Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big bully

I can always count on the Gazette’s Mark Barna to move my writer’s blockage…
I swear, he’s like Ex-Lax. Thanks, Mark.

Anti-bullying programs being taught in public schools today are absolutely promoting the notion that homosexuality is perfectly normal and ok - in some cases starting as early as kindergarten – and I fail to see a good reason why.

"Don't bully Suzy because she has two dads." "Don't be mean to Howard because he feels like a girl inside." Give me a break. Here's the truth: Sally has just one father, despite what her visible and vocal father and his partner say to the contrary. And Howard has no idea what it really feels like to be a girl – CUZ HE’S A BOY.

(Pardon me whilst I digress for a moment, but which birthday, I wonder: the one when he was born a guy; or the other one...when he bought some watermelon-sized boobs and mutilated his manhood, to be born again as the girl he always knew he was inside and his teachers told him was ok to be? I mean, does he really feel prettier now? Can it even be possible for that he/she to look in a mirror and actually believe that what's reflected there today is an improvement over what once was? And yet those who announce that their spirit has been born anew in the body of Christ are mocked.)

Most kids just want to fit in at school, and that becomes harder to do with each exotic characteristic one adds to the equation - black, Christian, chubby, gay, homely, disabled, smart, stupid, slutty, doofus, a-hole, etc. Some of these characteristics are obvious and unchanging, while others are a matter of choice. Bullying is wrong, period...and parents should do what they can to raise children who are respectful of and kind to others.
That said, however...if you know in advance that everyone else at the party will be wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and you show up wearing a prom dress, THEN SOME PEOPLE ARE GONNA LOOK AT YA FUNNY; apparently, you were seeking for attention…and if you come to find you can't handle all the stares, then I’m sorry, but wtf did you wear the prom dress to begin with???

Call me na├»ve, but after being a big fan for over a decade, it came as quite a surprise when I learned in my late twenties that the band Queen was gay; I can’t say I ever really even considered Freddie Mercury’s sexuality; all I knew was that mofo could sing. And George Michael is Mom’s Gay Boyfriend, and I don’t give a damn; hell, he can sing too…and that fool is so fine, he makes me feel like a gay man inside.

Somebody call me a doctor quick -- my gender and orientation need emergency re-assignment.  Actually, looks like he might be down for a black chick like me...

Talk about confusing.

Listen, mean kids suck, and grow up to be even suckier mean people. Be proud of yourself no matter what…and if someone is bullying you, alert someone who can do something about it. If the bullying continues, then swallow your fear and fight back -- don’t just sit there and cry…and force everyone else to be taught in school what it must feel like to be you. Because we’re not .

Kids just need to become strong enough now to deal with the adults they’ll grow up and/or choose to become later; it’s called life…and it’s taught at the school of hard knocks – my own alma mater. Actually, we’ve all been there...and if we survived it, then it didn't kill us, and we're all stronger for it.

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