Wednesday, October 26, 2011

USOC: Turnaround Chapters 1 - 11

Hey guys, I know I said I would post these on a daily basis, but UNFORTUNATELY, my internet connection is hosed until further notice (I cannot tell you how utterly devastating that is to me).

ANYWAY, here then, are chapters 1 through 11 of Michael Payne's book "Olympic Turnaround."  It might take a minute to load properly, and I might find it necessary to tweak this post if it appears to be unwieldy.

Actually, if you're really into this topic, I recommend you *buy* Mr. Payne's book - I gotta give credit where credit is due...and Mr. Payne is an EXCELLENT writer, name it.  He certainly has more of my respect than the Lord of the Rings himself - Bill "Gandalf" Hybl.

Read it, and get a better understanding of the who's, where's, when's, why's and how's of the USOC.  Perhaps you might even get an idea of reasons why it'd be HELLA nice to have a world-class hospital as part of the USOC campus facilities; why, just think of all the benefits to athletes, paraletes...special Olympians...

Whoa - wait a minute...Memorial Hospital is RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO THE USOC...wouldn't that be convenient...?

Keep an eye out for mentions of "Colorado Springs", "Mitt Romney" and "Hybl".


* * * * * * * *
Usoc-Ch1 Ringside Seat

Usoc-Ch2 Scorpion Wars

Usoc-Ch3 Shock and Awe

Usoc-Ch4 the Shoemakers Vision

Usoc-Ch5 Beyond a Brand

Usoc-Ch6 Beating the Ambushers

Usoc-Ch7 Operation Perfect Hosts

Usoc-Ch8 Making It Happen

Usoc-Ch9 to the Brink and Back

Usoc-Ch10 Coming Home

Usoc-Ch11 the Future of the Rings

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