Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dog days

Finally got to see the last Board meeting. 

Charlie -- Thank you for being you; your heart is so good.

I'm really hoping for something to happen that'll cause Lyman Kaiser to go David Banner Hulk on the Board...soon.  But not much of substance was discussed at the meeting...and you know what that means:  Spydra Superfluousness. 

As you may already know, at the end of April, all of my family's belongings were stolen -- that includes ALL of our clothing and shoes.  So, much to my dismay, I'm often seen sporting a skirt with sneakers -- one of the two pairs of shoes I possess {down from 60}.  Here, then, a focus on muckety-muck fashion, and a short discourse concerning Board Members and Administrators who HAVE plenty of ducats to always be able to dress themselves tastefully and well. 
  • Jan -- Bravo and Good Job -- for once, you weren't dressed in one of your diverse clown costumes. 
  • Bob -- good to see you're a strong supporter of Trailblazer now. 
  • Kris Odom -- I can't help it; I like her mellow, pleasant delivery, and she really is the only one up there who demonstrates any panache.  It's so encouraging to see Kris breaking her own white-pants glass ceiling, and I'm always a big fan of the Woman's Business Suit; Labor Day's right around the corner, though, Kris:  stock up now on darker pants and shoes.
  • Glenn -- Black is your color year 'round.
On Wednesday, September 1, 2010, there will be a Meet and Greet with the Board at the Admin Building from 6:00 to 7:00.  Charlie already said he won't be there...and I don't blame him; like him, I see little reason for anyone to attend, unless there's gonna be a dunking booth -- but if I WAS gonna be there, these are two questions I'd ask.
  • In general:  is a heart of stone an iron-clad requirement, or is a certificate in consciencelessness sufficient for employment with the District?
  • LuAnn -- just out of curiosity, what upper-lip depiliatory product she uses?  And why does her voice sound fat?
I know, I know...not much substance; what can you expect during the Dog Days of Summer.

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