Tuesday, November 1, 2011

TANNER: Sit still, Jan!

(originally run 10/21/10)

Ms. Tanner, wearing her black leather blazer over her Wasson High School Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt.

She'd pose...but then she'd move awkwardly and make the S's look like 5's.

That's o.k.; still some pretty good action shots of that money-maker.

As promised, here's footage of Jan's big hot pink "ASS." 


  1. You just HAVE to believe in God when you see this politically progressive, pro-social agenda indoctrinating board member with the word "ASS" plastered across her chest! Thank you, God!

  2. Oh: I was *thanking* God all right...and Satan too, I guess - cuz you gotta KNOW the beast in me was brought out as I tried to freeze-frame her just *so*...talkin' to myself like this:

    "come on, Jan...come on baby...that's right -- ooh! don't move...yes, yes...give it to me...come on, come on...show it to me...yeah, show me that hot pink ASS!..."