Sunday, December 6, 2009


I thought this footage lost…then found it again. Oh, the happiness!

But because of a flawed DVD, all I could do was replay it again and again for myself on the camera; I was unable to download or upload or anything else with the footage. Oh, the sorrow!

I was vexed for several days; then, Eureka!

The only way I could share this with you was to play it on the camera while recording it from my laptop – something unwieldy to do, at best. I was terrified I’d break an LCD screen in one place or the other…or both. At times, I lay as though kissing the Blarney Stone; at others, I was in such a state that indeed, I doubted my own countenance to survive it all.

Truly, I laboured, but in the end, how sweet the fruit!  And I prayed a prayer of thanks that it was over at last.

I’ll be the first to admit that a goodly portion of this footage is reminiscent of Bigfoot or the Monster of Loch Ness; please, excuse everything that’s wrong with it, the novice camera work foremost.

Evenso, I hope you will deem it acceptable, and certainly do trust that you’ll find a thing or two of value to glean from its viewing.

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