their primary GI doctor due to his severe neglect.
2) Both girls have complex medical issues including gastroparesis that require feeding tubes. (This is verifiable from medical documents which indicate their stomachs work at only minimal percentages and need to be assisted to insure proper nutrition.)
3) Upon BEING TAKEN AND PUT IN THE STATE’S CARE, the feeding tube nutrition ordered by the same fired GI doctor was completely stopped. After being deprived of vital nutrition, Kayla dropped down to only 3% body fat remaining, a total of 25% weight loss and the younger sister Hannah experienced a 20% weight loss.
4) The alarmed and devastated parents were allowed one weekly, supervised visit with their daughters until their daughters’ health became so concerning, all visits were discontinued after only four short months (for the mother.) 
While on separate visits the father brought a scale (concerned about their weight loss), and the mother advised Kayla to “fight for yourself”, and for her to talk to her lawyer so he could help her get her needs met. (This was in August of 2014 and the mother has not seen her daughters now for over 2 years.)
5) The girls are experiencing severe emotional trauma from being medically kidnapped, and the family has never been allotted a proper trial to prove their innocence.
6) On October 5th, 2016 the Court of Appeals will release their ruling on whether or not Kayla and Hannah Diegel will remain in DCS's custody in the state of Arizona and/ or they will be adopted out.
Arizona takes more children per capita than any other state. Currently there are over 21,000 children in the system and they are being taken at a rate of 40 children per day.
Please share and continue to let the world know about all these children being unjustly taken. Thank you for caring!
The Diegel Case: #FreeTheDiegelSisters
Two sisters were taken directly from Phoenix Children's hospital and placed in the CPS/ DCS system. The mother Melissa was falsely accused of medical child abuse (as a cover-up) by a GI doctor that wished to experiment on the two sisters because of their rare, but profitable, congenital condition, called Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. (The current Code of Federal regulation 46.116 allows clinical trials to be performed on any and all children who are under ANY of the 50 states care.) Both children declined after forcefully having their feeding tube nutrition stopped and lost significant amounts of weight and 1 child nearly died. 
The Diegel sisters have had over 150 articles written about them and reached over 5 million people internationally.
Media coverage on the Diegel case:

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