Thursday, October 22, 2009

The law of kindness

Last night after the Board meeting, I found a quiet moment to sit back and reflect and listen for the voice of God - a foreign concept for so many...but comforting and familiar for me.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

So, I find myself guided this time to say something nice, and nothing not-so-nice, in order to provide balance to some of the biting criticisms I’ve offered up thus far. I know more about some than others…so if it sounds superficial, it’s not meant to be.

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Charlie Bobbitt – when the schools were being closed, he took it upon himself to actually walk the proposed routes, putting himself in the shoes of the kids – and I thought that was totally awesome; unafraid to be a party of one.

Nick Gledich - such a steady and impressive leader; so approachable by and gracious to the everyday man - the Board worked well together in selecting him, and the District is fortunate to have him.

John Gudvangen – mellifluous: his manner of speaking is so smooth and soothing, I’m sure I could have a cavity filled without need of anesthetic if he were talking to me while it was happening.

Glenn Gustafson – wizard of numbers, architect of words, confident public speaker, seemingly flame-resistant and bullet-proof – I’ve often wondered what his D#11 teachers and classmates thought of him.

Tami Hasling – I love to swim: she swims, and coaches swimming. I bet she’s a great coach, and she makes being blonde look like a lot of fun.

Sandra Mann – I grew up watching her report the news, and she lives on the same street where I was raised. Strikes me as open-minded, curious, candid and genuine.

Bob Null – Old-school, old fashioned, disciplined, conservative, courageous, congenial, straightforward and sincere; in some ways, he reminds me of the late, great Bob Isaac.

Mike Poore – such an energetic, convincing and well-dressed speaker; makes a good first and lasting impression.

Tom Strand - growing up, I always wanted to be an attorney (though I’m glad I’m not one now)…so he gets what-I-wanted-to-be-when-I-grew-up points; understands the complicated written word, and has a perfect voice for radio.

Jan Tanner – when I think about the homespun manner in which she speaks, she reminds me of Sarah Palin. Youthful…and I admire that she’s raced to the top of Pikes Peak many times.

Mary Thurman – driven, determined, prepared and brainy - she knows her stuff.

School District #11 - To wax numerological, it is half of my lucky number 22; my direct family members have attended 5 of its elementary schools, 2 of its middle schools, and one of its high schools – 8, like the legs of a spider. The place where Mrs. Sutton granted me my poetic license; the place where I first made friends and enemies and fell in love. To me, it is synonymous with “Colorado Springs,” and I am easily brought to tears simply by looking at old photos of its schools. I am more than an acquaintance, more than just a friend – it is a part of me, and I of it. I am its grateful offspring, and will always love and revere it with a child’s wonder.

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  1. I have been around Poore in another school district, and he may seem as you suggest but I have a different view that is less appetizing and more like what you hopefully saw in D49 video interviews on You Tube. A stuttering little bureaucrat with the leadership abilities normally associated with somewhere south of the border. He let one admin go for looking at porn (800) pages and the other one looking at the same crap and he was cautioned be cause he was doing research? Brought in the former superintendent to investigate and report on a principle he considered worthless and needed grounds to get rid of, but did not have the backbone to do himself. He is and remains an overpaid basketball coach