Thursday, June 18, 2015

Study this: Vulgar Vogler

Teryl Lyn Garcia Vogler -- and she likes cats!
I originally wrote this piece in April 2014.

A brief codicil to Vogler's chapter in my family's sad story?  She  attempted to yank our son from the backseat of our car when we arrived for a doctor-ordered MRI. Knowing what we knew about her spurred us to flee...and our family spent the next three weeks living every second we had together as though they might be our last. They were.

Eventually, the sheriffs came to where we were and took our weeping children into custody; Ms. Vogler was waiting for them when they arrived...and I can only imagine their sheer terror.  Our children have been gone for 15 months.  

In recordings of the court proceedings, Ms. Vogler is overheard mocking the professional outfits I wore to our three-day kangaroo-court trial.  Now it's my turn to critique:  

When this hefty, homely honey testi-lied against us under oath, she chose to wear an ugly royal blue dress with a white lace dickey and flat white plastic shoes...and looked just like a walking, talking, sunlight-blocking panel of motel drapes.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *


So friends...maybe it's just me who's a to deliver two of the children from my womb into the hands of complete strangers.

And unfortunately, the Department of Human Services is not a stranger to me; I know them, I know how they work, and I know families torn assunder, and I know of children who have died whilst in their protective custody, as well as children who have simply vanished, never again to be seen.

Who was a stranger to me is DHS pit bull on our case, Teryl Vogler, who works as a Caseworker III for the El Paso County Department of Human Services.  Unfortunately, I have learned far more about Ms. Vogler than I ever wanted to know.

Apparently, the Department has an issue with what types of things I post on my blog.  Go ahead, I dare you to *try* and find out this type of stuff about me...that I posted myself!

Simply put, Vogler needs to be fired from the Department, and never be in a position of any authority around children -- particularly mine -- because what kind of person with even a modicum of common sense posts this kind of stuff about themselves on the internet??

It is a SHAM organization that hires someone like this and places them in a position of authority over ANY child and/or family - particularly mine.

It is over an allegation of medical neglect that we are under investigation by the Department.

And they handed our kids over to an obese bearded suicidal woman diagnosed with PTSD.

Well, read the following, and you be the judge.

My verdict:  YUCK.

There are lots of good reasons Ms. Vogler finds herself lonely; she posted a grip of them online herself. Here they are for your review and consideration.  I'm sure lots more people read my blog than answer her sex invites; perhaps she'll find a love connection.


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