Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wizard of Id - with sound

You know…for a second there, I thought Sue McMillin wasn’t going to mention the fact that the Board went into executive session to discuss the oddly-dated Memorandum of Understanding. In time she did, as was evidenced in yesterday’s Gazette – atta girl, Sue, I wasn't sure you had it in you.

But, as per usual, I found some things strangely lacking in her dry account; once again, I wonder why she is so accepting of the spun story.  Rather than denigrate them and play “he said, she said, she said” with Glenn and McMillin his trusty scribe, I figured it made more sense for you to hear it come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Here, then, is the one, the only, the Wizard of Id himself, D11’s Chief Financial Officer/Deputy Superintendent Glenn E. Gustafson, at the far end of a very long work session held on November 4, 2009…explaining how the District saved $3 million dollars by way of the school closures.

A couple of comments: boy, doesn’t the District have a tendency to save the best for last.  The subjects of this meeting were 23 action items - Glenn’s dissertation came at the end of the lengthy discussions regarding the status of each.  Folks, this meeting went on and on and on, and there’s only so much one can take - notice the last remaining soldiers begin to file out…

To follow lengthy balderdash with some more lengthy, numerical balderdash was clever.  I, myself, was simply HYPMOTIZED.  I’ll tell ya, Mr. Gustafson would not need to resort to Rohypnol with this spider; all he’d have to do is start crooning sweet numbers in my ear, and I’d be out like a light; in fact, at times I was…even though I always stay up for his center-stage solos.

Listen carefully to this smooth-talker as he deftly dances the old soft shoe - ya gotta admire a man who can keep a straight face whilst holding his head up high and going above and beyond the call of duty.  The moral of this story is to watch the Board meetings all the way through to the bitter end...because they often seem to save their best disinformation for last.

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