Thursday, September 8, 2011


(Originally published November 18, 2009)

Readers, what a funny experience I just had – and anyone watching the Board meeting tonight on Channel 16 also experienced the hilarity.

As is our custom, my friend Eagle Eye and I were watching discussion on the proposed revisions to the District’s Conflict of Interest policy. Sandra Mann asked innocuously, “What exactly is meant by a ‘romantic relationship?'”

In a heartbeat, my friend shouted at the t.v., “It means two people f-----g each other, lady!!”

We held our sides and howled, so loudly that we missed whatever the comment was in the Board room; it was had to be funny as well, because the room filled with laughter – I’ll have to watch it again on Saturday night to determine whose joke was better.

Apparently, as the policy stands, parties involved in any romantic relationship that constitutes a conflict of interest has until the end of the school year before they must face either transfer or termination.

Until the end of the school year?!? Charlie Bobbitt correctly pointed out that as it is written, the policy allows a tryst that begins in August to carry on until May the following year before any action is taken!

Charlie Bobbitt’s proposed amendment to shorten that length of time was still too generous in giving three months – but it was predictably shot down. Sandra Mann, again laughably, proposed amending the policy to read “as soon as possible.” Again, shot down.

Just in case anyone is wondering, such a relationship should have no more than 30 days before becoming subject to further action.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Charlie Bobbitt: yours has become more and more often the sole voice of common sense and reason on the Board of Directors – I thank you sincerely…and my heart can only imagine how very lonely it must be for you up there with the Cheesy and Lascivious.

My next post will be a good-natured roast of the outgoing Hasling and Gudvangen, and everyone that happened to stir my web tonight - and that doesn't include Charlie.

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