Sunday, December 13, 2009

Second day of Christmas

You know how a song can sometimes get stuck in your head and you can’t get it out? Over and over and over…

Right now, a song called “Baby Come Back” by a band called Player is stuck there – Big Time – and it’s stupid and out of the blue. For my husband, it’s “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus* – which he’s described as reason to have her court-martialed. Why is it always a song that drives you crazy?

Anyway, that’s sorta how the things I research and/or write about are inspired; something gets lodged in my brain.

Something Tami Hasling and John Gudvangen used to say again and again is “Policy Governance®" – and so it’s their fault it got stuck in my head. I’ve previously mentioned this annoying bit of jargon, but didn’t learn more about what the heck it meant until the 69th Annual CASB convention at the BroAdmoor two weeks ago.

In case you didn’t know, CASB is the Colorado Association of School Boards; Jan Tanner sits on their 22-member board. There was some controversy as to why, with all of the steep budget cutting and program slashing going on, this two-day convention was held at the BroAdmoor** – which ain’t exactly Motel 8. The excuse – er, explanation – was the discounted rates afforded by CASB’s 40-year relationship with the BroAdmoor.

CASB was formed 21 years ago in 1988 – 48 years after their supposed 1st Annual convention, and 21 years after the start of their alleged 40-year relationship with the BroAdmoor (hey – I’m just working with CASB’s numbers; my teenagers helped me do the math).

When these numbers didn’t add up, I had to ask: what exactly does CASB do, especially in light of the nearly $18,000 in dues District 11 paid them last year? Inspired to visit their website, I learned that CASB provides:
Sounds like an expensive load of reindeer poop to me.

I have a couple of parting comments:
  1. Unless it’s due to overplay, the reason a song gets stuck in your head is often because there’s an important personal message for you in the words.
  2. I worried that perhaps I came across as somewhat snarky when I made that comment about Tami Hasling coming across like a Chatty Cathy bodybuilding cheerleader doll parroting pre-recorded statements – but that worry has been lifted. There was every reason why the “Policy Governance®” song she kept chirping got stuck in my head.
In conclusion, here is a wonderful gift-giving idea for the season; if Santa brings me one, I’ll program mine to say things like “Even non-Spartans benefit from swimming” and “Keep city schools and pools open!”

Now, pardon me while I consult Player for their personal message for me.

* I love Miley.
** Jan cannot claim ignorance of the law (which is an impermissible defense anyway) in light of her own expertise in Policy Governance®; she knew good and well that her failure to properly disclose her own interest in Domino's and their lucrative pizza contract with the District was legally unethical.

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