Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Post-election day comments


A plus-sized supporter squeezes the air out of Jan Tanner after she announces there will be free pizza at the Tanner victory celebration bash.

Wow, folks...I cannot believe you re-elected Jan Tanner to the Colorado Springs School District #11 Board of Educators for another four years.  Now Jan will be president...and with her shameless lackeys Nora Brown and "Jabba" Long under her thumb, we'll all get to see a bunch of commie, gay-sympathetic crap foisted on our children - ON OUR DIME - while Jan continues to pocket boucoup bucks yearly off of her yet-undisclosed pizza contract with the District. 

That soft hissing sound you hear is Jan whispering "merci" as she and a friend are enjoy a self-congratulatory whirlwind scuba-diving excursion to Fiji. 


Jim Mason would have been perfect for the Board.

Oh well, I don't blame the voters entirely; thanks to Jan's pizza contract and her brother-in-law Mark Tanner's endless wads of cash, she had plenty enough money to buy the election.  Moreover, my "I LOVE JAN TANNER" post is among my all-time highest-read pieces - so plenty of us know the kind of person Jan really is. 

God willing, the school board is the highest Jan and her socialist political aspirations will ever go...and with the condition of her face increasingly worse for wear, and her fashion and politics a steady status quo, she IS the walking definition of the term "tore up from the floor up" - at least I'll have PLENTY to write about.

P.S.:  mark my words, friends...the repeal of that Memorial tax that's NEVER been implemented - it WILL be used to justify spinning off Memorial Hospital...MARK MY WORDS.


  1. Do you really think the board would elect a person getting rich off the district as their president?
    And why, if D11 stopped pizza contracts and use in house cooks, does D11 continue to pay out money every month to Cheezar's and Inflated Dough?
    So much for healthy eating...

  2. This is the power position Jan's been dreaming about and salivating over. Because of the alliances she has with other seated members of the board, along with her considerable experience in running meetings, I do, unfortunately, see no alternative but Jan as the next president.

    Prepare to be amazed by Jan's rapid-fire motor-mouth and all kinds of shysty shenanigans.

    Thanks for the bad/sad news/confirmation that the Cheezar's and Inflated Dough statuses remain "quo."

    Why I ever believed there might be someone at the District with genuine ethics is beyond me; those already on the gravy train mean to stay there...and those who aren't follow longingly behind, hoping to jump aboard, shake off their hobo stature, and sit in the lap of luxury.

    My research has made me *certain* that not only has little rich Jan only become WAY RICHER, but that she's a bona fide socialist/communist/fabian Mata Hari under deep cover. When I imagine Jan's house, the outer image (shell) looks a lot like Mike and Carol Brady's...while the inside is something much more akin to the Jetson's.

    I can talk until I'm blue in the face about Jan; she was re-elected anyway (though as I said once before - the Tanner's are uber-rich, and more than able to buy elections).

    *sigh* I hate to say I told you so...but at least now we'll all get to see my prophecies about Jan and the D11 School Board fulfill themselves, and we'll all watch it happen together. :)

  3. Watched the board mtg last night. The four musketeers: Jan, LuAnn, Nora & Elaine all "friends for years."

    Bob, Sandra and Al on the outside of the clique.