Saturday, February 23, 2013

Decoding Skorman: The Flava of Hipness

re-running from 5/16/11
regarding rosemary harris lytle
richard skorman
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Just a couple of comments on the *second* mayoral debate I missed.  

They charged $10 for tickets to the event, which is like usury or something -- I dunno, maybe it's just my poor, broke ass, but I thought it *unnecessary* and generally turd-ish to charge the public a dime for the event.  Supposedly, it was for food and drinks afterward (and even a cash bar for all the *real* moneybags), but personally, I'd have gladly packed a snack...and would have been PLENTY annoyed to have dropped a ten spot on it.  

I further feel it is general *nonsense* to have to wait so long for audio/visual of these events to become available to the poor schmucks who couldn't afford to attend the big show live and in person, so we could all decide for ourselves what the highlights of the event may or may not have been.  

The audio on the following clip is not the best, nor is it in anyway near complete...but beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.  

Once again, I hate to be the one who points out the obvious (I don't hate it, really), but at 2:45, Skorman starts talking about "the hipness" of Colorado Springs.

Refer to my post Decoding Skorman:  Nappy Head if you need help understanding the "flava" of my comments here...but suffice it to say, if Skorman endeavors to improve the hipness of our city, THEN WE ARE ALL IN DANGER OF FALLING FAST ASLEEP, FRIENDS.

And it ain't a white-thang either, as the following clip easily demonstrates.

Black people, of course, enjoy *unlimited* hipness, though...which is kind of what bothers me.  Somewhere, down deep in my heart and soul, I know better than to think Skorman intends to lure an influx of cool black folk to Colorado Springs.

Believe it or not, though, there's already plenty of hella hip black cats right in the here and now, and at any rate...I ain't no hippie chick.

I don't know what fantasy world Skorman lives in, but a blander, more doddering and less hip mofo could not be found.

Skorman as a Pokemon


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