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Gabby in Spydrameter

So, what do you make of it all, friends:  triumphant return, or something...else?

Before you decide, look closer.

An observation: 
 a bullet whizzed down the middle of Giffords' brain - insufficient inspiration for her to even consider stepping down...
but tweeted pics of private dicks cause the multitudes to scream "Off With His Head!" 

Of course neither are in any condition to represent we the people. 

Where this registers on the Spydrameter can be found at the very end of this article.

The Invisible Gabrielle Giffords!

 – JANUARY 31, 2011
There are just too many things that don’t add up about the Tucson shooting.

To begin with, anyone who knows anything at all about CIA Mind Control programs, Operation Artichoke, MK Ultra, etc… and their creation of hypnotically controlled assassins can easily see the stunning similarities to Jared Lee Loughner.  He displays every classic symptom, not to mention the fact that he, himself, has claimed to be mind-controlled by the Government. Oh, sure… he’s just nuts to you can just blow that off huh? How convenient. Even if it’s true that he is indeed a CIA mind-controlled assassin, the fact of him even claiming to be so immediately qualifies him as completely delusional and insane. This, of course, it exactly the value of creating mind-controlled assassins: the fact that nobody will ever believe they are what they really are. Ingenious isn’t it?
Most people will completely reject the idea that Loughner is a mind-controlled assassin as a crazy conspiracy theory or something that only happens in the movies… yeah, right. Where do you think the movies get’s ideas like that? And has it ever occurred to you skeptics that this sort of trauma-based, drug-induced programming makes for the perfect assassin? Well it certainly has occurred to the CIA! After all, the trauma induced in these subjects make them indistinguishable from any other “crazy person,” which provides the perfect cover for their activity.  There is simply no way to tell the difference.  Again, it’s a brilliant program. I encourage anyone who believes this to be pure fantasy to educate themselves on the facts. This has been and is being used…
But what is really beginning to make me think that this whole Tucson event is nothing but another staged “false-flag” event, designed to give the Government the impetus, and public consent, to restrict, or even eliminate, gun rights in the US, is the fact that all the evidence is being hidden.
Where are the bodies?
Where is the video from the event? There must have been at least a few people attending this event with cameras rolling… why then have they all been confiscated by authorities and kept under wraps? Why are we not allowed to see the proof that this event indeed actually happened?

And why, if Gabrielle Giffords has indeed made such a miraculous recovery, giving the “thumbs up,” and standing up, looking around and otherwise responding with full awareness, are we not seeing any pictures of her? In fact, there has not been one single photo released of her since the shooting.
Now just bear with me here and try to be completely objective and aware of the fact that the Mainstream Media want you to react emotionally to this story. However, it is most important that you learn to think like a detective and take the empirical approach in deciding what to believe. You must learn to spot the details, or lack thereof, and to question everything you see and hear.
Doesn’t it strike you as rather odd that there have been no photographs released of Gabrielle Giffords since the shooting? They are telling us that she is making a “miraculous recovery,”… does this remind you of the miraculous collapse of three steel-framed buildings in NYC in September of 2001?
Let’s take a real good look at the alleged injuries suffered by Giffords and then think about how unlikely this incredibly unprecedented “recovery” really is…

Interesting how the 3D head model in this picture looks exactly like Gabrielle Giffords. How did they get this 3D model of her? Did she pose for it? Did they scan her? If so, when?
“Quick rescue efforts have been attributed to her progress.” Really? Is that so?

The emergency response in Tucson: Timeline shows ambulance delays
How fast was the emergency response in Tucson?
It depends on your perspective.
The Pima County Sheriff’s Office released on Friday a timeline of the shooting in Tucson, Ariz., of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others, appearing to show the first ambulance arriving 20 minutes after the first 911 call came in.
That information seemed to match reports just after last Saturday’s shooting, in which witnesses told reporters that ambulances were 10 to 15 minutes behind the first sheriff’s deputies.
It turns out that that’s not quite what happened. The sheriff’s press release was incomplete.
Another factor of perspective: Congresswoman Giffords would naturally have been the focus of much of the attention from witnesses waiting for ambulances. The ambulance that took her to the hospital did arrive 20 minutes after the first 911 call, and left for the hospital 10 minutes later. That total time, 30 minutes, makes her survival of a gunshot wound to the head all the more remarkable.
From what I have heard, 6 to 8 minutes is average, optimal response time for an ambulence, not 20 minutes. This was a ridiculously slow response, not quite what you would call “quick.”

From Adrien Chen at
We spoke to an eyewitness, Steven Rayle, who was on the scene at the time of the shooting and helped to hold the suspect down while waiting for police. Here’s what he said:
“After shooting Giffords, the gunman opened fire indiscriminately for a few seconds, firing 20-30 rounds and hitting a number of people, including a kid no older than 10 years old. Rayle hid behind a concrete pole and pretended to be dead. When the gunman apparently ran out of ammunition he attempted to flee, but a member of Giffords’ staff tackled him. Rayle helped hold the gunman down while waiting for the sheriff to arrive, about 15-to-20 minutes later. The EMS came about 30 minutes later. Rayle said he was “stunned” by how long it took medical help to arrive.
But that’s not all. Read on…
Here’s where the incident gets weird, it took EMS personnel almost 30 minutes to reach the scene?
Being part of the Emergency Medical System back at the fire department where I worked, whenever someone would call 911 for a ME–Medical Emergency–the Joint Communications Center (JCC) would dispatch the nearest ambulance and fire truck, along with police if necessary.
For this or any type of ME involving life-threatening conditions, from the time of the first call to when the first units arrive on the scene it shouldn’t take more than 6 minutes for the fire crew or ambulance to arrive and start providing emergency medical care, such as making sure the airway is open and they have a pulse, stopping the blood flow from any wounds and providing oxygen, etc.
That 6 minute time frame is an absolute MUST
, if you’re going to prevent brain damage–or worse– by providing oxygen and CPR. If your city’s 911 emergency dispatch system can’t or won’t get emergency personnel there in that time frame or less, then either it needs to be revamped or you need to add more ‘satellite’ ambulance stations and more fire crews, all of whom are at least EMT’s and some paramedics, with a fire truck bin full of ‘jump kits’ containing oxygen; bandages; a defibrillator; a suction unit to remove mucus and vomit from the victims airways; splints, etc.
The only time(s) I personally saw the response to more than 6 minutes was during blizzards and I don’t think Tucson was having one of those.
If the blog is true, then either the Pima County JCC head needs to be fired or is is beginning to look more and more like a false flag.
So apparently this truly is a miracle that she survived, given the incredibly slow emergency response time, in spite of the Media lies claiming a quick response. Clue #1, when the Media makes claims that contradict the facts… uh, I think that’s called a lie. And when they lie, it’s because they are covering something up.
Here’s something else that really bugs me… Take a good close look at these photos, the last ones of Gabrielle Giffords (supposedly) from the day of the shooting…

"Hey, that's OK... don't bother applying pressure to my gaping head-wound... I only just had a 9mm bullet pass through my brain, and you guys are 30 minutes late in getting here... but no urgency or anything."

Yep... 9mm bullet passed through her head but hardly any blood and just a loose rag laying across her forehead. I'm no EMT but this looks a little too casual to me.
Sorry but I am not buying this bullshit that Gabby Giffords had a 9mm bullet pass completely through the left hemisphere of her brain and mere days later, gives the “thumbs up,” and otherwise seems to be making a “miraculous” and “inspirational” recovery.
This is what a 9mm bullet looks like as it passes through ballistics gel: the forensics testing equivalent of human tissue…
I’d say the entire left side of her brain has been turned completely to mush.
Miraculous recovery from that?
That only happens in the movies. You are being emotionally manipulated by the Corporate-owned Media. Why? Because they want your guns… they want you unarmed and incapable of defending yourself from the coming Police State.
Can anyone with half-a-brain (no pun intended) in the US seriously look at the TSA with their sexual assault and naked body scanners and pretend that they have anything at all to do with keeping us safe from terrorism?
It is in the best interest of criminals and scam artists to minimize the ability of their victims to retaliate against them. Yet out corrupt Government can do nothing legally without the consent of the people. Consent must therefore be coerced though Psychological Operations such as this, designed to elicit an emotional, knee-jerk reaction from the people. Remember the “Patriot Act?” Remember how it stripped us of most of our rights and granted a corrupt Bush Administration the powers to spy on it’s own citizens, arrest anyone for any reason and detain them indefinitely? It too was passed in the heat of emotional hysteria.
Fear is a most effective weapon. Just look at this picture that the Media has so incessantly burned into your psyche…
And notice how the media likes to zoom-in slowly on those crazy eyes! Oooooh! Don’t it just give you the heebie-jeebies? Well that’s the idea!

This is fear-mongering folks! The Media is TERRORIZING YOU!!!  And now they attack gun ownership and seek to redefine the 2nd Amendment to mean that gun ownership is strictly for hunting or “organized” militias. Anything but for personal protection. They are even trying to limit the extended clips Loughner used. As if the number of bullets in the clip mattered. So what if he didn’t have 33 round extended clips but instead simply had three guns with regular 15 round clips? Is banning the sale of extended clips really going to make a difference? If America ever had an invasion of it’s mainland, such as that depicted in the movie “Red Dawn,” I think people will be wanting those extended 33 round clips, don’t ya think?

FACT: Guns don’t kill people… People kill people!
FACT: Our forefathers wanted the citizens to be armed in order to keep the Government in check. The Government now seeks to remove that protection from “We the People,” not to protect us from the occasional lone shooter, but to protect themselves from the wrath of the people were we ever to realize the crimes they have committed in our name, with our tax dollars.
FACT: An unarmed citizen is no match for a corrupt, armed Government.
FACT: An unarmed population is helpless to defend itself from an outside invading force.
FACT: YOU are the terrorist! It’s the Powers That Be who are protecting themselves from YOU, the American Citizen. You are the threat.
Now again… where the hell is Gabrielle Giffords? Why are there no photos of her face? If she is making such a wonderful, miraculous recovery, giving the thumbs-up and fully aware, then you might expect she would want the world to be reassured by letting us see her.
Nope. For some inexplicable reason, we are not allowed to see her.  All we get are photos of “somebody’s” arm…

No Gabby Giffords here... just an arm. Notice how Mark Kelly cleverly covers up the entire hand so we cannot even see her wedding ring.
…A photo of somebody’s arm…

A photo of "somebody's" hand. Again, this could be anybody. Isn't Gabby the one who got shot? Then why are we only seeing photos of her husband?
…and pictures of “somebody” hidden under a blanket that, frankly, could be anyone or no one at all. Just because her husband is standing next to a blanket, doesn’t mean she’s in there. Why are they hiding her? Are they afraid another 9mm bullet is gonna come shooting out of the camera? Or are they hiding the fact that she is not under that blanket at all… and if so, then why?

She was shot. She didn't get turned into a Vampire so what's the deal with the big blanket covering her up?
And there’s more…

Nope... no Gabby here either... just some guys making damn sure to get in the way so we can't see the face of whoever it is that's on that gourney.

Hmmm. No clear view of Gabby here either. Why is it that someone always manages to be in the way so we can't see her face?

Another shot from the worst news photographer in the world. How do they manage to make sure someone is always in the way?

I guess the photographer just couldn't manage to get the shot before they loaded the gourney into the ambulance. Way to miss the action Mr. Professional News Photographer Man! You totally suck at your job!

Hmmm. You think this is enough cops to make sure nobody gets close enough with a camera to find out that Gabby is NOT in that ambulence?
What’s the deal here? Is she suddenly allergic to the Sun? Why are they hiding her from the public? You would think that the opportunity to “inspire” the public with the details of this “miraculous recovery” would be too good to pass up. And as you can plainly see, the photographer is right there in the hospital room, so why is her face not in the photograph?
Now take a look at the video of her being moved to the rehab facility. Note the distance of the camera angles and the massive police and guard presence…
Well, the shooter is in custody so what’s with the virtual army and what are they protecting her from? The cameras maybe?
Notice how as soon as the stretcher exits the ambulance, the camera doesn’t zoom in as one would expect, rather it switches to the chopper cam, the least likely camera angle to actually see her close-up. Hmmm. Looks like they are going out of their way to ensure we can not get any glimpse of her at all, especially since they have covered her with a blanket. Now ask yourself, have you ever seen such a thing in your life? In the age of TMZ style Paparazzi, all of a sudden the Media is trying like hell NOT to show you the picture! Have you ever seen such backward and bizarre behavior from the Media, especially in such a high-profile, 24-7 coverage, jam-it-down-your-throat type of story?
Where the hell is Gabby Giffords? There is no proof that she is even still alive but it sure seems like they want us to believe she is. This is the kind of thing that Magicians do.
The Seven Principals of Magic are as follows…
  1. Palm: To hold an object in an apparently empty hand.
  2. Ditch: To secretly dispose of an unneeded object.
  3. Steal: To secretly obtain a needed object.
  4. Load: To secretly move a needed object to where it is hidden.
  5. Simulation: To give the impression that something that hasn’t happened, has.
  6. Misdirection: To lead attention away from a secret move.
  7. Switch: To secretly exchange one object for another.
It appears the Media is using all seven! In any case, as is done in stage magic, the real object, is hidden.
And all I can say about her husband is that Astronauts are known to be Freemasons. You know, the Lucifer-worshiping Masons?
Giffords is also no stranger to Masonic ritual…

U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Opened 100 Year Old Freemason Time Capsule at Jewish History Museum, Arizona

Flashback : October 28, 2010 – U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords prepares to open the Jewish History Museum’s time capsule Oct. 24.
Gabrielle Gifford’s Jewish / Masonic Connection
Article by  Phyllis Braun – first published October 28, 2010
Hundreds of people crowded around the courtyard of the Jewish History Museum on Sunday to witness the opening of a 100-year-old time capsule.
The capsule had been placed under the cornerstone of the building, originally the Stone Avenue Temple, when it was built in 1910. The building was the first home of Temple Emanu-El.
U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, whose father, Spencer Giffords, became a Bar Mitzvah in the temple, was given the honor of removing the capsule — a small metal box — from its resting place and opening it to reveal its contents. The box contained coins, a Masonic medal, brittle and faded documents and newspapers from June 1910, including the Tucson Citizen and Arizona Daily Star, announcing that a bill for Arizona statehood had been passed. Arizona was admitted to the union in February 1912.
Speaking to the crowd before the box was chiseled out from beneath the cornerstone, Giffords noted that not only were Jews present in Arizona prior to statehood, they were involved in business, politics, education and “caring for the community.” Along with many of the other speakers, she remarked on the diversity of the Tucson community, noting particularly the participation of the Grand Lodge of Arizona Free and Accepted Masons — whose forebears had helped lay the cornerstone — in the day’s ceremonies.
“As we open the cornerstone — and I’m very excited to see what’s in it — we look to the past but I think more importantly, we look to the future. What will Tucson, Arizona, be like 100 years from today, when the cornerstone is again reopened?” Giffords asked.
People without strong Masonic connections are NOT ALLOWED to perform Masonic Rituals such as the one above. So was Gabby Giffords a Masonic Ritual Sacrifice?
OK… So this all sounds like a bunch of crazy conspiracy theory bullshit but let’s consider some other strange details…

Suzie Heilman, the woman who purportedly took 9 year-old Christina Green to the event apparently does not exist in Tucson AZ… No record exists for a Suzie/Susan/Susanne/Suzette married to any Bill/William Hielman, living anywhere in or near Tucson, much less as the supposed neighbor of the 9 year old.
WTF???  Who are these people and what is their role in this?
Take a look at “Suzie Hielman’s” fake crying performance… notice her covering her face while fake-crying to cover the fact that there are no tears…
What a completely lame acting job! This woman gives one of the worst performances I have ever seen! Right about 1:30 she puts on her fake crying… no tears at all but manages a fake sniffle. Then the blinking… the tell-tale blinking that is indicative of deception. This is clearly a performance and a bad one  at that. Notice how quickly she composes herself and continues with her unrealistic “story.”
At the beginning of the interview, Hielman is described as a New Yorker, “ivy-league educated”… a.k.a. Freemason educated. Hmmm. Very interesting.
I’m sorry but I find it hard to believe first that any 9 year-old girl is even remotely interested in politics and secondly, that if  9 year old Christina was, as described, obsessed with Politics and knew everything about our Government, then Hielman’s bullshit story about her conversation with Christina, which comes off as completely condescending, makes no sense at all. From what we are told about Christina, she could probably have quizzed Hielman on the number of Senators in DC, not the other way around. We’re talking a 9 year-old here, but from the sound of Hielman, she appears to have treated Christina Green like a retarded 4 year-old! This woman clearly did not know anything about Christina Green and in my opinion, is making the whole thing up.
I must also note that the funeral for Christina Green was a closed-casket funeral.  Odd considering that she was supposedly killed by a chest wound. Funerals, especially where children are the deceased, are usually only closed-casket in the case of severe facial disfigurement. If there was no body, then this would explain the closed casket. In any case, there is no proof that this kid was killed.
And there is just something too strange about how quickly little Christina Greens parents got over their grief. They were prepared to talk to the media within days of the loss of their child and showed not nearly the amount of grief one would expect from such a tragedy.

Oh, and did I mention that the Media made sure to remind us that Christina Green was born on 9/11/2001?  The date of the last false-flag event used to manipulate the American people into giving up much of their liberties.
Now it looks as if it has worked out to be very convenient to one Janet Napolitano that Judge John Roll is now out of the picture…

Napolitano ‘Committed Criminal Conspiracy’ With Judge John Roll Who Was Slain Today

Janet Napolitano was alleged as “aiding and abetting” John Roll in a criminal conspiracy to “make an example” out of those who try to skirt federal regulations. An IRS audit case in the nineties makes a passionate plea against federal dictatorship and makes shocking allegations of constitutional infringements.
It wasn’t the FBI, it was Napolitano who announced that Federal Judge John Roll was among those assassinated in today’s shooting. She just received an explosive package herself. In a very cursory statement she condemned the shooting as “senseless violence.”
The complaint against Napolitano says she aided John Roll in these criminal acts of obstruction: Ms. Janet Napolitano with: (1) aiding and abetting the obstruction of correspondence transmitted via first class, certified, and registered United States Mail, under color of law (25 counts), in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2 and 1702; (2) aiding and abetting the act of tampering with a federal grand jury (25 counts), in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2 and 1512; (3) aiding and abetting obstruction of criminal investigations (25 counts), in violation of 18 U.S.C. 2 and 1510; (4) deprivation of fundamental Rights under color of law, specifically the Right to Petition a lawfully convened federal grand jury for a formal investigation (25 counts), in violation of 18 U.S.C. 242; (5) conspiracy to commit all of the above (25 counts), in violation of 18 U.S.C. 241 and 371.
How convenient that her co-conspirator will now be unable to testify.
Either way, if Roll was either actually killed or this event was staged in order to fake his death, the result is the same… Big Sis is off the hook.
In any case, I am sure this post will garner all kinds of angry responses and people telling me that I am full of shit, insensitive or just plain crazy. Whatever… all I know is that there are too many strange things going on with this case and there has been no proof whatsoever that Giffords is still alive.

Why would they fake her still being alive, and why would her husband go along with it?
Well as far as the husband… Astronaut = Freemason = Satan Worshiper… call it a crackpot conspiracy all you want but if you haven’t done your homework on the Masons then there is no point in you reading any further… go back to munching Cheetos and watching American Idol… you are clearly not awake so never mind, you are born to be a slave and a sucker. Anyway, the Masons/Illuminati who seek centralized control of this entire planet would see this as a great opportunity to chip away even more at those pesky civil rights of ours, that so impede their goal of world domination.

A Hollywood screenwriter couldn’t come up with a more inspiring, miraculous story…
Pro Gun Democratic Congresswoman, who is sweet, pretty and well liked by everyone, gets gunned-down by psychopath… has 9mm bullet pass through brain… miraculously survives… makes incredible, inspiring speedy recovery… months later, comes back onto the scene to reform her position on guns… “Now that I have been the victim of a terrible gun crime, I see the error of my past views on gun control…”  In a nutshell: Pro-Gun lady gets shot and turns Anti-Gun advocate… and who want’s to disagree with poor Gabby and her tragic but inspiring story of triumph over adversity and hard-learned lessons gained through horrifying experience.
If she didn’t make it then all they need to do is hide her from the cameras long enough for the plastic surgery to heal on her imposter… the one who will come out months from now to advocate gun control.
OK… Granted this is complete wild speculation here but why then are they hiding her from the cameras?
If she is able to stand up, give the thumbs up, give her hubby a back rub and all that then she is certainly fit to be photographed. After all, doesn’t she want to triumphantly prove to the world that she is OK? Doesn’t she want the voters to feel reassured? Would any politician pass up the golden opportunity to turn this into the photo-op of a lifetime? She is not stepping down from her senate seat so she is obviously still a politician… why then is she, her husband and her advisers intentionally passing up the PR opportunity of a lifetime and hiding her from the cameras? Why are they not making this into a Documentary Film!?!?
I know what you are thinking… it’s impossible to have a conspiracy and keep a dozen or so people quiet. It would require far too many people to be involved. Well I just have this to say to you…  The Manhattan Project which led to the development of the first atomic bomb involved over 130,000 people and was conducted between 1942 to 1946 with not a single classified detail of the project ever leaking to the public. The conspiracy to create the bomb went off without a hitch and was never impaired by any difficulty in keeping large numbers of participants silent.
So there you have it. It is not only possible to keep a lot of people quiet, it has been done on a greater scale than is barely even imaginable! This is a fact so quit pretending it’s not possible.

Those who participate in criminal conspiracies are the ones wanting you to believe they are impossible to pull off. History, however, has time and again, proven otherwise.
So I ask yet again… where the Hell is the REAL Gabby Giffords, and why are we not allowed to see her?

Due to an obvious coordinated negative commenting effort coming from a single group of individuals using several fake profiles and fake email addresses, and multiple accounts using the same IP addresses, created specifically for the purposes of posting inflammatory and negative comments on this post, it has become obvious that these efforts are specifically intended to disrupt any and all rational discussion on this post.  If you simply disagree with the questions being raised in this post (and most who do typically refuse to examine any of the facts in this case) then that is your choice to bury your head in the sand and pretend that everything is exactly as the news tells you. For those of you who fit this catagory, this website is not for you as there is nothing that can get through the thick layers of stupid and gullible that surrounds what little brain power you may have. You will not however, be allowed to express your ignorant opinions or to otherwise use tactics designed to suppress this information from reaching the public.
Therefore, since those with agendas to protect the criminals behind the Tucson staged media event so fear the truth of this post that a massive and coordinated effort to derail discussion and to dismiss this info or otherwise prevent anyone from asking the questions posed in this article, comments will no longer be allowed on this post. If you have something rational to add to the debate or are inclined to engage in discussion without resorting to inflammatory name calling, or hateful comments, then I am sorry but I really do not care what your position is on this issue. Go start your own blog and post your findings and opinions if you are so inclined. I am under no obligation to facilitate the propagation of your ignorant points of view. I pay for this website myself and my opinions are not subject to the approval of those who visit this site. If you have a problem with that then you can fuck right the hell off! I am sick and tired of blind followers of media propaganda promoting ignorance and stupidity. This blog belongs to me and though I would rather allow free and open discussion, the evil and negativity of smug idiots who do not even take the time to thoroughly read articles that they harshly criticise, or declare to be false, evidence they refuse themselves to examine in any way, does not constitute rational discussion and will therefore, not be tolerated by this author. Hate speech and ignorance is not free expression and since so many are incapable of dignified, rational and intelligent discussion, no discussion whatsoever will be allowed on this post.
For those who will use this as an excuse to accuse me of censorship or editing, you can place your blame on agents who are assigned the task of attacking blogs such as this on in order to completely shut down discussion. If you believe that this author is to blame for this, or that I am somehow afraid of counter arguments that may refute the info presented in this post, then I am sorry but that is simply not the case… not one single disagreeing comment on this post has ever presented any evidence to refute the information I have presented, rather, there was nothing but threats, name calling, and vitriolic hate, designed simply to disrupt rather than promote discussion. This is a common tactic employed on many blogs in order to prevent people from sharing and discussing information. There are those who will simply claim that I am promoting yet another conspiracy theory… well, those of you who think so are the gullible idiots who believe everything your corrupt Government and Corporate-controlled Media tell you anyway… you are the cowards who are too afraid to fight corruption so you therefore choose not to see it, and vilify and attempt to discredit those who remove the blinders and face the ugly truth of how this world really works.
This website is here to inform. I do not need or value the opinions of others who lack the education, intelligence and experience to understand the topics in which I comment. If you have not already done your homework and began to awaken to the reality of this modern world, then there is little chance of informing you of anything and there is absolutely nothing on this site from which you can mentally benefit. There are those who are awake and aware and then there is the rest of you… useless, stupid, cognitively incompetent cattle who are nothing more than unwitting slaves…

“..A nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.” – Silent Weapons of Quiet Wars

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