Tuesday, November 29, 2011

USOC: Skin game

Olympic Quidditch

In response to Wayne Laugesen's "Town Hall" editorial on the USOC's "skin game" in Sunday's Gazette:http://www.gazette.com/articles/skin-129101-introduces-call.html

taken from the Citizens Project website

Michael Lowery's comment has it pretty much right...just the time-frames are wrong; major USOC scandals erupt about once every eight years, minor scandals every four years, and abrupt changes in leadership every other year.

the bumper sticker as I recall it
Although I know it feels good to bash the USOC on any grounds, its present push for "diversity" has very little to do with self adulation - unlike their bogus threat to find greener pastures unless Colorado Springs met their ransom list of real estate and monetary demands...and it has nearly nothing to do with "politically motivated white guilt." Politically-motivated wealthy white guys in suits - certainly...but guilt? Come on; you need a conscience in order to feel that, something the shameless USOC never had and never will.

No, Wayne, "diversity" stopped being a "skin game" right around the same time blue-and-white bumper stickers across the city exhorted us all to celebrate it.  You didn't live here then - but I did; indeed, I've lived here my whole life, and verily, *I* remember.
Norman, the pooch who moo's...
the adorable face of the
"Born Different" campaign

Russian Olympic synchronized
swimmers celebrating their win

These days, "diversity" - like "hate", "bullying" and "equality" - is just another of the many words usurped by the GLBTIQ "community"...twisted to fit their preferred definition as a means to fill their unquenchable thirst for "inclusion." Hadn't you heard, Wayne, that gay is the new black? And so those negroes of the new millennium persist in foot-stamping and hissy-fits until satisfied that everyone sees things THEIR way - including the USOC. 


Brian Gomez, in his Gazette article of November 7, 2011, quoted USOC CEO Scott Blackmun thusly: "It’s not just an issue of women and minorities. The whole issue is much broader than that, whether you’re talking about disabilities or sexual orientation or religion...

Permit me to translate: while blacks are unlikely to experience any appreciable change in their token employment numbers, expect to see a rapid increase in Wiccan weightlifters, openly-gay Greco-Roman wrestlers, transitioning Amazonian archers and para-athletic balance-beam gymnasts, vaulting into positions of power at the USOC - the vast majority of whom will be WHITE.
Caster Semenya,
Intersex Olympian

You're right, Wayne: minorities *don't* need special treatment - ESPECIALLY those who crown themselves "minorities" by crowing and boasting about their sexual proclivities and peculiarities. 
Transvestian Olympians

In this article, your disdain seems reserved in equal amounts for the USOC's phony, politically-correct diversity outreach and those doggone, woe-is-me blacks the USOC pretends to want to hire; but despite being a frequent and easy target, convicting the black man for the crimes and misdemeanors of the GLBTIQ minority is simply your own demonstration of bias and selective outrage. Tell the whole story, or don't tell it at all. 

Wiccan Fencing
The Gazette seems to have settled comfortably into its role as city-wide race-baiter...but it really doesn't become you, so please stop already.

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