Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One step beyond

This is a really great documentary on Transhumanism. 

Transhumanists believe that they can live forever with the help of computerized eugenics...that the next step in human evolution will merge man with machine.  They can build us better, faster, stronger - all we need to do is take the bionic leap of faith. 

I bet I know an organization who knows ALOT about all this stuff - that's right:  the USOC.

Who knows - maybe Floyd Landis will be exonerated for his hot drug test results; I mean, what's worse...some creatine in the blood stream, or motor oil instead of blood?  NEVERMIND THE PERFORMANCE-ENHANCING DRUGS, MR. HYBL...IS THERE A TEST TO DETECT UNSPORTSMANLIKE CYBORGISM???

So keep your eye out for my transhumanism posts, particularly the athlete-specific, soldier-specific and cop-specific techno-eugenic sciences. 

Wake up, folks - the future is now.

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