Thursday, August 5, 2010

On the Black Tea Party...

OK, this topic has moved me for some time...and now with all of the racism allegations being leveled against the Tea Party movement, it's a good time to address this.

Ya know, Ms. Spydra is no spring-chicken; she's been around on this planet for more than 40 years.  The first time my race was brought to my attention was when I was five years another five year old.  "You're black," she pronounced.  "No, I'm brown," said I.  "Brown is black," said she.  

It was hard for me to accept this truth, and it took a long time; after all, my father is "black" and my mother is "white", a fact explained by several of my elementary schoolmates as displeasing to God.  But if we were all *really* black or white, mixing the two together would form a shade of grey: blacks would be shadows, whites would be ghosts, and greys would still be E.T.s.

Our skins are all the same wonderful blends they've always been.  

Surely, I pondered, there must be a better, more accurate term to describe my mixed heritage; and indeed, over time, I learned there were all kinds:  mulatto, half-breed, zebra, oreo, mongrel, ad nauseum, etc. --  all, simply variations of the concept of "nigger"...a word first hurled at me by a boy in third-grade; I kicked him hard in the shin.  

Indeed, every time I've taken up fisticuffs was provoked by that word...but certainly, not every time I've been so named, or told to "go back to Africa" have I put up my Dukes, and thank God --  after all, I'm a lover, not a fighter...I'm a writer, not a boxer, and frankly, it's hard enough to try and keep a pretty face.

Moreover, I find it unbecoming -- much.

Over time I've come to learn that those who enjoy painting others with the Either-Or brush all have one thing in common:  they're simple.  They're unpolished and unsophisticated, often at a loss for words (especially around me), and "nigger" is the meanest thing they can think of to say.

My repertoire is considerably more robust.  

I've come to learn to pick my battles wisely.  I am not so easily divided, and have small tolerance for weak minds.  

Stupid people are what they think; they hail from every spectrum, and are of untold number.  Whenever possible, I avoid and ignore them; but if they persist -- in my face and stuck on stupid -- I'll stand my ground.  If Einstein wants, he can try and make me move....and perhaps he'll succeed; but I refuse to simply surrender.

This whole thing about the Tea Party being racist is a lie being perpetuated by simpletons eager to change the subject.  It's not an argument about black and white; it's about liberty, and deciding where we stand as a nation.

I might be half-black and half-white, but you can bet your sweet bippy, I'm all American, and proud of it; I love my country...this glorious ground upon which I stand.

Where do you stand? 

My friends, are we smart, or are we stupid?
 Is this the man we chose to lead us into tomorrow?
Are we not Americans?  Do we not love our country?
Do we love it enough to protect it, and each other?
Are we so simple as to be divided and conquered from within?
Are we so complacent?  Will we go quietly?
Will ye not raise up your voices?  
Will we not stand our ground?

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  1. I'm sipping tea by myself. I've joined groups, listened, sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't. I'm sick of being put in a box. I'm sick of selfish backstabbing self-promoting politicians. This year, I'm voting NO on anyone I've caught skirting the truth, hooked up with self-serving politicians & others, outright lies and etc. I have no problem leaving a blank spot on my ballot or voting for someone from a different party. As far as "tea party," they're not united to have a platform. I guess that's why I like them, each person has their own opinion.