Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Apparently, when God made Mr. Bobbitt, He broke the mold...'cause Charlie is a rarity, and simply one of a kind -- *my* kind.  

We, the people, are truly so fortunate to have Charlie up there, with his keen mind, thoughtful nature, firm resolve and strength of spine - talk about a role model.  Thank goodness Hasling's no longer up there interrupting and shushing him, stealing his understated thunder.

Thank you,  Director Bobbitt - rock on, and keep doing your thang, which you do so well; know that there are some people and at least one spider who rain down blessings and pour out prayers upon you.


  1. Just curious, what has Charlie done to garner your adoration? The term "rock star" generally refers to someone who is publicly popular, but likely about 1/4 inch deep. Charlie fought against reform back in 2006/2007 to get elected. He went to Steve Schuck for re-election help in 2007, then ripped on Schuck when his relationship was exposed. I guess my point is that Charlie seems to struggle with integrity. Is he being sincere when he questions his fellow board members, or is he simply being antagonistic just to get attention? It is obvious that you respect him, but I am just trying to figure out why?

  2. Anyone who had the wherewithal to stay up until the end of the board meeting witnessed Charlie's dogged resistance against the Administration's arrogant attempts to quash all questioning and discussion; Jan Tanner's motion to pass all of the "rubric reductions" as/is was defeated because of the efforts of Bobbitt, Null and Loma.

    I respect and admire Charlie Bobbitt, who has demonstrated courage, patience, grace and aplomb as he asks his question until receiving an answer - even when bullies are huffing and puffing and glaring at him from across the dais - primarily the fingerless-glove-wearing, attention-seeking, finger-pointing, buck-passing, jet-setting glamour girl JJ Tanner.

    I respect and admire Steve Schuck, as well as the reformers who suffered through the "chaos", and wish I'd been paying closer attention between 2000-2009. My research of that timeframe indicates that the recall organizers were/are adept at the art of distraction, exaggeration, inflation, division, etc., and my suspicion is that portions of the Schuck/Bobbitt thing huddle under each of those umbrellas.