Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Song of the South

Barack "Tar Baby ODB" Obama

I'm black, and this is one of the dumbest, most unfair controversies I've seen argued in the Gazette in a very long time - like way back in the day when Rosemary Harris Lytle made a career of being the Gazette's paid race-baiter, dejectedly sniffing her regular insult at this and that slight.

Those offended at "tar baby" as racist are both ignorant and insincere; this incident simply goes to show Lamborn correctly likened Mr. Obama to a hot sticky mess.

I'm gonna come right out and call a spade a spade: the *only* time the term "tar baby" is a racial slur is when the subject being insulted is as black as tar. Encountering individuals of such hue is hardly commonplace, and they themselves will confess they're more often described as "blue black", "coal black", "night black" or "jet black" - only *sometimes* as "tar black"...and VERY rarely "tar baby".  

Obama's yella-belly is more a shade of "unblack."

So, enough of this nonsense; watch it yourself, friends...and if at the end you still feel Doug Lamborn used the term "tar baby" as a racial slur, then you really need to undergo a self-examination of your head and your heart.

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