Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Q & A

I asked some questions during a recent meeting at Hunt, but not all of these questions; that's alright, I appreciate this response from the office of superintendent Nick Gledich... 

By the way:  I filmed a whole lot of the movement of equipment into the Adams building; we're talking several crews of movers, and three or four of the large, tractor-trailer-sized moving vans - and this was over the course of several days and weeks.  I'll post some of that video soon, to help you conceptualize what I'm talking about...

In conclusion - unless they are emptying the building at night or via underground tunnels, I've not noticed any similar type of activity to move equipment out of Adams.  So, my hunch is the building is not empty yet - not by a long shot...


For Public Response

1.  The transformer was making a loud humming sound yesterday and utility trucks were at the school.  What was wrong? We were not notified of any issues. There are City electrical transformers that are located next to each building that provide electrical service to each building. It is not uncommon for them to make humming noises. The City crews could have been working on them without notifying us as these transformers belong to them.

2.  Did we or will we ever allow the Public to purchase extra furniture/equipment stored at Adams?  The disposal plan for excess furniture that was developed between Procurement and the Warehouse, and approved by Glenn, was to offer the furniture to D-11 schools, then Charter schools, then other local districts, then other governmental agencies and finally, non-profits.  Most everything is gone, but there are some tables and chairs left.  We have, in the past, used an auction service, but the value of the remaining items wouldn’t justify the expense.

3.  Are we (District 11) selling pianos?  The radio ran an announcement.  I believe that Tom Fleecs, the D-11 Fine Arts Facilitator, sells some pianos occasionally to help fund the repair of others.  I called to confirm, but couldn’t reach him.  Tom told me that we did use the Adam’s pianos for a trade with service district wide.

4.  Why are the Dumpsters still at the school?  Do we throw away furniture, etc. in the dumpsters? I assume you’re asking about Adams ES. We currently have a metal recycling dumpster and a trash dumpster at Adams ES as we are going thru the last bit of furniture that was not claimed. This furniture that is not useable is disassembled, with metal components getting recycled and the wood or particle board components are disposed of as trash. We do get some money for the recycled metal items (based on weight).

5.  What is housed at Adams at this time? A little bit of furniture that was not claimed by the list of invited agencies listed above, some audio visual equipment to include old TVs, and some copiers.  Dan Boltjes in IT is working on disposition of the A/V equipment, and Murray Basinger in Procurement is working on disposition of the copiers.

6.  Is there an issue with the exterior water facuet? Not that we are aware of. There is an exterior drinking fountain at the school, but it is “winterized” (or turned off) so it would not be working at this time. We typically turn these back on in late April or early May. This could be what the question was referring to.

7.  Does the district have a plan to address the facility needs at Hunt specifically the size of the lunchroom and the heat? The plan to address the size of the lunchroom (gym) and to replace the steam boilers involves a major capital project which I briefed you on before Christmas.  We do have an architectural concept that we have developed.  We would need approximately $5 million, and the project would be very difficult to safely do while the school is being used (project duration would be 8-10 months).  These improvements are in our Capital Plan for future funding, but without a specific funding source identified. 

8.  Is it true that our maintenance workers installed a thermostat backwards which created the condition of no heat last week at Hunt? No, our maintenance staff did *not* install a thermostat backwards. There was an electrical disconnect that provides power to a circulating pump for boiler #1 that was manually turned off. Not sure who or why this occurred. Without water circulating thru the piping, there will not be any heat throughout the building. There were also some unit ventilators that were manually turned off and one that the freezestat was tripped. When either of the two above mentioned items with the unit ventilators occurs, the heating valve goes full open so water circulates thru the coil but the fan motor will not operate to distribute heat across the room.

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