Monday, October 3, 2011

FTZ: Colorado Springs FTZ timeline

Here's an FTZ timeline that caused me a good deal of concern when I first found it...
nosing around in the $8,000,000 USOC mystery building's trash bin...located at 4615 Foreign Trade Zone Boulevard.  

I'm not sure what it all means, but my alert shifted into high when I realized I couldn't:
  • Bookmark or favorite the URLs
  • Copy and/or paste the URLs
  • Save any of the web pages as text or HTML
  • Download or save any of the attached PDF files

Indeed, the best I could do was to take individual screen grabs of all the information - 
have you *any* idea how unwieldy that was and continues to be?

So, why was this information so deliberately obfuscated?  I dunno.

Here's the web address where I found this information.

Please go take a look-see for yourselves...

This stuff goes all the way back to when Apple came ad just as abruptly flew the coop in the 1990's; it also has to do with the old-Intel building that's now inhabited by county offices.  And isn't it interesting that both the downtown and the Interquest areas have both been declared "blighted" and slated for "urban renewal" - even though there's hardly a thing "urban" about the pastoral and as-yet undeveloped Interquest area.

So, what gives?

I have such a busy day and week going on, I just don't have time to assemble this stuff so that it's large enough and legible.  

All but the final four FTZ projects have been completed.  

PLEASE go and take a look at this information for yourselves, at least until I've had a chance to assemble and post the screen grabs I took.

This is *so* important; I can feel it in my gut.  

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