Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friendly faces

It's been interesting and fun to see how elections really go; until recently, I was both aloof and oblivious to what goes on behind the scenes.

The forgotten promises and contradictory endorsements are enough to make you rage or weep. It's appropriate that much of the passionate stumping occurs in October...the month for tricks and treats, masks and muckrakers. But there's certainly nothing hallowed about any of it. I never really knew how vicious and phony and awful so much of it really is.

No amount of money could convince me to ever run for any office - unlike some people...

I heard from a little bird that people are beginning to distance themselves from Mrs. Tanner. One candidate's Facebook page had included photographs of her and Jan together in happier times...that is, until recently, when every picture of Jan was taken down.

It's kind of like standing beside someone with intense body odor; eventually, you move away because the stink is too strong.

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