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BLR/USOC/FTZ: What *is* an FTZ?

These are the FTZ's in Colorado Springs; there's also one over off of Drennan Road; if I'm not mistaken, it includes that great big Paralympic Baseball Diamond - the one with the concentration-camp-like watchtowers.   Think about it, folks - our city is practically surrounded by either military bases or FTZ's; what would happen to us in a coup?

Free Trade Zones…Or So We’re Told

Posted on March 22, 2011 by patriotpainter

FYI:  one of these Foreign Trade Zones (because make no mistake about it, that’s what they are!) is within five miles of my house!

By Tony Myrick
GCN Live.comExclusive

According to Texas Representative Ron Paul, the Free Trade Zones are not what Americans are being told that they really are.  These Free Trade Zones are really Foreign Trade Zones.  Americans will shortly figure out that these Foreign Trade Zones are to be what motivates the global communists to make their move on the United States of America.

The goal of the “global communist” is to infiltrate the contiguous 48 states of American territory (including Alaska and Hawaii).  All of our state governors have already approved and now have allocated many acres of land across the USA to be inhabited by Communist Chinese.  These communist Chinese businessmen will bring along with them their fellow Chinese citizens to live on the various state land given to them by each of the state governors and by our federal government.  The communist Chinese are to build their little cities within a city for the purpose of producing Chinese products for sale in the USA  These cities within a city will be considered “Foreign territory.”

There are now 257 of these little communist towns that are being built of will be built all over the United States of America.  These towns or cities within a city are to be called “zones.”  Most American citizens are told that the laws of the state where these Chinese communists live will apply to the communist Foreign Trade Zones (the FTZ) or so we believe?

You can go to the following web site and see what national and state officials have done to us:

The alert citizens of Boise, Idaho were shocked when they found almost 30,000 precious acres of their state have been taken away from them or set aside for these so-called Free Trade Zones, now known as Foreign Trade Zones.  You may remember that earlier in 2011, the Communist Chinese came to Washington, DC where it was the first time American citizens have ever seen Communist Chinee flags flying all along the streets of our nations’ capital signaling the invasion of the United States of America by China with their Foreign Trade Zones has begun.  And that’s the Truth!

Remember, fellow Americans, that the truth has no friend and citizens of the United States of America have just lost their country.

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