Friday, December 17, 2010

Please to explain

I want to know...I *need* to know; if you got something to say, then dammit bring it already; do not be afraid to speak here.

Other than that it was prophesied in the Bible...will someone please explain to me why Christians are slammed as being intolerant against homosexuality...and I've already said, I don't know enough about Islam to criticize it in any way...nor do I believe Muslims had much of anything to do with 911 (it was an inside job, friends...period):

So, after reading what follows...please someone tell me why it's Christians who are literally *hated* and accused of driving young gay people to commit suicide...while Muslims are ...coddled?

Prophet Muhammad said: "Four people entail Allah's wrath night and day". It was asked, 'Who are they Messenger of Allah?’ He answered, "Effeminate men and masculine women, the adulterer of animals and sodomizers."
[Reported by Ibn Hajar Al Haithami on the authority of Abu Huraira in 'Majma Al Zawaid']

He also said: "On the day of judgement there will be seven people who will be excluded from Allah's Mercy and Purification. Allah will sentence them to enter hell-fire with those who enter it: Those who commit sodomy, the one who commits masturbation, the one who approaches an animal from its anus, the one who approaches a woman from her anus, the one who marries a woman and her daughter together, the adulterer of his neighbour's wife and the one who brings harm to his neighbour until he accurse him."
[Reported by Ibn Kathir in his 'Great Exegesis']

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