Saturday, March 27, 2010

The big blue census

Lately, I've been haunted by thoughts of the Holocaust, and how it all came about.  Hitler, of course, played an integral role, but his was but one of a myriad of circumstances, influences and precursors.

I've mentioned how the National Socialist Party took over Germany's healthcare industry, and gained the participation of doctors and other medical professionals.  Then, too, was the Nazi takeover of banks, lending institutions and corporations -- allowing them to control interest rates and Germany's GNP.  The control of Germany's youth was ensured by the takeover of their public education system.

But how did they know where to go and who to round up?  The answer is simple, singular and sinister:  the census.  Knowledge is power, after all...and the information given freely by a trusting and compliant populace provided the Nazis with everything they needed to establish its regime of terrifying totalitarianism, manipulate the masses, and annihilate the unnecessary.  Ultimately, the tragedy is that the Germans never saw or realized what was happening all around them until it was already too late.

History repeats itself...and I wonder:  would we, the American people, recognize the warning signs in time to avoid the fate of Germany?  Consider, if you will, the following document describing IBM's involvement in tallying the Final Solution.

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